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How to have a balanced diet (when you have a gluten “allergy”)

Do you have a gluten "allergy"? Need to figure out a healthy diet that's gluten-free? Then you've found the right post!

How To Make Friends When You're An Adult

Everyone should have the skills to make friends, whether you’re a kid or an adult. You see, it was so much easier back then to make friends as kids...unless it was difficult then as well. Sigh. In any case, shouldn’t all people have someone to confide in, someone to vent all your frustration to, someone who will listen to your issues and rationalize your situations? A sounding board for your ideas? A friend? Of course! And now, you are old enough to hit the bars and clubs or outdoor concerts and open mics, or whatever gets you vibing! You just need to vibe with somebody...

Memes for When You’re Done Adulting

You’re done with “Adulting” for the day, and you just want to unwind a little, maybe with some memes. By the way, how would one define “Adulting”?