f you’ve never heard of On Cloud, they are sneakers sold by the Swiss company “On” and designed by a retired athlete named Oliver Bernhard. They are meant to be as comfortable as running on clouds, hence the product’s name. They even have a partnership with actress Zendaya, which is called “Dream Together.” The only downside—the prices of On Cloud sneakers average around $130. If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, below is a list of our Amazon recommendations.

What this article will cover:

  • Shoes that look similar to On Cloud
  • Shoes that have the same comfort level
  • High quality running shoes
  • Amazon gems

Adidas Switch

Another great running shoe with a thick rubber bottom and airy cloth all around.
Image courtesy of Amazon.

These shoes are a great option if you’re looking for a similar shoe to On Cloud but at a cheaper price. On Cloud has a signature bottom that is thick for comfort but has holes to remain lightweight. This Adidas shoe is only $55 on Amazon with 4.6 stars. Most of the reviews cite the shoes’ comfort and cushion as their strengths, similar to what On Cloud is known for. The pattern on the bottoms of the Adidas shoes also somewhat replicate On Cloud’s air bubbles, just thicker and not completely hollow.

Saucony Triumph 21

Available in fourteen different colorways on Amazon.
Image courtesy of Amazon.

The Saucony Triumph 21 has 4.4 stars on Amazon, and most reviews praise how supportive and cushioned they are. Similar to the other dupes listed, they have a thick bottom and a thin, cloth top. Amazon carries these shoes in fourteen colors, so you have a wide range to choose from. They sell for around $85. The bottoms are thick, which is different from On Cloud. However, the bottom does have a lined, wavy pattern that adds to the look of the shoe in the same way that On Cloud’s bottoms make the shoe fun and different.

New Balance Arishi V4

The Fresh Foam Arishi V4s from New Balance are your new favorite shoes.
Image courtesy of Amazon.

New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi V4s have foam in the name, and it shows through in how plush they feel on your feet. They have 4.4 stars on Amazon, and they are offered in twenty one colors. The reviews describe how great these shoes are for running on pavement specifically because of their grip and light weight. If you enjoy running around your neighborhood, rather than a track or treadmill, these shoes are a great pick. They sell for $70. The foam bottom has a circular pattern and the words “Fresh Foam” written on the side, so they are as much of a statement shoe as On Cloud, just in a different way.

Under Armour Charged Assert 10

Featured as “Amazon’s Choice.”
Image courtesy of Amazon.

Available in twenty two different colors, this shoe sells for $75. Rated 4.5 stars and labeled “Amazon’s Choice,” these shoes are a cheaper yet high quality alternative to On Cloud. Most reviews describe them as supportive but breathable—the best of both worlds!

TSIODFO Sport Sneakers

A unique, bold look.
Image courtesy of Amazon.

On Cloud shoes have a very unique look with their rounded, bubble-looking bottoms. While these sneakers are not the exact pattern, they still offer a bottom with visible holes, which make the shoe lighter and more flexible for a better running experience. The diamond cuts in the rubber make the shoes a great pick if you’re looking for an eye-catching athletic shoe. Another huge plus is the price—they sell for just $36! They have 4.2 stars on Amazon, and the reviews explain how they are slip resistant and great to create outfits around.

Peaya Running Shoes

Comfortable and stylish.
Image courtesy of Amazon.

These shoes will match with any outfit while still adding a flair of their own. The lacing on the sides and the holes in the bottom make them look futuristic, which anyone tuned into the world of sneaker trends will know is part of the "pop of silver" trend we're seeing all over the place. While not quite the same, these shoes offer a bottom with holes through it, like On Cloud. Aside from their fantastic look, they also feel great. The customer reviews on Amazon call them light on the feet and comfortable to walk in. It is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars, and it sells for only $29.99!

Silk Hause Shoes

Designed for comfort.
Image courtesy of Amazon.

