dulting (noun): living life as an adult, which can consist of tasks such as: big ones like attending a college (a good one…actually the best, or at least better than that Ivy League college that your best friend is going to), getting a job (any job, but it has to have good pay, a nice professional environment, and oh, health insurance, please!!!), getting married (at least so that your parents and the rest of your family can shut up), having kids (a topic that deserves an entirely separate blog for), and smaller (but no less important) ones like attending office parties, paying bills, attending practices or rehearsals, cleaning and cooking, etc., etc. It can be such a drag sometimes.

Basically, adulting is doing what is expected of you by your family, your friends, your teachers, your pets, your lovers, your entire society, the entire world, really…but always, just under the surface, you’re itching to just let go, unplug, log out. 

There is the desire to show a responsible, respectable, and trustworthy image when adulting, but the thing with adulting is that no matter how much one conforms and adults on, the more a person’s life force can be drained. One cannot even begin to describe just how taxing, and especially boring, adulting can be, but these memes can probably make you smile, pluck one of your heartstrings, and make you feel that there is at least one individual who gets how you feel after doing all of your adulting stuff. Basically, these memes depict being done with adulting, but adulting never being done with you.

meme with a picture of a cat that asks the question "so how is adulting going?" and answers the question with 3 choices
Meme courtesy of Instagram

This one is so simple: adulting requires you to give all of your strength, physical, mental, emotional, psychological, but then you’re done and now you’re cold and hungry. Hey, who‘s the one who is supposed to warm you right up and feed you as part of his or her adulting checklist? Is there an app to call someone, or text, or something? Where’s the life preserver? Also...what’s in the fridge? I’m getting really hungry now.

meme that shows a cat getting out of bed that knows how frustrating the day is going to be
Meme courtesy of Instagram

You can feel it in your bones on most days just how maddening the day is going to be, and even when the day is done, tomorrow is still going to be there and the day after that…Like I said, adulting is never going to leave you alone, never! There is no possibility of ever being completely done adulting in life…so at least you can pass whatever little free time you have looking at some of these memes!

meme that describes a misadventure in adulting when a telemarketer hangs up a call without notice
Meme courtesy of Instagram

You’re done adulting for the day, but this…this can never leave your mind. I mean, why? Just…why? If I’m not correct, people are being paid to do this, right? Then why hang up? Don’t these people get paid by the hour, like how many hours they stay on the phone? Or is this a huge prank being played on me, and on everyone else…Yeah, that’s probably it: all of them decide each day at what time to hang up, even if the call is important, and then they hang up at that time and sit in their offices, trying desperately not to laugh too loudly so that the manager won’t hear…Yeah, that’s probably what it is, since it can’t be because I wasn’t nice. I was really nice, and I didn’t even scream at the kids…more than three times. 

meme that depicts an anthropomorphic fox going through lasers as a metaphor for dodging adulting
Meme courtesy of Instagram

Yes…that scene from Mission Impossible…no, Ocean’s Twelve, when that French guy, what’s-his-face, goes through those moving lasers to get to…a painting? No, the Fabergé egg…yeah, yeah, that egg. Yeah…dodging that adulting stuff takes about the same energy used in that film scene. If only the skills of that French guy were taught in high school as a warm-up exercise in the class Adulting 101…you wouldn’t be feeling so bushed after using those skills to face, rather than avoid, your adulting responsibilities. 

And as for the dating app DMs and nosy aunt…yeah, those should definitely be avoided. I wonder who trained that French guy…does he or she teach? 

meme that depicts Kermit the Frog looking at a hooded identical frog with text that displays procrastination
Meme courtesy of Instagram

This is so relatable, especially on a personal level. Procrastination is the sworn enemy of adulting, but she’s so nice, you guys. She’s like, so relaxed, she doesn’t have deadlines, and there’s a sense of peace around her…although she’s really more like the calm before the storm of adulting comes thundering, snatching what little precious free time you had, and blowing you out of your place to get to work barely on time and submitting mediocre (or really trash) reports to your boss.    

meme depicting Michael Jordan laughing while holding an iPad
Meme courtesy of Instagram

Ah, yes…that really important adulting task: trying to keep your bank balance from reaching zero dollars, or…negative numbers (THE HORROR!). It’s like a video game: going around, collecting money after doing some work, then you stop by the store, and that’s where the magic happens: from 3,000 coins to only 5 at the end of the day, just for some cherry trees and chickens (by the way, do people still play FarmVille?)

