ree People has definitely created a niche in fashion. That bohemian chic-inspired look—easy going with a twist of sophisticated details and top-quality materials—has taken quite a significant share in today's fashion world. Let's be real, though; most of these fashion pieces don't come that cheap. Luckily, Amazon has a bonanza of budget-friendly alternatives that emulate the desirable Free People style without emptying your wallet. We'll take you through some of the finest Free People dupes available on Amazon in this guide, to show you how to kill that effortlessly stylish look for less.

In this article we will cover:

  • The elements which make Free People desirable
  • Perfect Free People outfit dupes 

Free People Style Elements

Free People's general style is in fact based on a few of those basic elements and constitutes the brand's aesthetic look:

1. Bohemian inspiration: Free spirit is inspired by soft, fluid shapes, eclectically mixed patterns, and earth tones.

2. Intricate details: This would include dainty embroidery, lace, and sometimes some fancy embellishments attached to Free People pieces.

3. Cozy fabrics: gentle, light, and breathable fabrics that for sure won't let you give up on being comfortable enough—and, of course, easy in terms of wear.

4. Versatility: Free People designs pieces that can be dressed up or down, perfect for a variety of occasions from casual outings to special events.

Woman with blonde hair wearing free people outfit
A lovely Free People outfit set. Image Courtesy of Refinery29.

To emulate some of the best Free People looks without the costly price tag, consider some of the following standout items available for you whenever you desire!

Dupes for Free People Tops

Free People has become synonymous with its range of free-flowing, see-through tops—hollering nothing but Bohemian. Look out for those tops cinched at the sleeves or detailed with balloons, in elaborate embroidery, or in gauzy, soft-as-gossamer material to render that mellow but stylish aura.

Keystone to Free People's collection is a peasant top. Two factors that differentiate them are a loose fit and generally ornate designs. As it is made out of 100% polyester, it is perfect for keeping you cool during a beautiful summer’s day! You can get the same quality for a pocket friendly price!

1. Haida Peasant Top

Composite image showing flowy yellow free people top vs affordable Free People dupe on Amazon
Gauzy Haida Free People Peasant Top vs. Dupe by Dokotoo

Dupe Pick: Dokotoo - Women's Boho Floral Print Peasant Blouse

Savings: $98 --> $28

This peasant blouse has a roomy fit and detailed floral patterning—perfect for the alternative dresser. It is also almost identical to the Free People top! Such a lightweight material makes it an ideal everyday wear piece for your casual yet stylish wear, and your wallet will love the ($70!!) lower price tag for the same iconic style. It is flowy, with bright floral patterns and bell sleeves, which are going to be very Free People boho chic. This comes in several colors and pairs stylishly with jeans or a skirt!

2. Tropical Summer Knit Blouse

Vibrant Orange Tropical Summer Knit Blouse and Dupe from Amazon
Free People Tropical Summer Knit Blouse vs. Poetsky Summer Lace Crochet Blouse

Dupe Pick: Poetsky Women's Summer Short Sleeve Lace Crochet Blouse

Savings: $100 --> $27

Sometimes the trickiest thing to match when it comes to dupes for high-end items is the iconic color palette. Even if you can get the fabric and feel right, can you get that luxurious pop of color? We think this Poetsky blouse is a close match for the iconic tropical orange of Free People's Tropical Summer Knit Blouse. So if you're looking for something with all the style without the designer pricetag (or, in this case, the sleeves!), you definitely need to check this one out!

Dupe-able Dresses

3. Forever Favorite Maxi Dress

Composite image showing Forever Favorite Maxi dress Free People Dupe on Amazon
A Free People Maxi dress for $198 vs this stunning GRACE KARIN dress for only $51.99

Dupe Pick: GRACE KARIN Women's Summer Floral Print Maxi Dress

Savings: $198 --> $52

Free People is in the business of making a lot of maxi dresses, and these long-flowing beauties get the job done for any casual or dressy ensemble.

What makes it a good Dupe? Finished with an empire waist, tiered skirt, and vibrant floral prints that evoke the relaxed elegance found in many of Free People's maxi dresses. The silhouette and vibrant floral prints makes this maxi dress boho-chic. Perfect for casual beach days, get togethers, or make a big fashion statement at your next big special event!

4. Cypress Lace Maxi

Cypress Lace Maxi Dress with affordable dupe
Free People Cypress Lace Maxi vs. MEROKEETY Women's V Neck Short Sleeve Floral Wedding Dress / Cocktail Dress

Dupe Pick: MEROKEETY Women's Sleeveless Lace Floral Elegant Cocktail Dress

Savings: $228 --> $60

Some of the most iconic Free People pieces are their lace dresses, like the Lovey Maxi, the Bianca Fauxchet Midi, the Show-Stopper Maxi Dress, and of course the square shouldered and flowy Cypress Maxi Dress. The lace and crochet details in these pieces are the feature that add so much romance and sophistication to the look -- but you can get the same romance and sophistication for a price that will keep your bank intact!

