ift-giving isn’t just an obligation – it’s an art. Gifts commemorate milestones, celebrate special moments, and connect us with our loved ones, but their impact can also reach far beyond a birthday party or holiday gathering.

Gifts that give back go beyond material value, with a portion of the proceeds from each sale going to support vital causes. The gifts on this list are more than jewelry, fun socks, electronics, or self care items. They represent the gift of giving back, of making a positive impact on the world.

So if the commercial aspect of gift-giving has got you down, read on to discover how even the smallest gifts can create big change for important causes like:

  • Animal welfare
  • Cancer research
  • Schools and literacy programs
  • Environmental protection
  • Mental health initiatives

🐾 Gifts That Give Back to Animals

You don’t have to watch the sad dog commercial tugging at your heartstrings between episodes on Hulu to help the 6.3 million companion animals that enter U.S. shelters each year. And you don’t have to travel the globe to help the 150k+ threatened species on the IUCN's Red List.

You can support animal welfare with gifts ranging from cosmetics to coffee – the participating brands might surprise you!

Socks That Protect Animals

a gift that gives back in the form of socks that donate to animal welfare
Image courtesy of Conscious Step.

Fun socks make a great gift for everyone – even adults with serious jobs can have a cool design peeking out the bottom of their pant leg, especially when it’s for a good cause. When you buy Socks That Protect Animals, you’re supporting animal welfare organizations like:

  • Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors
  • Best Friends
  • Conservation International
  • Oceana
  • National Parks Conservation Associatio

… for under $15.95 per pair (and less if you buy a pack).

Want to focus your impact on the animals close to home? You can also get socks that save cats and dogs, too.

Animal Protect + Track Bracelet

fahlo symbolic adoption cards
Image courtesy of Fahlo.

Okay, so you can’t have a pet polar bear in your apartment… but this is probably the next best thing! Fahlo’s Polar Bear Bracelets allow you to symbolically adopt one of these endangered animals. With each $19.99 accessory, you’ll receive a photo and bio of your animal as well as tracking details so that you can follow them in real time.

A portion of all proceeds from the polar bear bracelets goes to Polar Bears International, and organization that researches and protects the animals

You can also track penguins or even follow giraffes, with proceeds benefiting the Global Penguin Society and Somali Giraffe Project, respectively.

Somepawdy to Love Shadow Duo

ColourPop shadow duo that spports shelter animals
Image courtesy ColourPop.

ColourPop Cosmetics has a huge following thanks to their fun collabs and affordable price tag – but did you know they’re working to save cats and dogs, too?

The Somepawdy to Love Eyeshadow Duo comes with their iconic Super Shock shadows in two exclusive shades:

  • Mutts About You – warm gold with silver and pink pinpoints
  • You’re Kitten Me – plummy chocolate brown with violet and cold pinpoints

And the best part? All of the profits from the purchase go directly to supporting Best Friends Animal Society – saving the lives of dogs and cats across the country and bringing us one step closer to No-Kill by 2025. So far, the program has raised over $750,000 to help animals in need!

Sunrise Rescue Gift Pack

Grounds & Hounds Sunrise Rescue Charity Gift Pack
Image courtesy Grounds & Hounds.

Gourmet food baskets and high-quality coffee are always popular gifts – but Grounds & Hounds will help you make a difference with your purchase. The Sunrise Rescue Gift Pack comes with a Grounds & Hounds mug, a reusable tote, and three of their top coffee blends (choose between whole bean and ground).

Not only is the brand organic and eco-friendly – 20% of all profits are donated to animal rescue organizations. The impact so far is impressive:

  • 24k+ toys donated
  • 22k+ vaccines sponsored
  • 4.2 million shelter meals provided
  • 938 spay/neuter surgeries covered
  • 16k+ microchips sponsored

Wanna have an even bigger impact? When you buy Rescue Roast, 100% of the profits are donated to a new rescue organization every month.  

You’re A Star Gift Set

lush vegan gift set
Image courtesy Lush.

Lush built a name for itself selling ethical, natural, hand-made shower and bath products… but their impact doesn't stop there. Since its inception, the company has put proceeds towards fighting the good fight… for the environment, for equality, and of course, for animals.

Those efforts have included campaigns to close dolphinariums in Spain, stop fox hunting in England, and shut down animal testing around the world.

The You’re a Star Gift Set is a treat anyone on your list would be excited to unwrap, but you’ll still be supporting Lush’s efforts to make the world a better place when you buy any of their products in store or online.