Meme depicting a cat on fire on the left and a crying cat on the right
Meme courtesy of Instagram

Ugh, the collateral damage when trying to get your adulting done. You may get your work done, but sometimes someone could get hurt, and it’s definitely looked down on to explode (even though I had to throw away those avocados, because they were getting spoiled, and no one else eats them but you, Sarah!). Then, you have to explain the whole thing, and boy, can that be painful!

meme showing the rise and fall of self-esteem in a person
Meme courtesy of Instagram

This is definitely going to happen, at least to me; the process has begun a little early, actually, for me. That’s what is so great about being done with adulting for the day: you can start seeing it slowly erode you bit by bit.

meme that reads when the person you're supposed to drink with tonight starts talking about how tired they are and there is a scene from the American version of The Office when Michael Scott says don't you dare
Meme courtesy of Instagram

DON’T YOU DARE. This should really be a rule of thumb: the first rule about adulting is that you don’t talk about adulting, the second rule: STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT ADULTING, WE GET IT, WE’RE ALL ADULTS HERE, it’s not like we’re admitting some kids in who don’t know what you’re talking about, GEEZ.

Meme that says when you think you have been working for 4 hours and it's only been 17 minutes and shows a crying boy underneath the text
Meme courtesy of Instagram

Oh yes. Time flies when you’re younger but slows down when we’re older. What is time trying to catch up with?

meme of a girl shoving another girl into a tuba
Meme courtesy of Instagram

Oh the sweet, sweet comfort of social media, junk food, video games and Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu/Disney+/whatever other streaming service is out there, did I tell you how much I love you all? And also how you’re basically preventing me from being an adult? But I love you…but I hate you…but I love you…hate you…love you… 

Meme depicting Kermit the Frog before paying bills on the left and Kermit after paying bills on the right
Meme courtesy of Instagram

Yes, after doing all the adulting you’re supposed to, all you’re left with are pennies, maybe a couple of nickels and dimes...and if you're really lucky, some quarters, too!

Meme showing a woman in bed watching a video about the importance of proper sleep at 3 in the morning
Meme courtesy of Instagram

Can someone let me know when Sleep and Adulting finally make up? Until then, I’ll be watching these old monologues from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Meme that says one minute you're young and wild the next minute you get excited about air fryers and crock pots
Meme courtesy of Instagram

Hey everyone, today on my doorstep, was the most beautiful, charming and sweetest thing in the world; Guys, I think I’m in love…with my new Instant Pot.

meme that says me when my social battery dies and my friend says you good? and depicts a sad woman below the text
Meme courtesy of Instagram

“You good?” 

“Well, lets see…I am not working at my dream job, I haven’t been having great sleep, I haven’t had a boyfriend since never so I have a nonexistent sex life, and I’ve been microwaving pasta and alternating between having it with marinara sauce and alfredo for the past two months…so....yeah, everything's been good so far, don’t you think?”

meme that says that I can't wait to get in bed and sleep tonight and then says at night in bed for 5 hours and shows an old man on his iPhone in bed below the text
Meme courtesy of Instagram

About to fall asleep:


meme saying overthinkers at 3 in the morning and then there are 2 pictures, one sleeping on the left, one awake and saying where the hell is my birth certificate on the right
Meme courtesy of Instagram

That’s such a weird and random…actually, wait, that’s actually a good question: Where is it? Ohmygod what if something happens, and I need to prove I’m a citizen?!? Oh God, now I won’t sleep until I find it! Yet another item on my adulting to-do list.

Meme with a picture of a baked potato with the text me when my alarm wakes me up on the top and the text let the potato rest for five minutes on the bottom
Meme courtesy of Instagram

I could go for something potato-y…Maybe some fries…and a chocolate milkshake…oh, and some chicken tenders, with ranch and sriracha sauce…Wait, what? Huh, so sorry, I was dreaming about food.

meme with text on the top that says when a kid tells me that I'm lucky to be an adult and various pictures of John Cena laughing on the bottom
Meme courtesy of Instagram

For the love of hamburgers and chicken tenders and fries, PLEASE DON’T GROW UP! I wonder what it would be like if the whole world only consisted of children and teenagers…Actually, no, that would be a horrible situation. No, I need to get that out of my mind. Yeah, so I'm not really that lucky, kid. You probably have someone who has to wake you up, put your your clothes on you, feed you, drop you wherever you need to be (for free!!), etc. Why can't I have someone like- oh, wait...

meme with text on the top that says me realizing I have to do this adulting shit for the rest of my life and 3 pictures of women crying on the bottom
Meme courtesy of Instagram

Wait, WHAT?!?! I can’t stop, or tag someone in to take my place, or something? Why didn’t someone tell me earlier, like when I was three or something??

Adulting: looks real easy on paper and in your imagination, but trust me when I tell you that “adulting” is something you just put up with, until one day, someone else can do your “adulting” for you.

Who? Why, your kids when they’re older, maybe even your grandkids. Or maybe the nicest nurse or caretaker at “The Home”

Sep 24, 2020