inding the perfect gift is hard. How do you strike the right balance between fun and practical, between showing that you know someone and finding something they haven’t already purchased for themself? At best, a gift can be an opportunity to show that you know someone, you understand what they like and who they are. Which means if it misfires, it could be a serious ding to your relationship. No pressure, right?

Yeah, let’s avoid a reaction like that if we can.

When searching for the perfect present, it can help to take a deep dive into the hobbies and interests of the person you’re shopping for. Inspiration for the perfect gift can come from anywhere – including between the pages of a book.

Luckily for non-readers shopping for their literary loved ones, you don’t have to personally identify as a ReaderTM to find the perfect bookish gift. Consider this your cheat sheet. And fellow bookworms, you’ll want to take notes, too – it’s never too early to start dropping hints about what you want to unwrap next time a gift bag lands in your lap 👀

Whether you’re shopping for a beach reader, a recent grad, booktok-er, a dark academic, or any other reader on your list, you’re sure to find the perfect gift idea here. Here’s what’s on the agenda for today:

  • Bookish shirts, scarves, and accessories any book-lover would be happy to wear
  • Litearary inspired blankets, candles, and homegoods for your favorite reader
  • Experience-based gift ideas even the most introverted reader would enjoy

We hope you like the bookish gifts we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our writing team because we think they're awesome. Just so you know, as an affiliate partner we earn a share of sales or other compensation from qualifying purchases if you decide to shop from some of the links on this page.

📚 Gift them their new favorite shirt when you shop these bookish t-shirts

Price: $24+

Sometimes t-shirts get looked down upon for being such a comfy, casual option, but these literature-inspired options will have your favorite bookworm looking and feeling their best whether they’re in class, on the go, or curled up with their next read.

shirts for book lovers based on Harry Potter, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and more

1. Louisa May Alcott “She is too fond of books” tee

Little Women author Louisa May Alcott famously created Jo March, one of the most relatable bookish characters in literature. Whether your reader is scratching away at stories in the attic or just curled up with a classic story, they’ll love this cute quote tee. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

2. Prose Before Bros tee

Know a reader who’s too busy with books to worry about relationship drama? Same. And that’s the beauty of this simple Prose Before Bros tee. (multiple colors available)

3. “It’s MimOsa not MimosA” Harry Potter shirt

If your favorite reader has ever tried to guess your Harry Potter House at brunch, this cute It’s MimOsa not MimosA Harry Potter shirt will have them feeling magical.

4. Rockstar Writers shirt

Wouldn’t classic lit be better with Bowie makeup? We agree, and so do the creators of this fun Rockstar Writers shirt. (multiple colors available)

5. Walden Book Cover shirt

Prefer to keep things classic? This literary Walden Book Cover tee has an etching of Walden pond, making it the perfect subtle literary tee for anyone who uses reading as an escape.

6. Suriel Tea Co. Shirt

Is your favorite bookworm and unabashed follower of Booktok? Are they eagerly awaiting the next installment of the ACOTAR series? Then this Suriel Tea Co. Shirt -- commemorating a magical creature well known for spilling the tea --will be a perfect fit. (multiple colors available)

📚 Help the create the perfect reading nook with these cozy candles

Price: $17+

For a reader, there’s nothing quite like a quiet evening in with a good book. Help them create the perfect ✨ambiance✨ for the next reading night with a candle inspired by one of their favorite books or authors.

Literary candles for book lovers

7. Pemberly candle

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a reader in possession of a Jane Austen book must be in want of a Pemberly candle. Smells like orange and nutmeg with notes of cinnamon, sandalwood, balsam, and amber. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

8. Toni Morrison Secular Saint pillar candle

Award-winning novelist Toni Morrison is hailed as one of the greatest American writers of the last century. Your reader can celebrate the author’s life and legacy with this Toni Morrison Secular Saint pillar candle.

9. 221B Baker Street candle

Come Watson, the game is afoot! And by game, we mean selecting the perfect Sherlock Holmes story to pair with this scented 221B Baker Street candle. Smells like vanilla, coffee, and butter, with notes of lavender, anise, tobacco, and musk. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

10. Kurt Vonnegut Secular Saint pillar candle

Perfect for lovers of sci-fi and satire – this Kurt Vonnegut Secular Saint pillar candle will have your favorite reader feeling as though they’re up to their knees in the wavering light of the milky way.

11. Mad Tea Party candle

Ever wonder what Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland was like? Now your favorite reader can recreate the magic with the Mad Tea Party candle. Smells like rose petals and jasmine, with notes of sandalwood, peony, red plum, and lemon. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

📚 Now They Can Tote Their Current Read in Style with a Book-friendly Bag or Purse

Price: $15-80

In order to have your nose perpetually in a book, you’ve gotta tote that book everywhere you go. Any reader is sure to appreciate a bag or backpack that will help them keep their latest read safe on the go – bonus points if it’s literature-inspired itself!

Purses and totes for readers

12. My Weekend is All Booked set

Upgrade their current tote back with this cute bookish pun. The My Weekend is All Booked (2-piece set) comes with a canvas tote as well as a matching zipper bag for the rest of their reading supplies!

