ouncing between Tinder, Hinge, and other dating apps can feel like a lost cause. The swiping that seems to be endless and strangers profiles that are incredibly vague. We get it, we’ve been there before! Navigating the dating realm is a lot like finding a new job and interviewing for a position. You want to look perfect and find that job (or partner in this case) that matches all of your needs. A dating resume will help you find the perfect match faster and without leaving any room for confusion. Online dating can cause burnout and leave you feeling like a relationship is unattainable in today's society.

Hopeless romantics that are exhausted from the online dating scene are turning to old-school methods of dating by participating in matchmaking and speed dating events. Desperate times call for desperate measures… that shouldn’t be taken. One survey found that 91% of LinkedIn’s female users have received romantic advances on the professional platform. Yuck. It is time for the dating scene to be revolutionized from creepy advances into respectful interactions.

Out with the apps and in with the new—time to take the creative route to find love. If you are indeed feeling this way, then continue reading and get ready to make a dating resume because your luck is about to change!

What you can expect from this article:

  • What a dating resume is
  • How to create one
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • How to use it

What Is A Dating Resume?

It is a document or even a website that is created by someone that is looking for a partner. Displayed in the document is personal information such as age, sexual orientation, and what you are looking for romantically. More importantly, these documents allow the creator to show off their personality with photos, skills, or hobbies. Since most dating apps have a rigid template where only a small amount of information can be put in, it can be difficult to really glean what someone is like or know what they are looking for. A dating resume changes all of that thanks to the versatility that comes with a blank Google or Word document. Think of it this way, the document will serve as an ad and a resume to promote yourself to potential suitors.

Per The New York Times, a growing group of singles with a background in tech are sharing their dating doc’s in hopes of finding love. Residing in a larger city in the US makes it easier for these singles to cover more ground with their dating resumes. Even if you don’t live in a heavily populated area, your resume can still travel far and wide on the internet!

Dating resumes are not used by the masses but they are slowly growing in popularity. Sending your resume to someone you are interested in can set you apart from the other people they might be considering. It’ll show them your personality, because there is more to a relationship than just looks, and that you are serious about creating a genuine connection. Creating your resume is an easy process and the reward will be worth the risk of putting yourself out there!

How To Create One For Yourself

Woman typing on a laptop in a cafe.
Expressing yourself without the limits of apps will attract genuine people to you.

Date-me docs are fully customizable and can show off your true personality better than any of the cookie cutter templates associated with dating apps. To create one for yourself, all you will need is a blank document on your computer. The application or software is for you to choose, a Google or Word document is familiar and easy to operate for most people. For those that are creatively inclined to do so, a website can be made with Notion or WordPress instead of a written document. Another way of making this a more streamlined process is to locate a dating resume template online. Whichever medium that you want to use for your resume is wholly up to you and how you wish to express yourself!

What To Put Into The Resume

Information that you would usually put on an application for a job can be transferred over to a dating resume. Such as your name, age, gender, location, educational background, and career. What you need to add next is the fun stuff! It is recommended to add an “objective” that clearly states what you are looking for romantically, say goodbye to those confusing situationships and say hello to clarity! A clear cut resume will get the point across without any problem, but a resume that has some pops of color and fun photos will make it much more memorable! Be sure to add in some gorgeous pictures of yourself along with some pets or fun memories.

Here are some examples of what you can add to your dating doc for personality:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Hobbies
  • Greatest achievements
  • Skills
  • Personality traits
  • Favorite shows, movies, or songs
  • Dealbreakers
  • Relationship goals

The document is to create an image of you as a whole and to help your love interest understand who you are and what a relationship with you might look like. With a little bit of quirkiness, your resume can be a conversation topic for whenever you score that date!

Big No-No’s To Avoid

Woman staring at a phone in the dark.
Not all potential love interests will appreciate the dating resume. Everyone has their own personal preferences and approaches when it comes to online dating.

When creating your dating resume there are a few things that you should refrain from doing. Lying or exaggerating about yourself is deeply frowned upon when it comes to dating and honestly any other time. When someone lies about who they are, it can make it difficult for others to establish trust with them. Portraying yourself in an authentic manner will develop the foundation of trust and credibility for anyone that lays eyes on your date-me-doc. After all, it is easier to love someone in their truest form than to be in love with a personality built on lies.

While the purpose of the dating resume is to share about yourself to a greater extent, there are limits to what should be shared. Information that is a bit too personal, such as the reason behind your latest visit to the doctor or your social security number, should remain private. When sharing these documents there is always the risk of someone with ill intentions seeing it, which can happen when using dating apps too! Keeping your information concise and engaging will also make talking to your love interest much more interesting. They will know a little bit about you already from your resume but you’ll be able to expand on your experiences and aspirations.

Additionally, inappropriate or negative content should not be seen anywhere on a dating resume. Information such as jokes or images that can be interpreted as offensive to others can have a negative effect on the person's image of you. Maintaining a positive tone throughout your dating resume shows others that you are enjoyable to be around. Remember- dating is like a job interview, you want to put your best foot forward.

Putting It To Use

Many hopeful daters share their view-only date-me docs on social media, dedicated databases, or directly with potential prospects. When sharing your resume from a social media account, your friends and followers will be notified that you are actively looking for a relationship. If any of them are interested or have someone else in mind then they can quickly reach out to you and shoot their shot after reviewing your resume.

Those pesky dating apps that are sitting dormant on your phone just might be useful too. Uploading your dating resume onto your profile in the apps is another way of reaching a bigger demographic of people that are solely interested in a romantic relationship. If you already have a few people in mind that have caught your interest, sending them your dating document directly is the most straightforward method. Give them some time to look it over before doing the famous double (or triple) text to see if they are still interested. A healthy relationship involves patience and there is no better time to start practicing it than during the dating phase; add that skill to your resume!

Our Final Thoughts

A dating resume is a document that allows daters that are romantically exhausted from dating apps to have a better chance at finding love, by customizing it to your liking and letting your personality shine through in ways that common dating apps just can’t compare to. With a little bit of elbow grease (and a whole lot of love) a dating resume can lead you to a perfect match with minimal effort. Bonne chance!

Mar 29, 2024