ating during college is a whole different ball game than high school. Things either get more serious, or more complicated. People like to say that dating in college is a game, but a lot of people start very serious relationships while they're in college. It can be fun and you don't have to take everything so seriously all the time. Just be young and go out there and meet people that you might not have met before.

Whether you're at a huge state school or a small liberal arts college, dating can feel exciting. It mostly just depends on who you are as a person, so if you want to attract somebody who is similar to you or very different you just have to be open to new things or go to places where you think you'll meet like-minded people to date. Without further ado, here are some of our tips for dating during college. 

When in doubt, ask to study 

A typical place where people might meet a potential partner is during class. If you sit near them or notice that they speak a lot during the class and you want to talk to them, go for it. Maybe if they are vocal and class ask them for studying advice or just to hang out and work on a group project together.  It seems silly, but it's something that works and this is a way for you to be productive and also get to know somebody new, no matter if it turns into a relationship or not. 

Meet someone at a party 

Another place where people will meet each other is during parties. This is when you need to be careful because when alcohol is involved people can make decisions that they regret. I'm not saying don't have fun just make sure that you are in the right State of Mind to do anything. If you want  to continue a relationship with someone after the party make sure to get their number and try to make plans with them that don't only involve getting wasted. (Unless that's what you want.)

About 28 percent of college students ended up marrying their college partner, according to a study conducted by Facebook. College is a great place to meet other young people who are looking to date long term. Photo courtesy of Pexels.

Go to various events on campus 

One thing about starting college is trying to join clubs and activities that spark your interest. This is a great way to meet new people, friends, and maybe to begin potential relationships. By joining your local book club, theater, sports, or Greek Life, And so on you will meet people who have similar interests to yours, or meet people you might never have met before and that's cool. 

Different clubs are also a good way of making your skills known to people. Think about it, you're marketing yourself to potential employers but you're also marketing yourself to potential matches by putting yourself out there. If you never put yourself out there, then you're not going to see who else might also be out there. It can be very early difficult to maintain this and being social is not for everyone but if you have the ability to try, then I would say go for it. 

Be open to dates with everyone 

Don't limit yourself to what you think your specific type is when dating. You never know somebody that you might have never ever wanted to date on paper might surprise you. Try to get to know the person before doing anything too rash. Sometimes the people that we don't expect make for the perfect partners because they are different from us in a way that is complementary. However, if people are being creepy or you feel uncomfortable in any way don't make excuses for them and just let the situation die out.

Accept invites to hang out, when made

Attention is surely a plus in anyone's book. When somebody goes out of their way to invite you to something, take that as a very good sign that they are interested in you in some kind of way. Don't try to jump into conclusions about what they want but it typically is a good sign when somebody invites you somewhere. It means that they're interested in you as a person and that they want you to be around them. 

Whether that be in a platonic or romantic way it can just be fun to hang out and meet people. You never know who you will meet when you hang out with new people especially in a setting where you might not know everyone. 

Don’t try to give false impressions

There is a lot of pressure to try and fit in with the crowd when you're in college and I would strongly advise against it. There are just too many reasons for you to just be yourself. If you try to fit in or act like you're from someplace that you're not you're going to regret it later. If you have a special interest that you feel is embarrassing or you try to act like your pleasing everyone, then most of the time that is a negative thing. People want to hang out with others that are real, genuine, and authentic. 

Dating in college doesn’t always mean you’ll actually get the chance to go on a “real date.” A third of college seniors say that they’ve been on fewer than two real dates in four years. When you've been asked to hang out or watch a movie, that typically means someone wants to only hook up with you. Photo courtesy of Pexels.

Be clear about what you want 

Lots of people during college want to only hook up, which is fine for them, but if that's not what you personally want then make sure that you let them know.  It can be really difficult to put down those boundaries and force them to, especially if you really like them. If you know that ultimately you won't be happy with a hook-up situation then it's your best bet to end the romantic relationship.

If they don't respect this decision then they aren't going to be a good person to date anyway. Being in any kind of relationship even if it's just a hookup or casual means that you deserve equal respect. It's truly the bare minimum to communicate and nowadays it's really difficult and scary to confront people. Trust me though, if you put down this boundary and they respect it you've made a good friend, or even acquaintance.

Sometimes, people move on quickly

Hook-ups last for any length of time – you can be attached to one particular person for several months, or only for a matter of days and it can still be considered “hooking up.” At any rate, don’t be surprised if someone has eyes for you on Thursday and then you spot them hitting on someone else soon after, don’t get jealous. 

Just let the situation brush off your shoulders. You can forgive, but just don't forget what happened. If you're feeling really bold, try to figure out what they are interested in before you hook up with them, so you know what to expect from them after the fact. Communication and confrontation are key in situations like this and if the person just tries to brush it off like it never happened, then they're not worth your time. 

Remember that you’re still an individual despite being in a relationship with another person. Photo courtesy of Pexels.

Don’t let your relationships take over your life 

Common mistakes up and plenty of college students make are focusing only on their dating life when they are studying. you went to college to get your education not to focus on things that are temporary. It's okay if nothing comes out of any relationships you get during college it's not the only prime time to find a relationship. 

Plenty of people find relationships after college that are successful. It's more so about trying to find what works for you and not to forget why you've gone to college in the first place. Remember your dreams. Remember how it felt to walk across the stage the first time. Hold onto that feeling and hang onto your goals.

Dating during college is not as hard as it is made out to be. It can be fun, casual, and enjoyable. Just make sure to be safe and always tell people where you're going when you go out on a date with someone you've never met before. 

It's better to be safe and your friends will have your back if you need them to. Overall dating in college can be messy and sometimes you just don't know what to do and that's okay. People make mistakes especially when you're young and in college. Just try to go with the flow and live life with no regrets.

Feb 2, 2022