These shoes have similar shaped holes to On Cloud and they are offered in nineteen different colors. They sell for $37.99, and they are water repellent! If you live in a rainy area or if you like running through nature trails, these shoes will not get as dirty. Reviews describe these sneakers as sturdy yet pillow-like.


ASICS have gained traction (no pun intended) in recent years.
Image courtesy of Amazon.

ASICS might not have the same look as On Cloud, but their AMPLIFOAM and Rearfoot GEL technologies create the same comfort level that On Cloud is known for. But, of course, ASICS are much more affordable, selling for $69.95.

XIANV Running Shoes

The bottom of this shoe has a similar look to On Cloud.
Image courtesy of Amazon.

These shoes have four stars and their prices start at $21.00. Most of the customer reviews say that they received many compliments while wearing these shoes. The bottom is thick with holes throughout, similar to On Cloud. If you’re looking for a similar athleisure look, this is a great pick.

Ezkrwxn Trail Running Sneakers

Prices start under twenty dollars!
Image courtesy of Amazon.

These shoes are a bit different in that their air bubbles are enclosed rather than hollow, but the lightweight yet thick bottom provides the same support and cushioning as On Cloud. They have 4.1 stars on Amazon, and prices start at just $19.90! This is an incredibly high quality shoe that falls into everyone’s budget.

MEHOTO Air Running Sneakers

Run, don't walk to get these shoes!
Image courtesy of Amazon.

These shoes are available in twenty five different colorways and they cost $45. Similar to the previous listed shoe, these air bubbles are enclosed, but accomplish the same level of cushioning. It is rated 4.2 stars on Amazon, and reviews praise their perfect fit. The upper mesh part has a similar look and feel to On Cloud’s breathable material.

WHITIN Cross-Trainers

Vegan made!
Image courtesy of Amazon.

These shoes have a self-described “anatomical shape” to fit around your foot to almost feel like you’re only wearing socks, or even completely barefoot. Despite being super thin, breathable, and flexible, reviews describe these shoes as durable and soft. This is similar to On Cloud’s thin mesh on the top of the shoe to hug your foot. While this shoe does not have the chunky bottoms, they have mastered the art of minimalist running shoes.

Saucony Versaform Excursion

Saucony has decades of experience in running shoes.
Image courtesy of Amazon.

It’s no coincidence that Saucony has made this list more than once. They consider their brand to be “loyal to the sport” of running, and they have been since the late 1800s. Although they have vast experience and high quality, they remain affordable and accessible. The Versaform Excursions are cushioned with a great grip, and they sell for $55. They have 4.5 stars on Amazon, and they are available in six colors. The reviews praise the shoes’ good value and everyday wearability.

Joomra Minimalist Running Shoes

These shoes offer “freedom and function.”
Image courtesy of Amazon.

These are another pair of barefoot-style running shoes. While they are not as cushy as walking on clouds, they still have an incredible comfort level and lightweight feel. They sell for $42.99 in nineteen different colors. They have 4.3 stars on Amazon, and customer reviews praise the shoes’ spacious toe box and easy to walk and run in. If you like On Clouds but find your toes getting squished or calloused, barefoot shoes might give you comfort without sacrificing breathability.

The Finish Line—Last Thoughts and Advice

While this list might not be made up of dupes in the traditional sense of the word—because, let’s be honest, who can fully duplicate On Cloud’s unique look— these are running shoes that are more affordable with similar aspects to On Cloud. Running shoes are an incredibly personal item, and it is important to figure out what’s best for your feet and your style of running. This list has many different shoes that range from super thick and cushy to minimalist and breathable, and some with a mix of both. It also includes shoes for walking, long-distance running, jobs in which you need to stand on your feet for hours, and so on. You never know what’s best for you until you try different styles out, and we hope that this list gives you many options to consider. One of the biggest perks of Amazon is its customer reviews, so make the most out of others’ experience. Happy running!

Jul 5, 2024