Lush values including fighting animal testing

(Symbolically) Adopt an Animal

WWF elephant calf plush
Image courtesy World Wildlife Fund.

The World Wildlife Fund is all about protecting animals – across 6 continents, they work with local communities to conserve nature and overcome the threats to diversity of life on earth. And you can help when you gift a symbolic adoption like this African Elephant Calf.

The $100 donation comes with a 12” plush, gift box, reusable tote, animal photo with information, and adoption certificate. You can choose from a variety of species, ranging from penguins to anacondas, jaguars to wombats.

Super Cozy Fleece Throw

red buffalo plaid fleece blanket with paw prints benefiting shelter animals
Image courtesy The Animal Rescue Site.

Greater Good has donated over $175 million in cash and grants to 5k+ charitable partners around the world. The Animal Rescue Site spearheads their donations to support food and care for rescued animals in shelters and sanctuaries.

This machine washable Super Cozy Fleece Throw is available in multiple designs and will give you the warm fuzzies for helping animals in need.

🎗 Gifts That Give Back to Cancer Research

An estimated total of almost 2 million people will receive a new cancer diagnosis this year alone. Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in the United States. When you shop from vendors like the ones below, providing support to those battling this disease and contributing to research that will find a cure is as easy as a couple of clicks.

Harry Potter Hedwig Beanie

woman with red hair wearing Love Your Melon beanie that gives back to cancer rese
Image courtesy of Love Your Melon.

This Harry Potter Hedwig Beanie is just one of the many cool collabs Love Your Melon has going on. Most of their beanies, caps, and bucket hats will set you back $40-60, and half of the profits from each sale go straight to nonprofit organizations around the world fighting pediatric cancer.

Plus with hats in a variety of styles and colors – plus collaborations with NASA, SpongeBob, Disney, College Football, Peanuts, and more – you're sure to find something for everyone on your list.

PS - The Dobby Beanie has Dobby ears!

Socks That Find a Cure

conscious step gift that gives back to cancer research
Image courtesy Conscious Step.

Fun socks make a great Christmas gift that gives back – but they can also make an A+ graduation gift for adults, birthday present, or pretty much any other gift-giving occasion!

Socks That Find a Cure purchase benefit organizations like Keep a Breast, which advocates for women's health and aims to prevent breast cancer deaths by educating and preventing cases.

The collection includes designs with hearts, dots, confetti, and even a Rugrats collab featuring Reptar, Angelica, and Tommy that goes towards pediatric cancer causes.

American Cancer Society x Knockaround with Code ACSKNOCKS

Knockaround sunglasses
Image courtesy Knockaround.

Knockarounds creates fun, affordable shades… and they also run a summertime campaign that benefits the American Cancer Society. The bundle deal includes your choice of sunglasses and adventure towel, and when you use code ACSKNOCKS up to $20 from the purchase will be donated.

I Will Always Support You: Childhood Cancer Care + Research

mint green sand bracelet supporting pediatric cancer
Image courtesy Holly Daniels Christensen.

Accessories make a difference – and not just to your outfit! The Childhood Cancer Care + Research bracelet is designed by Holly Daniels Chirstensen of Dune Jewelry. Customize your bracelet by choosing sand from hundreds of beaches all over the world for the charm, and 10% of profits are donated to causes that advance cures and means of prevention for pediatric catastrophic diseases through funding research and providing treatment.

Pranayama Restore Wrap

athleta wrap in dark green
Image courtesy Athleta.

Cozy cardigans and wraps make for a great gift – they’re much more forgiving than other types of clothing in terms of figuring out the right size! This Pranayama Restore Wrap comes in a variety of on-trend fabrics, and the thick, luxurious fabric gets rave reviews. It’s perfect for layering up after a workout, heading to the office, or relaxing at home.

Plus, Athleta’s The Power of She Fund has given grants to 130+ women and girls to help make fitness more inclusive, get them moving, and provide childcare. The fund also donates to women-centered charities, including the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer research efforts. Rewards members can even donate points they earn from buying their favorite buttery soft leggings and cozy athleisure shirts to support these powerful initiatives.

1-800 Flowers Purchase with Code HOPE

purple and white 1800 flowers bouquet
Image courtesy 1-800 Flowers.

Flowers are one of the all-time classic gifts – perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, and more. 1-800 Flowers is an American Cancer Society partner. When you buy beautiful arrangements like this lavender and white basket using code HOPE, 5% of net proceeds go toward saving lives and making the world cancer-free.

