nyone who has been in a relationship or is starting to enter the (intimidating) dating world knows how difficult it can be to think of a great and memorable date! The classic dinner and a movie just doesn’t make for such a great memory when you put it up against fun outdoor activities! The best thing about outdoor dates is that there is an endless amount of possibilities - you just can’t find that never-ending entertainment at your local burger joint. 

It’s all too relatable, the nervous searching on the web to find the best reviewed restaurants, the questions to your potential date about what they like or would want to do, and the inevitable back and forth of each of you trying to be easygoing and no one making that final decision! Look no further than the ideas outlined in this article. Whether you’re just beginning to date and want to make a good first impression, or you’ve been dating for years or even married and you just want something different than the plain old dinner date, there is sure to be something out there for you and your partner. Creating a memorable date is just as special in a long-term relationship as it is in the very first date. 

Find date ideas for:

  • An athletic date that’ll get your exercise in
  • A relaxing date to kick off the weekend
  • A date for entertainment and amusement
Boy and girl sitting on a bench in a forest looking at the sunset.
The weather’s getting nice and there’s nothing quite like appreciating it with someone special. 

Outdoor Dates for Athletic Personalities and Exercise Lovers

Getting in some quality time while also doing a good thing for your health is a win-win!

Take a Hike

You’ve heard the phrase, “The World is Endless” before, and while it can be a bit of a cliche, it’s not that far from the truth. There is so much to see just in the 25 miles surrounding your home, and the sights of nature possess endless possibilities. A hike is a great way to discover and appreciate all the beautiful sights that Earth has to offer, while also getting your body moving and your heart pumping! Sharing that experience with someone else is that much better. A hiking date is a great way to not only get that daily exercise in and go sightseeing, but also creating a really valuable memory and breaking out of the traditional, mundane date ideas. So, find a good hiking spot close by, lace up your tennis shoes, grab some water and your partner’s hand and get going! Stay hydrated!

Take a Dive

Summer can be beautiful, and the sunny rays it promises can feel so great on your skin. But sometimes those rays can be a bit too intense for comfort, making a trip to the swimming pool seem magical. When the temperatures are rising, there are days that are just too hot for a walk or a picnic. 

Grab a cute swimsuit to show off your beautiful self and make an impression on your partner. Head to the local public pools, or if you’re lucky enough to own a pool, invite your loved one over for a nice dip in the cool water and tap into your inner child. Play the classic pool games from your middle school summer hangout days, or simply just cool off and float off together. It’s the perfect way to make the high temps more bearable while also still enjoying the sunshine, and just have a good time. But don’t forget your sunscreen!

Feet under the water of the pool.
A refreshing dip in the pool is ideal for those scorching summer days. 

Take a Ride

Exercising isn’t just limited to spending time on foot, and with the dry and windy days ahead, a bike ride is a great option! In the situation where both of you own a bike, pull it out of its winter spot in the garage and get riding. There are a lot of options for bike riding even if you don’t own one, including super cheap bike rentals in your nearby city that allow for easy riding and fun exploration of all the city has to offer, including bikes for two riders! Biking is a great way to exercise your whole body, and the wind blowing in your face as you zoom past the buildings is a wonderful feeling! Find a trail or a bike-friendly city spot and get riding! Just make sure not to get too far ahead of your loved one! The summer evening breeze is calling your name.

Outdoor Date Ideas to Relax and Unwind

A memorable date doesn’t always have to be fast-paced and packed full of activities, sometimes the best dates are the ones that are the most calm and relaxing!

An Evening Campfire

Sitting around a campfire is a quintessential summer activity. What kind of summer is one without at least a few nights on a folding chair surrounded by friends, family, or a romantic partner? When the sun goes down, the stars come out and the temperatures lower, sometimes even making for a chilly, cozy night! If you’ve had a long week and need some time to relax and get into a chill zone, a campfire is a great, low-preparation required option. All you need to know is how to get the perfect summer campfire going, in a wide open backyard or outdoor space. Invite your date, have a couple chairs, and just sit, chill out, and enjoy the warm fire and each other’s company. S’mores are highly recommended, but not required.    

Two girls sitting on a picnic blanket looking out at the lake sunset.
The chilly evenings call for a relaxing night by the warm fire. 

A Classic Park Picnic

When one thinks of the ideal summer outdoor date, one of the first things that comes to mind is a picnic in the park. Weather permitting, you just can’t beat sitting in a sunny park, people-watching, and eating some good food on a blanket. Nowadays, you have endless options for the cutest and comfiest picnic blanket, and everyone knows you’ve been eyeing one up waiting for the perfect moment to go ahead and click “add to cart.” It’s the same concept as dinner and movie, but you get to spend time getting to know each other or just being with each other surrounded by chirping birds, a warm summer breeze, and maybe even a nearby lake. There’s just nothing like eating a fresh, in-season piece of fruit from a picnic basket next to a special someone with the sun rays on your face. 

And, of course, you’ll always remember that summer picnic date you had on the cute blanket watching the people go by and the birds scampering about. Make your own food or bring takeout, but some juicy refreshing fruit is a must!  

Outdoor Dates for Entertainment and Amusement

After a long and potentially boring day at the office, the best remedy can be a fun, amusing date with your special someone!

The Essential Summer Festivals and Carnivals

One of the most obvious and exciting signs that summer is officially here is your local carnival announcing their opening day! You can almost taste the sweet and sour carnival lemonade through the screen! A super fun and fantastic summertime date is a day spent at the carnivals. Just imagine how special a first kiss moment would be when you reach the top of the ferris wheel! It almost doesn’t get any more memorable than that. With lots of rides, people-watching, and tasty carnival food, there is no time for awkward silences and all the time for creating new memories and having a fun time together. Not to mention the little games with cute prizes, like a soft stuffed animal you can win for your partner! Let yourself give into the temptation of the refreshing lemonade, you just can’t get it anywhere else!

Colorful ferris wheel against a cloudy summerday sky.
The carnivals and amusement parks opening are a sure sign of summer beginning.

A Trip to the Amusement Park

Everyone’s favorite place to visit in the summer, besides the beach, is the local amusement park. In the summer heat, the water rides offer the perfect cool off, and the thrilling rides are sure to make an impression on your date! You can never run out of things to do at the amusement parks, between the mouth-watering food spots, sweet ice cream treats, and the iconic funnel cakes drowned in powdered sugar. Get some sun in and let yourself be thrilled and tossed around on the roller coasters, sharing the memories with a romantic interest. If you’re on the hunt for an unforgettable and entertaining date, look no further than the classic amusement park date.

There is no shortage of fun outdoor dates for you and your loved one to embark on as Summer kicks off in the coming weeks! Whether you choose just one of these ideas or make it a goal to cross them all off, you’re sure to have an amazing time together and be able to create some memories that will last a lifetime. Ready, set, sun!

Aug 6, 2021