n today’s article, we’re going to cover:

  • What Rhone is (and why it’s so popular)
  • Why Rhone dupes are the way to go
  • Our favorite dupes you can get right now

What's the hype around Rhone?

Rhone was created to fulfill the need for men’s activewear, however, one of the brand’s strongest aspects is its variety. From formal blazers to muscle tank tops, Rhone provides a high quality of clothing for any part of your day—attending a meeting, getting a workout in, or even taking a swim. The brand is great at making high quality, minimalist essentials. Additionally, the brand has expanded past its original focus on menswear to cater for women as well. Amongst other items, Rhone sells leggings, skirts, and dresses. The best thing about the brand? It can’t be put into a box. Rhone is always expanding and creating. Unfortunately, despite Rhone’s great quality and wide range of products, their prices can be a downside for those on a budget. Rhone’s prices can reach as high as $300 for some items, which is why there’s a high demand for dupes!

The benefits of buying dupes

“Dupes” are look-alikes for any expensive products. A name-brand lipstick might not be affordable, but a cheaper lipstick with a nearly identical shade can be considered a “dupe” of the original. Similarly, in fashion, dupes can help you recreate a look that you love for a much lower price. If you adore Rhone clothing but find that it is out of your price range, the following dupes ensure that you can still have your dream closet without breaking the bank.

The Rhone dupes and other relevant info we’re going to cover are:

  • Both men’s and women’s clothing items
  • Formal pieces
  • Casual clothes
  • Athletic bottoms
  • Huge savings
  • Outfit inspiration
  • Price comparisons

    An essential for the warmer weather.
Banana Republic’s Summer Cotton Shirt vs. Rhone’s Commuter Seersucker

1) Rhone's Commuter Seersucker Short Sleeve Button Down

One of Rhone’s best selling items is their white half sleeve button down, which sells for $128 on their website. Some defining characteristics of this shirt are its collar, chest pocket, and breathability. Banana Republic has a similar shirt with seven color options, one being white. This dupe also has short sleeves, a chest pocket, a collar, and buttons for a much cheaper price of $65. The “Summer Cotton Shirt” is true to its name, and it was also designed for comfort and breathability. This type of shirt can pair well with either khakis or dress pants, and the combination of short sleeves and buttons makes it semi-formal. It’s a  great shirt for any occasion!

   Fashionable and flexible.
Rhone’s Sport Dress vs. Halara’s Active Dress

2) Rhone's Course to Court Sport Dress

Another popular Rhone item is the Course to Court Sport Dress, which sells for $118 and comes in five color options. Some notes about this dress: it’s incredibly soft, has built in shorts, and is built to move around in. Halara’s Softlyzero Plush Backless Active Dress is much cheaper at $34.95 and this dupe has over twenty colors to choose from! Halara lives up to Rhone’s quality in that the Active Dress also has built in shorts, is stretchy and soft, and was created to exercise in. After all, who doesn’t love a dress with pockets! This fashionable and practical dress strikes a perfect balance between looking great and performing well.

Golfer or not, these pants are a great addition to your closet.  
Rhone’s Momentum Golf Pants vs. Nike’s Victory Golf Pants

3) Rhone's Momentum Golf Five Pocket Pants

Rhone’s golf pants sell for $148 and come in three colors. Some of their best qualities are a silicone waistband to keep your shirt tucked in, water repellent material, and a fashionable fit that stops right above the ankle. Nike’s Dri FIT golf pants are a great dupe at $80. They come in five colors and have many of the same advantages: a silicone waistband, a material that wicks away sweat, and a very similar short, tapered look. These pants are obviously great for playing golf, but they are also incredibly stylish for work and casual events alike.

Trendy and comfortable—these shorts are a must-have.
Rhone’s 6” Shorts vs. Target’s 6” Bike Shorts

4) Rhone's Revive 6” Short

Rhone has six inch shorts available in four colors, and they are priced at $68. The shorts include pockets, sun protection, and stretchy fabric. One of the best dupes can be found at Target for just $20 in five different colors! They come in the same length as the Rhone shorts, and they have pockets and sun protection as well. Biker shorts can be paired with oversized t-shirts to create the cutest athleisure outfit, or they can be worn with a sports bra for a workout session. Either way, you will have a secure spot to keep your phone and a great base to create an outfit around.