Sterling Silver Rays of Light Bracelet

sterling silver paperclip bracelet with charm from CHarms of Hope
Image courtesy Charms of Hope.

Charms of Hope is an initiative created by April Venus to support the American Cancer Society. When you purchase these powerful symbols of hope – ranging from affordable sterling silver options to beautiful 14k gold – 100% of proceeds go towards supporting ACS’s mission.

📚 Gifts That Give Back to Schools + Literacy Programs

According to a study by the APM Research Lab, as many as 54% of Americans aged 18 to 74 read below a 6th grade level – that’s 130 million people. People with low literacy skills can have difficulty with basic tasks like understanding the label on a medicine bottle or navigating traffic signs in an unfamiliar area. This barrier to lifelong learning also increases an individual’s risk of remaining stuck in the poverty cycle.

That’s why the World Literacy Foundation and other literacy programs engage in programs that bring education to hospital-bound children, provide books to classrooms, build pop-up libraries to increase access to books, and more.

Library Card Tote Bag

canvas totebag with library card print
Image courtesy of Out of Print.

Readers will always appreciate a good bookish gift – and Out of Print has tons of them!

The Library Card Tote is a subtle homage to their favorite pastime, and it’s big enough to hold all of the latest additions to their TBR.

Out of Print is also active in the literary community, getting involved with programs like:

  • Donating over 5 million books to communities in need
  • Supporting literacy and publishing nonprofits like We Need Diverse Books, Books for Africa, PEN America, GLSEN’s Rainbow Library, and more
  • Supporting authors, publishers, and authors who bring stories to life

Socks That Give Books

woman reading in socks that give books
Image courtesy Conscious Step.

Fun socks are a great quirky gift for the bookworm in your life. Socks That Give Books come in prints with glasses, bikes, Egyptian artifacts, and even classic Nickelodeon characters like Otto Rocket and Arnold.

Custom Bookish Gift Bundle

Storiarts custom gift box bundles
Image courtesy Storiarts.

Storiarts turns all of your favorite books – old and new – into clothes and decor you can nerd out over. They stock everything from literary scarves to leather quote coasters to giant cozy storybook blankets to literary cocktail kits.

They also have several pre-made gift bundles for mystery lovers, Jane Austen fans, and more – but you can also create your own Custom Bundle in just a few clicks.

For $79, your gift bundle will include stickers, bookmarks, a headband, writing gloves, and more.

A part of every Storiarts purchase – big or small – goes to supporting LitWorld. Active in 28 countries, Litworld donates books and organizes learning opportunities for adults and children alike.

PS - Use code ADULTIST when  you check out to get 10% off your order :)

Basic Needs Scratch Off Tickets

charity lotto scratch off cards gift that gives back
Image courtesy Basic Needs.

This gift might promote literacy tools… but it also might support initiatives for solar light, clean water, or nutritious meals, too!

The Basic Needs Scratch-Off Ticket is a fun twist on the basic lotto scratcher gift, and every card is a winner. Scratch to see which cause your purchase supports!

The Starter Ritual

Tatcha Ritual starter set
Image courtesy Tatcha.

Tatcha’s skincare is tradition with a twist. Every product is developed by scientists at the Tatcha Institute in Kyoto, Japan using Japanese botanicals traditionally used for beauty. Every formula includes a proprietary complex called Hadasei-3™, which combines the benefits of twice-fermented rice, green tea, and algae. This sensitive skin-friendly Starter Ritual set includes everything you need to dive into Tatcha’s luxurious skincare lines.

Plus, every Tatcha purchase supports education equality worldwide. Tatcha’s Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures fund helps keep girls in school and grow their potential with literacy and mentorship programs.

Nook eReader

Nook eReader
Image courtesy Barnes & Noble.

Barnes & Noble is the last big brick and mortar bookseller, but they’re also a proud partner of local and national organizations that promote literacy. That includes K-12 schools in the communities they serve as well as nonprofit art, literacy, and humane community service organizations like the Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the YMCA. And don’t forget to support their annual Holiday Book Drive!

Nook eReaders make a great gift for any bookworm in your life, young or old. The entire line offers sharp resolution, glowlight illuminated devices that are lightweight, small enough to take anywhere, and read like paper. This gift will set you back $100-$200 depending on which model you choose, but you can rest assured it will become a new favorite.

With over 3.6 million eBooks, digital comics, newspapers, and magazines available to purchase for Nook, they’ll never run out of new things to read!

Vintage Batman Shirt

Batman the Animated Series long sleeve shirt
Image courtesy DC.