This dress has beautiful lace details combined with the classic A-line silhouette of the original Free People dress. It moves easily from day to night, completely capturing the vibe of the refined yet relaxed that Free People is known for. Plus, these stunning dresses come in a range of colors–perfect for anytime and any day!

Free People-Inspired Bottoms on Amazon

5. Boho Skirts

Boho Free People inspired maxi skirt
How can anyone go wrong with this chic and summery dress!? Image courtesy of Amazon.

Price: $42

This maxi skirt is a good dupe for pricier Free People pieces because it contains an elastic waistband with boho print—like flowy skirts from Free People—for easy bohemian style.What's more, the same airy design can be seen in this elastic-waistband maxi skirt with a boho print, for creating the same faultlessly chic allure that Free People's skirts do. Just pair it with a basic top, and voilà—instinctive bohemia.

6. High Waist Palazzo Pants

red high waisted trouser pants
Upgrade your style with some Europe-chic Free People inspired wide leg trousers. Image courtesy Amazon.

Price: $35

One of those Free People staples that could not go wrong: wide-legged pants—easy, comfy, as well as stylish and chic. This pick from Tronjori makes a great dupe for the Free People wardrobe staple thanks to its interesting design and comfort. These high-waisted, flowy palazzo pants are the best of style and comfort combined for any occasion.They come in numerous colors and patterns to suit various tastes and outfit preferences. Plus with a competitive price, they really do provide an approachable way to achieve the Free People vibe on wide-leg pants without the actual premium cost.

Affordable Outerwear Alternatives

7. Oversized Open Front Long Cardigans

white chunky cardigan free people dupe available on Amazon
Oversized cardigans are definitely a go-to for layering, a very common styling choice at Free People. Image courtesy Amazon.

Price: $35

Much like their knit and crochet dresses, oversized chunky cardigans are a must have item for any Free People inspired wardrobe. Luckily, this is one item that isn't particularly difficult (or expensive!) to replicate. One great dupe option is the Imily Bela Women's Oversized Chunky Knit Cardigan. With a side split and deep pockets, it's easy to wear, but it also stays true to Free People's fashion ideology based on blending warmth and style in outerwear. Perfect for layering with a dress or warming up a t-shirt and jeans!

Show-Stopping Shoe Dupes

8. Athena Anklet Wrap Sandals

Athena Free People Sandals Dupe
Free People Athena Sandals vs. XAPPAREL Clarissa Sandal

Savings: $128 --> $28

We love the warm brown on Free People's Athena sandals -- somehow, they transport you to a beach under the Mediterranean sun! So if you can't get enough of the luxurious color, you'll definitely want to try out the much more affordable XAPPAREL Clarissa Sandal with ankle strap. They have the look and quality of Free People sandals, making them perfect for any occasion!

composite image of Free People Sandals vs dupe
Free People Athena Sandal vs. PARTY Women's Strappy Gladiator Sandal

For this one, we have another option too -- if you can't get enough of the decorative ankle tie on the original Athena sandal, we've got you covered with PARTY Women's Strappy Gladiator Sandal too. With a huge savings (these only cost $36 compared to the original's $128 price tag) your wallet will be happy too!

These comfortable flat sandals have cute details that are so Free People-esque, with a bohemian touch that is characteristic of their shoes. They would be a great option for adding some laid-back but cool style to your look.

9. Ankle Boots

Stylish ankle boots in dark brown that look like free people shoes
These gorgeous boots keep you warm and stylish! Image courtesy of Amazon

Price: $56

Free People always has been and probably always will be the queen of special-detail ankle boots, from cutouts to embroidery. Just like Free People's special-detail ankle boots, this dupe has intricate cutouts in a boho-inspired design. From dresses to jeans, it goes with everything and adds a chic, unique flair. They are not as pricey as the shoes Free People charges for similar boots, yet the style is never compromised.

Price: $40-$50

We hope you've found some affordable alternative to your favorite Free People pieces on Amazon.

Overall, you can experience the Free People vibes in these nice outfits if you always want to be in trend with your budget by opting for these dupes on Amazon. Whether you're into flowy blouses, bohemian skirts, or statement accessories, you better believe there's a dupe out there that captures the spirit of Free People at a fraction of the cost! 

So, bring on that bohemian-chic style of Free People; it doesn't have to be too pocket-depleting. Amazon is inundated with dupes that will give you Free People design feels while building a trendy, versatile wardrobe without overspending. Rock flowy blouses and boho skirts, lace dresses, statement accessories—you name it—the cheaper versions having your back in staying on top of trends while staying within the budget. Shop away!

Jul 5, 2024