        A nice accessory to your outfit on a chilly day.
Rhone’s Out of Office Zip Hoodie vs. Old Navy’s Dynamic Fleece Hoodie

5) Rhone's Out of Office Full Zip Hoodie

Rhone’s classic zip-up is $128 in the shade Griffin Heather. It has adjustable drawstrings, pockets, and a lightweight material—an essential to layer over any shirt. Old Navy has a much cheaper dupe at $54.99 in a very similar shade called Light Gray Heather. Old Navy’s zip-up also has drawstrings, pockets, and a sleek material. If this color is not for you, Old Navy has an additional four color options. In those quick foot-out-the-door moments when you realize it might be colder than you expected, grabbing a zip-up hoodie is a great way to stay warm and spice up an outfit.

The perfect mix between comfortable and dressy tanks.
Rhone’s Course to Court Sleeveless Polo vs. CALIA’s Sleeveless Golf Polo

6) Rhone's Course to Court Sleeveless Polo

Rhone’s sleeveless polo is $88. It is a stylist, comfortable piece of clothing fit for playing golf, or even just looking great in your day-to-day life. CALIA has a great dupe, which gives a very similar look. Both items have collars, no sleeves, buttons, and are available in sand, among other colors. CALIA’s sleeveless golf polo sells for $48. This top can be styled to look either sporty or preppy, depending on your mood. It’s a great piece to have in your closet due to its versatility. You can wear it with a skirt, tucked into pants, or with shorts. You can also show off your favorite bag or jacket with this top due to it being sleeveless.

     A basic that every closet needs.
Rhone’s Delta Pique Polo vs. Hollister’s Icon Polo

7) Rhone's Delta Pique Polo

Rhone’s half sleeved polo shirt is an essential for every man’s closet, however, it is priced at $88. Hollister has a much more affordable alternative called the icon polo, which is available in many of the same colors as the delta pique polo is. The  Hollister dupe costs $24.95. Polo shirts are a great way to dress comfortably yet semi formal. This shirt can be paired with nearly anything, from shorts to khakis to jeans. You can also stock up on them in each color. The polo shirt is a basic that you simply cannot go wrong with.

Super comfortable and easy to style.
 Rhone’s DreamGlow Joggers vs. Gap’s Vintage Classic Joggers

8) Rhone's DreamGlow Joggers

These $118 Rhone joggers are comfortable, soft, and available in multiple colors. The Gap dupe is $49.95 with the same qualities. Some of the most defining characteristics of the Rhone joggers are the drawstring color and the tight fit right above the ankle, both of which are also noticeable in the Gap joggers. If you’re in need of an everyday, casual pair of pants that will match with practically any top, these dupe joggers are a perfect purchase! You can wear them with t-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, tanks, and more. The outfits you can create are endless, and the joggers will make a great purchase.

Look good, feel good—make sure to rock this at your next meeting.
Rhone’s Commuter Blazer vs. Jos. A. Bank Tailored Jacket

9) Rhone's Commuter Blazer

Rhone’s blazer is sleek and professional for the hefty price of $298. Jos. A. Bank has a $139.99 dupe that has the same fashionable take to businesswear. Both blazers have pockets, buttons, and multiple colors to choose from. This blazer will definitely help you dress to impress at your next meeting or formal event! Be sure to pair it with your favorite dress pants and shoes.

Perfect for both on and off the tennis court.
Rhone’s Sport Skirt vs. Abercrombie and Fitch’s Wrap Skirt

10) Rhone's Course to Court Sport Skort

Rhone’s $88 skort (skirt lined with shorts) is cute, breathable, and sporty. A far cheaper dupe is the $45 Abercromie and Fitch wrap skirt. Both skirts are designed to be flexible to your movements while still granting coverage with their shorts lining. They also look similar with the same identifying characteristics: thick waistbands and a smooth, non pleated flare skirt. This skirt is great for wearing on the tennis court, but also for day to day looks. Skirts lined with shorts can be great for people whose thighs tend to chafe, but also just for anyone who wants an extra layer of comfort and security. If you’re styling these skirts for an everyday look, they pair great with oversized crewneck sweaters and platform shoes. This skirt can serve many different purposes and remains fashionable regardless of what type of outfit you create with it.  

Those are our favorite Rhone dupes!

As you’ve seen throughout this piece, while Rhone has some beautifully made essentials for both men and women, their items are priced relatively high. However, you can achieve similar sleek, minimalist looks through the cheaper means listed above—happy shopping!

Jun 19, 2024