In the past, comic books have been looked down upon as the cartoons of the book world – but the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and the hype around the upcoming DC Universe) has vaulted comic books back onto the general public’s radar.

DC Comics supports educators and libraries with a variety of resources, including lesson plans. They have also made considerable donations to support comic book retailers and launched the We Can Be Heroes campaign to support struggling communities around the world.

Any movie or comic aficionado in your life would love some gear from the DC Shop – like this nostalgic Batman The Animated Series long-sleeve tee.

🌱 Gifts That Give Back to the Environment

According to the UN, the impending climate crisis is a major concern for peace and security around the world. Climate change hits close to home in the US. Already 2 out of 3 people report that they are feeling the effects of harsher summers and winters, hurricanes, and wildfires – but the biggest impact will be felt in still-developing nations. Previous estimates put the tipping point later in the 21st centuries, but new research suggests that we’re hurtling toward it as early as the 2030s.

The good news? While it’s too late to stop climate change from happening, we can dampen the impact on human communities by changing the way we grow food, use land, get from place to place, and power our economies.

These products support initiatives that will help us make those changes – and save countless lives in the process.

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask is the gift that gives back to the environment
Image courtesy Hydro Flask

Using reusable bottles is a sustainable choice to begin with, but Hydro Flask specifically is worth supporting. The company has donated $3.1 million dollars to support parks around the country.

Keep your water cold at the gym, your coffee hot by the campfire, or check out their utensils – you can even support this environmentally friendly brand while upgrading your drip coffee pot to the Hydro Flask Insulated French Press.

Park Hats Corduroy Dad Hat

Image courtesy ParkHats.

Supporting our National Parks means preserving some of the most beautiful parts of America for generations to come. ParkHats offers a range of beanies, ballcaps, and other headwear emblazoned with your favorite park, like this Corduroy Dad Hat featuring Delicate Arch. And 10% of every purchase goes directly to the National Parks.

Day Owl Backpack + Crossbody Set

Day Owl Backpack and crossbody set

Buying products that keep waste out of the landfill is good, but taking it a step further is great. Day Owl’s products start in the landfill and never go back. Made from plastic fished out of oceans and saved from going in the garbage, Day Owl is committed to making a positive chain with its line of backpacks, crossbodies, and bags. When you bundle the Backpack and Crossbody Bag, you save 15%.

Adopt a Hive

Adopt a Hive gift set
Image courtesy Uncommon Goods.

Pollinators are important. After all, nearly 80% of plants rely on pollinators like bees to reproduce. And keeping beautiful flowers and shady trees around is important, but most of our food comes from flowering plants, too.

The Adopt a Hive gift set comes with everything you need to support the bees – 1/50th ownership in a hive for one year, 12 ounces of raw honey, and geographically appropriate wildflower seeds so you can turn your own backyard into a pollinator haven. Plus, a portion of every purchase goes to your choice of nonprofit from their selected charity network.

Socks That Conserve the Environment

Socks that Save the Ocean
Image courtesy Conscious Step.

Socks might not seem like a way to support the environment, but Socks That Conserve the Earth sure are. A portion of every purchase goes towards organizations that clean up and support the future of our shared planet.

There are also options that plant trees, support ocean life and clean up the oceans, and a collaboration that supports our National Parks.

Blinkist Subscription

Okay, this one’s not a direct donation – but Blinkist’s founder Sebastian Klein is a guy we want to support. After all, it takes a generous person to donate his fortune to climate protection initiatives.

And since nobody I know has actually made it through the stack of books they wanted to read over the year, Blinkist makes lifelong learning a breeze. Get all of the best nonfiction books on culture, relationships, self improvement, politics, exercise, and more broken down into audio or text summaries that line up all of the big ideas.

Executive Wood Gift Set

wooden corporate gift that plants trees with every order
Image courtesy Gifts for Good.

Deforestation destroys ecosystems and creates poverty, but you can fight back with this beautiful, eco-friendly gift set. The made-to-order Corporate Wood Gift Set includes a sustainably sourced, hand carved wooden journal, pen, and business card holder. Customize with your own design or company logo for the ultimate corporate gift.

Each gift plants a tree!

💭 Gifts That Give Back to Mental Health Initiatives

Mental health has been a growing concern for years, but in the pandemic and post-pandemic world the need for more accessible mental health resources has grown exponentially. More adults have anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders than ever before.

