ollege is an exciting time in the life of every young adult. It is the first time many of us are not living under our parents’ roof, and instead we are living among our peers. This brings along its own sets of benefits and challenges, one of the biggest being the challenge of discovering who we are and how we fit in the world.

Along with discovering who we are, we are also discovering who we’d like to surround ourselves with. This includes our friends and romantic partners. Here is where the aspect of dating comes in.

Several people going into college have never experienced a serious romantic relationship, or any romantic relationship at all, so it can be difficult to know what to look for in a partner, how to actually start dating, and how to maintain a healthy relationship once you’re in one.

This can be especially challenging for guys because they tend to bottle their emotions inside, therefore limiting the conversations they may have with their friends and parents surrounding dating and significant others.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry! We have some tips and tricks below that can help you navigate dating in college as a guy. Hopefully these tips and tricks will make the dating scene appear less stressful and intimidating so you can truly enjoy this time in your life!

Tips, Tricks, and How-To’s For Guys Who Want to Date In College

For guys in college wishing to date but not quite sure where to start, read on to discover great ways to meet people, ideas for dates, and important characteristics of a healthy relationship.

How Do I Meet People In College

One of the biggest challenges of entering the dating pool in college is simply figuring out where to start. It can be intimidating to put yourself out there, but actively looking often yields the best result. Doing so gives you your best chance of finding others also interested in dating. Let’s talk about some of the top ways to do this.

Two college students standing next to one another.
Meeting people is half the battle when entering the dating pool. Once you meet other individuals at your school who also want to date, it becomes much easier. Image courtesy of Teen Vogue.

Join an On-Campus Activity or Club

One of the simplest, however most effective, ways of meeting people in college is by getting involved in on-campus organizations. For guys wishing to date, try joining a club based on your major, favorite sport, hobbies, etc.

This will allow you to meet individuals with the same interests as you, and one of the people you meet may just happen to also be interested in dating. This would be the perfect scenario as it gives the two of you a way to break the ice.

Thanks to both of you being in the same club, you now know you have at least one thing in common with this individual. Therefore, if the small talk starts to get awkward on the first date, just launch into a discussion of the club and it’ll hopefully be smooth sailing from there on out.  

Look Among Your Friends

Maybe you have been harboring a romantic crush for one of your friends for a while now, or maybe the thought hasn’t even crossed your mind. Regardless, looking among your current friends is a great way to begin dating as a guy in college.

When you are friends with someone, you likely already know them well enough to have a general consensus of their likes, dislikes, hobbies, character, etc. And chances are, if you’re friends, you are probably fond of this individual.

So, even if the thought of dating one of your friends has never even crossed your mind, maybe all you need is to think of the possibility. That alone may be enough to shift your feelings from platonic ones to that of romance.

Go Out and Socialize

Another easy way to meet people in college is to go out with friends to places around and on-campus. This could include anything from working out at the campus gym to going to a bar or party on a Friday night.

Everytime you go out, it is one more chance for you to meet other people your age who also may be interested in dating. You never know when or where you could meet the right person and instantaneously click.

What you do know, however, is that it is impossible to meet people from the confines of your own room. Because of this, it is absolutely essential to venture outside of your comfort zone. Not only may you find someone to date, you also have the chance to make friends.

Ideas For Dates as a Guy In College

So you’ve met someone you really like and would like to take on a date. You may be asking yourself “now what?!”. Well, I am here to tell you to remain calm and don’t panic. Lucky for you, we have tons of helpful first date tips.

A couple riding a bicycle together as the sun sets.
Once you meet someone you click with, now you can start thinking about some ideas for dates. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Get To Know Them

Before taking any individual on a date, it is important to get to know them so you can gauge what type of date you believe they’d like. Plus, getting to know them as a friend before knowing them romantically can be a great foundation for a romantic relationship. Doing so allows you to form a sense of trust and emotional connection between one another.

Deciding on the First Date

Once you have gotten to know them further, you can approach them about going on a date. It can be as simple as asking them out, or maybe you’d prefer to do a grander gesture. Either way, it is completely up to you and either is acceptable. Who knows, maybe your date will even beat you to it and ask you out first!

Once this is done, now it is important to discuss some ideas for dates among each other. For a first date, it is important to have something that is public, so both parties feel safe, and something that will lead to discussion.

Because of the importance of discussion, a movie is likely not the best choice for a first date, but on the fourth or fifth date that would be a great idea!

Some ideas for first dates include:

  • A picnic at a public park
  • Lunch or dinner at a restaurant
  • Going out on the town
  • Strolling through the city together

Dress For Success

When dressing for a first date, many guys like to look put together, but also not look like they are overdoing it. I would say dress nicely in something you feel confident in, as first impressions are lasting impressions, but also make sure you feel comfortable.

Additionally, depending on what type of date you are going on, you may need to style your outfit appropriately. For example, let’s say you are doing something adventurous such as rock climbing on your first date.

Your outfit choice for that is going to be much different than your outfit choice for dinner at a restaurant.

Key Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

A couple taking a mirror selfie of them kissing one another.
It is important to maintain a healthy relationship so both individuals are happy and feel respected. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Now that you have met someone, gone on a few dates together, and decided to make the relationship official, how do you keep the connection between you two healthy and strong? Look no further as we have answers for you!

First, it is extremely important to respect your partner, and for that same respect to be extended back to you. This includes listening to and validating your partner’s feelings and concerns, and your partner doing the same for you.

Additionally, it is also very important to set boundaries. Every healthy relationship has these. Not everything you do has to be shared, and that’s okay. We all need things in our life that are for ourselves. You can be in a committed, loving relationship while simultaneously being an individual.

Get Started Dating

Guys, I hope this has helped you learn more about dating in college. Just remember that everything happens at its own pace and it will all work out in the end. Do not worry about rushing into a relationship if you do not feel ready for one.

Dating in college is a fun and exciting chapter, so despites its ups and downs, make sure to cherish every minute. It’ll all be worth it when you finally meet your partner for life.

Oct 17, 2022