dulting is hard enough and without a doubt will affect every aspect of your life including friendships. While friendship is still desired and craved as everything else, adulting makes it harder. Between work schedule, family obligations, taking care of pets, and practicing self care are hard enough to juggle alone, but we can’t forget friendship! The right friends will make adulting more fun and much more practical with their own personal adult experiences! The best adult friendships use memes as the glue to hold everything in place. Check out a few relatable content that might help perfectly describe you and your friends! 

When friends let you adult by yourself

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cSometimes mistakes are best learned the hard way. Sometimes it’s the only way you learn, but adult friendship is letting your friends poorly fix their mistake even though you also don’t know what to do. This is a great meme for when you have an adultier problem than either of you two  can handle. 

Majority communicating in forms of memes

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True adult friends know that it’s hard to keep in touch when you’re busy so communicating almost solely by tagging and sending memes can help maintain your friendship! But, don’t forget a quick miss you or a nice compliment can also go a long way. Don’t worry after you guys can continue to send each other silly memes! 

Drunk texting your friends

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Once you and your friends are all of legal drinking age of course, you can enjoy the occasional drunk to text to unashamedly tell your friends how much you love them. As long as of course you and your friends are drinking at a safe place or have a designated driver! Although of course, a taxi or an Uber was invented for a night out on the town with friends. 

A meme for when your fed up with society

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If you know any great happy hippy friends this meme would be perfect for them! Because adulting in day to day society gets super drab sometimes. Doesn’t it feel easier to grow your own own food and live off land? It’s a lot more labor intensive, but less people and less problems.

Speaking of helping friends eat their feelings

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Great adult friends hold each other's hair back if they’re trying to eat food and after one too many drinks. No one wants frosting in their hair or even worse to accidentally bite into their own hair. Besides when the tables are turned you’ll want someone to help you hold your hair back!

Helping them parallel park

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Another Nathan W. Pyle original about adulting can leave anyone tired. Sometimes you’re too tired to watch your shows. If you have that one sleepy friend who always falls asleep, this meme is for you! If you don’t have that one friend this meme is, of course all in good fun!

A meme about watching shows with your friends

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Another Nathan W. Pyle original about adulting can leave anyone tired. Sometimes you’re too tired to watch your shows. If you have that one sleepy friend who always falls asleep, this meme is for you! If you don’t have that one friend this meme is, of course all in good fun!

How to make adult friends meme

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There is no stronger bond than one made based on dislikes especially as you get older. Like how hard it is to keep up with kids, not understanding what a VSCO girl is, how fruit goes badly almost as soon as you buy it, perpetually missing the window of your avocado, paying rent every month, and the unhelpful back for some odd reason.

When you can’t hang out with your adult bestie

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This meme is the pinnacle of adult friendship. Unless you’re working regular days and hours it feels like you’re always just missing your bestie. No worries that's what before and after work is for. That and the occasional personal day for when you really need some rest.

For when you need a just long call with your best friend

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After a long day of adulting sometimes you just need your friends and long vent. Assuming of course this isn’t one of those times where of course you forget to call back for a couple of days. What matters is that when you do talk to your friend and you’re there for them.

Genuinely listening to their interest even when you don’t understand.

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When your friends develop deep passions for something you only have little to no knowledge about, adult friends just smile and listen even though it may get a little confusing. This can stem from their career, tv shows, video games, certain things their kids or pets may do, but none the less you nod and ask questions to be supportive. That way in a few minutes they will return the favor when you start discussing your hyperfixation.

Being choosy about who you befriend

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As much as we should be friendly with everyone, some people just aren’t vibing on the same level as you. If you have a risquer social media account, better keep a smaller circle of who can see it. That or make a good ol fashion finsta account and keep yourself protected.

Growing together even if your grow separately 

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Let’s face it, it’s not easy maintaining childhood friends with growing-up, jobs, college, and moving away. However, just because things are different doesn’t mean you still can’t be friends! Some bonds are bigger than convenience and even though you might not see your childhood bestie that doesn’t mean you can’t hit it right back off whenever you meet up. 

Helping your friends out when they’re low on cash

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Adulting is equal parts expensive as it is difficult. Great adult friends will offer to spot you from time to time when the bank account is getting dry. Although in this ritual it is customary to return the favor sometimes. Friendship, like food gifts, are a two-way street. 

Helping your friends through adultier situations than either of you are not equipped for

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Sometimes the well runs dry of both of your adult knowledge well, but that’s okay. This meme is a great way to show support and even good for a little laugh in dark times. Plus it’s really cute. Fun idea to follow the meme: you could bake a real cake or get sheet cake and have it written on and help your friend eat their feelings.

Enforcing positivity

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Making sure your friends are taking care of themselves even it you have to do it yourself.

A meme for the times your friends schedules don’t link up

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It’s so hard trying to find time to meet up with someone, but that’s why communication via meme is important and being generous with your call back times. Don’t worry it still works out and you can still meet lots of great adulting friends it just requires a little effort! 

Or when you don’t know how to engage a funny social acquaintance online

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That’s okay starting online friendship can be hard, but you just gotta put yourself out there! Start with a few likes or reactions, then move on up to comments, and bam you’ll have a full blown friend. It’s tough putting yourself out there for a new friendship out there sometimes.

Last, but not least for after you send your own spicy original meme to your friend

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You know because sometimes the joke is just worth the effort. Also you can guarantee your friends have never seen it before. It’s the best way to ensure your meme game is both fresh and topical. If you don’t know how to make your own memes check out the memeatic available in the App Store and Google Play. 

Feel free to send your friend this list or even just one or two of your memes to lighten up his or her day. Being able to share a good laugh is the backbone of any good friendship.

Nov 25, 2020