And that need isn’t going away anytime soon. Surveys suggest as much as 57% of Gen Z has a diagnosed mental condition that requires medication. A staggering 91% of the generation has experienced at least one physical or emotional symptom due to the stress of school shootings and other issues in the news beyond their control.

In the face of this crisis, mental health organizations like SAMSA and the Crisis Lifeline need support in order to meet the rising need in the population. The products below support mental health initiatives that save lives every day.

I’m Here When You Need Me Sweatshirt

I'm here when you need me TWLOHA shirt that gives back to mental health initiatives
Image courtesy TWLOHA.

You may not have heard much about To Write Love on Her Arms since Warped Tour wrapped up, but the organization is still working to help people deal with depression, addiction, self injury, and suicide. The Here When You Need Me shirt is the perfect gift for anyone who has survived their own mental health struggles and moved on to helping others, or anyone who is always there to lend an ear or a helping hand.

And since its founding in 2006, TWLOHA has donated millions to over 100 unique recovery organizations and counseling practices.

Socks That Support Mental Health

Conscious Step Socks That Give Back to NAMI
Image courtesy Conscious Step.

In pretty, hopeful colors, Socks that Support Mental Health are a pick-me-up for whoever you gift them to as well as a way to support vital mental health organizations. Proceeds from the purchase go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, The Trevor Project, and the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women, among others.

Keith Haring Graphic Crew Shirt

Abercrombie and Fitch Pride Keith Haring Pullover
Image courtesy Abercrombie & Fitch.

Known for his graffiti-like pop art creations, openly gay artist Keith Haring’s work is popular within the LGBTQ+ community as well as allies and art enthusiasts. This vintage-style Keith Herring sweatshirt is part of Abercrombie & Fitch’s Pride collection. Available all year long, the collection is designed to be worn by anyone.

Last year, Abercrombie & Fitch donated $400,000 to The Trevor Project. To date, they have raised over $4 million dollars to support the organization in its suicide prevention and crisis intervention efforts for LGBTQIA+ youths.

Doughp Cookie Dough Subscription

Doughp edible or cookable cookie dough supporting addiction recovery
Image courtesy Doughp.

Doughp (“Dope”) is legit cookie dough that you can bake in the oven or eat straight from the carton. With flavors ranging from Cookie Monster to Brownie Batter to “Obligatory Fall Flavor” to the mystery cup offering, you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list.

Doghp’s founder Kelsey struggled with alcohol addiction from age 16. As she confronted the problem and got sober, she found her “happy place” baking. She even invented an egg substitute that made her cookie dough safe to eat raw and took it to Shark Tank – and that’s where Doughp took off!

A portion of every sale supports addiction recovery via the SHE RECOVERS Foundation. So grab a cup and have a vent session – and know that you’re supporting others’ mental health, too.

Pride Shave Set

Harry's Pride shave Set donating to the Trevor Project
Image courtesy Harry’s.

Whether you’re a Harry’s subscriber or pick up their products at your nearest Target, Harry’s makes face, body, and hair products that provide a great experience. Normally targeted towards men, Harry’s Pride Set supports people’s mental health no matter what gender they identify as – $5 from every purchase goes to the Trevor Project.

Candle Clay Kit

DIY Pillar candle holders
Image courtesy Pottery with a Purpose.

Getting creative is a great way to express yourself and support your mental health, and that’s what Pottery with a Purpose is all about. This beginner-friendly Air-Dry Clay Candle Holder Kit comes with everything you need to DIY your next relaxing candle lit bath.

Everything purchased from this woman-owned company is responsibly sourced, sustainably sourced, vegan, and USA made. Plus, every purchase supports mental health organizations like:

  • Active Minds
  • Mental Health America
  • Anxiety & Depression Association of America
  • Kiva Centers
  • Strong Minds
  • The Trevor Project

Campaign for Change Candle

Campaign for Change Breathe lavender candle donating to Mental Health
Image courtesy Uncommon Goods.

This socially conscious candle lights the way to a better future! Enjoy the relaxing lavender aroma of the eco coconut soy wax Breathe candle – and know that $2 of each purchase goes towards supporting mental health groups keep doing what they do.

We hope these picks encourage you to give some awesome gifts… that support a good cause, too.

Gifts are a thoughtful gesture – and these ones are extra thoughtful. From animals to mental health, all of these gifts give back to worthy causes you (and your gift recipient!) would be proud to support.

Don’t see your favorite cause? We’ll be continuing to expand our list of gifts that give back – so drop us a line to let us know what you want to see next!

Oct 26, 2023