he Vuori brand was founded in 2015 and has since become a popular athleisure brand that is comparable to LuluLemon. Their items combine comfort with flexibility and are perfect for individuals who pursue an active lifestyle. The brand's name Vuori translates to “mountain” from the Finnish language, and the price point for a portion of their items reflect that translation. No need to fear, because that mountain is climbable!

Amazon has an enormous variety of dupes that can rival Vuori in style and cost. We searched for the products that were the most comparable to the name brand based on two important factors: style and materials. A majority of Vuori clothing items are a blend of polyester and elastane. With these key aspects in mind we pinpointed the best dupes for your dollar!

What you can expect to see:

  • Jogger pants
  • Tee shirt
  • Tank top
  • Shorts
  • Leggings
  • Crewneck
  • Half zip

The Scoop On The Dupe

Dupes are considered alternatives to a larger brand name or even a designer brand, except it is more affordable to the masses. While there may be some quality differences for certain pieces, dupes are usually very similar to the name brand. These alternatives are usually bought for a couple of reasons such as affordability, accessibility, ethical reasons, and for the sake of experimentation. Regardless of the reason, dupes are a great way to achieve the style that you desire without having to overspend.

If you are head over heels in love with an item but the price is out of the ballpark you can search for dupes super easily! There are plenty of online stores that strive to create dupes for a fraction of the cost. Amazon is a big name in this game for a reason, they offer an enormous variety so it is totally possible to find something identical to what you are looking for.

Check out these dupes that rival the original!

Diverse Dupes for Women

Long Sleeve Halo Crew

Woman posing in white crew neck and pants.
Cozy comfort without the cost, this crewneck is the perfect addition to your closet. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Are you ready to see the price difference for this dupe? Amazon is only charging $27 for this crewneck that comes in an assortment of fun colors. Vuori is asking $96 for their popular Long Sleeve Halo Crew. In this creme color the dupe is almost identical to the name brand and will keep you looking good while on the go.

All The Feels Legging

Woman posing in brown leggings.
Match these leggings with the dupe for the Halo Crew and you will have the perfect outfit to wear for a workout or to watch a movie in.  Image courtesy of Amazon.

We know that there are so many factors that are racing through your mind when shopping for leggings. Checking to see where the seams are, or is a seamless look preferred? Does it sit high on the waist or lower? These are valid concerns that we kept in mind while conducting our research. That is when we found this gem and the reviews for these leggings are the proof.

One review said “I recently purchased Heynut leggings, and I must say, they've exceeded my expectations. These leggings not only offer great quality and a flattering fit, but they also provide excellent value for the price.”

This dupe is offered in multiple colors (some are cheaper too) at the price of $29. Much more affordable when compared to the $96 Vuori leggings.

Elevation Square Neck Tank

A woman wearing a black tank top.
Spring is right around the corner and this top is ready to be worn on a night out on the town! Image courtesy of Amazon.

You can never go wrong with a tank top and here's why: it can be worn under heavier layers if you need to cool off and it looks amazing when styled with a pair of shorts. If you are not feeling the darker colors and want something that will make your outfit pop then check this dupe out! This tank top is currently available in fifteen colors for the low price of $20, saving you over $44.

Performance Jogger

: A person wearing black joggers and white athletic shoes. ‍
Jogger pants are a good option for people who want the comfort that leggings provide but without the tight look. Image courtesy of Amazon.

The Vuori Performance Jogger is adored for its fabric that is soft and stretchy that is valued at $94. The Amazon dupe that we chose for you has a similar look but most importantly the material composition is nearly identical to the original. Both articles of clothing are made from 87-89% polyester and 11-13% elastane (spandex).

This review is from one of the many satisfied Amazon customers: “So cute and of great quality. Love the zipper pockets and soft texture. Already ordered another in a different color.” For $30 each these joggers are designed to keep up with your busy day!

Boyfriend Jogger

A person wearing white sweatpants and athletic shoes.
Elevate your lounge wear look with these soft sweatpants that can be sported for casual outings or a day at home. Image courtesy of Amazon.

The boyfriend style can be found in different stores across the world. It gives off an effortless vibe of comfort and ease to whoever is donning it. For almost $32 this dupe can give you this aesthetic without charging you the $98 that the name brand would.

Vuori Dupes for Men

Sunday Performance Jogger

A man wearing a black shirt with dark camo jogger pants.
These joggers can become a staple in your wardrobe for the low cost of $29. Image courtesy of Amazon.

If you are interested in wearing matching gym outfits with your significant other then this piece can help you achieve that! They have the perfect amount of stretch and won’t hold you back from beating your last personal record. At $69 dollars less than the name brand you can have your pick from twenty color options!

Strato Tech Tee

A row of different colored shirts.
Wearing clothing that is made from breathable materials can make cooling off easier. Image courtesy of Amazon.

For the price of $35 you can get five moisture wicking shirts in an assortment of colors of your choosing. These shirts are made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex whereas the Vuori Strato Tech Tee has 4% elastane (essentially spandex) and 90% polyester at a cost of $54. Thousands of reviewers of the dupe can’t get over how good of a bargain this is!

Here is a review that highlights the pros and cons to this dupe:

“Got these shirts for hiking in Hawaii, but they were so comfortable I ended up wearing them the entire trip. Good wicking, they don't stick in humid conditions and they dry fast when wet. Don't wrinkle either. Probably not the highest quality or longest lasting shirt you will own. Very thin, and there were a lot of strings to trim off. But they were perfect for what I needed, and good price for what you get.”

Kore Short

 A man wearing black drawstring shorts.‍
Be prepared for your summer adventures and get ready to show some skin to soak up the sun! Image courtesy of Amazon.

Pay only $26 to receive these seven inch inseam shorts with a hidden liner and zipper pockets for extra security. You can choose from nineteen color options that range from a vibrant yellow to a muted black. It is possible to save over $42 dollars by choosing this dupe, that’s enough to buy at least two pairs of these shorts!

Ease Performance Half Zip 2.0

A man wearing a gray, long sleeve shirt.
Full coverage can be comfortable especially with this half zip that is made from lightweight materials. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Have a golf outing you need to attend or don’t want to risk getting sunburnt during a hike? At the affordable price of $25 this dupe will have you covered (literally). Similar to the other dupes that we have listed, this one has an almost identical composition to the name brand that charges $84.

Need some convincing before making the purchase? Here is a review from a happy customer: “I bought this for hiking in 100+ temps in direct sun exposure. It works well for that because it doesn't get too hot, and if you dip the shirt in the nearest stream or lake and put it back on it provides for a refreshing summer hike. The high collar provides extra sun protection around the neck if you pair it with a good sun hat. I also use this for mountain biking, hiking and SUPing. I bought three of them in different colors after I tested the first one. This fabric is lighter than some of the competitors meaning that you don't get as hot in it.”

Dupes Decided: The Finish Line

We hope that these dupes caught your eye and don’t burn a hole in your pocket! The list that we curated is a small portion of what is offered in the realm of dupes. When searching on your own for a dupe it is important to keep in mind any differences in sizing and in material composition. Reading reviews will give you so much insight into whether or not the dupe is worth the money. Best of luck as you delve into the dupes!

Mar 15, 2024