How to Adult

The only way to learn how to adult is to do it.

When you're a kid, adults really look like they have it together. You might look at your mom or dad, your teachers, your neighbors and think... man, someday I'll know what I'm doing too. If you're reading this, you've probably figured out that learning how to adult isn't quite that simple. Adulting is a lifelong learning experience, and there's no guidebook teaching you how to do it... until now.

Welcome to Adultist, where we gather everything you've ever wanted to know about how to adult in one convenient location. For adults of all ages: if you ever feel like you need an adult-ier adult, we've got your back.

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about how to adult.

Learning how to adult means something different for everyone, and no matter what you need to do, our goal is to help you figure it out. From folding fitted sheets to moving across the country, from navigating your career to finding The One, we're doing the legwork so you don't have to.

Our team dives deep into #adulting related topics and puts together content designed to help you learn how to adult in several different categories.

Right now, our team is specializing in:
     ~ How to approach Fashion like an adult
     ~ College life + tips for recent grads
     ~ Navigating relationships from first dates to family
     ~ Having an adult house + home life
     ~ Making responsible wellness choices
     ~ Succeeding as a professional
     ~ Lifelong learning, culture topics, and achieving goals

It's okay. We're figuring out how to adult too.

Melissa Pallotti

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Novice Grownup + Expert Coffee Drinker ☕️

Bridget Houlihan

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Writer/Poet + Cat Mom 🐱

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Bibliophile + Musician 🎸

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Aspiring Writer + Communication Professional ✍️

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Hiker + Poet 🖋

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Foodie + Tech-spert 💻

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Writer 🖋

Josie Barton

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Aspiring Novelist + Avid Observer 🔎

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CA Native + Spicy Food Connoisseur 🌶

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Cat Parent + Dungeon Master 🧙🏻‍♂️

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Video Editor + Elephant Enthusiast 🐘

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Marvel Nerd + Tea Enthusiast 🍵

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Writer + Communicator 🤝

Lucas Fox

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Engineer + enthusiasm enthusiast ✨

Elizabeth Lathan

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Cat Mom + Cartoon Enthusiast 😻

Hope Lampenfeld

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Hope Lampenfeld is a writer, foodie, dancer, and shopaholic based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Jean Linder

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MFA + Resident Tarot Expert 🔮

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Book Lover + Vinyl Collector 🎶

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