13. Out of Print Library Card Tote Bag

Know someone who lives at the library? Then the Out of Print Library Card Tote Bag is the perfect match for them.

14. Commit to Lit Weekender Bag

Someitmes one book just isn’t enough. The Commit to Lit Weekender Bag has plenty of room for your book worm’s next read… and the rest of their TBR pile. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

15. Book-Themed Cross-Body Bag

Forget keeping a book in your purse… what if your purse could be a book? With dozens of titles to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this Book-Themed Cross-Body Bag (multiple titles available)

16. Cross-Body Canvas Tote Bag

Looking for a practical book-toting bag? This Cross-Body Canvas Tote Bag will get the job done in style without breaking the bank (multiple colors available)

📚 Keep their Bookshelf Stocked with the Latest Releases When You Give them a Book Box Subscription

Price: $15-45 per month

Remember when mail was more than just bills and junk? Neither do I. Help your favorite reader get excited to check the mailbox each month with a book subscription box that just keeps giving!

book subscription boxes gift id

17. My Coffee and Book Club Box

Nothing pairs with a good book quite like a good cup of coffee. The My Coffee and Book Club Box has you covered on both fronts (multiple genres available)

18. The Book of the Month Club

The OG Book of the Month Club is still going strong, although it’s had a major facelift recently. The idea is simple: each month, the BOTM experts offer up 5 new-release books from different genres to choose from. Your reader makes their selection, and it shows up on their doorstep a few days later in a pretty blue box, ready to read.

19. Well Read’s Box of Books: Great Reads Subscription

Know someone who’s always looking for book recs? The customizable Well Read’s Box of Books: Great Reads Subscription has you covered. Each box comes with books plus fun accessories like book marks, tea, skincare products, or other novelty items.

20. The Romance Reveal Book Box Subscription

If your favorite reader loves love, this one’s a no-brainer. The Romance Reveal Book Box Subscription is the self-proclaimed #1 subscription box for romance readers. Packed with goodies like new authors, signed books, and romance novel swag, it’s no wonder why it gets 5-star reviews.

📚 Or One-Time Book Boxes and Bundles

Price: $15+

Monthly gift not in the budget? No problem. These one-time book bundles take the hassle out of finding a gift for your favorite reader and pair them a box of goodies they’ll love.

Book gift boxes for readers

21. Women’s Literature Gift Box Bundle

Celebrate the female voices in classic literature with this Women’s Literature Gift Box Bundle. It includes a book, literature-inspired gloves, and other goodies inspired by Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, and other women writers. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

22. Blind Date with a Book Box

Going on a blind date with a person? Risky. Going on a blind date with a book? A fun way to spend an evening! Select your book worm’s favorite genre and an add on gift, and this Blind Date with a Book Box is sure to be a pleasant surprise.

23. Dark Tales Gift Box Bundle

Got a reader who wishes spooky season would never end? Now it doesn’t have to. The Dark Tales Gift Box Bundle includes gifts inspired by quintessential horror writers like Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker, and more. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

24. Blind Date with a Booktok Book

For readers on TikTok, the sheer number of recommendations on #BookTok can be overwhelming. Make the choice of what to read next easy when you get them a Blind Date with a Booktok Book Box. Just select a genre, and you’re done!

📚 Wrap them Up in Their Favorite Stories with These Bookish Scarves

Price: $15+

Readers love wrapping themselves up in their favorite author’s prose – now they can do it literally, too. These stylish scarves will have your favorite book worm looking good all winter long.

literary scarves

25. The Tell-Tale Heart Book Scarf

Any Edgar Allen Poe fans here? 👋 Hey. This spooky, two-tone Tell-Tale Heart Book Scarf is for you. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

26. Custom Book Scarf

Know your favorite reader better than anyone else? Try your hand at creating a custom book scarf. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

27. Library Card Scarf

Your favorite reader is overdue for this subtle Library Card Scarf (multiple styles available)

28. Wuthering Heights Scarf

This cozy Wuthering Heights Scarf is perfect for exploring the heath-shrouded moors of England or curling up to read your favorite Bronte novel. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

29. Scarf + Gloves Mystery Bundle

Wanna make things a little more exciting? Keep your gift a surprise when you opt for a Scarf + Gloves Mystery Bundle. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

📚 Or Help Them Build the Ultimate Work Spot with These Bookish Desk Supplies

Price: $8-22

Not all bookish gifts are wearable. Give a reader the gift of book-inspired desk decor, and they’ll be sure to thank you!

practical gifts for book lovers like sticky notes and personal library kit

30. Personal Library Kit

Know a reader who’s constantly lending out their collection? This cute Personal Library Kit makes it easy to keep track of their personal library.

31. Transparent Sticky Notes

Marking up a book? They would never. Luckily with these Transparent Sticky Notes, they don’t have to.

32. Shakespeare Desk Planter

Countless masterpiece sprang from the mind of WIlliam Shakespear. Now, so can your favorite reader’s succulents with this quirky Shakespeare Desk Planter.

33. Jane Austen Sticky Note Tin

Let them show off their love for all things Austen with this practical and subtle Jane Austen Sticky Note Tin.

📚  Deck Them Out from Their Head to Their Fingertips and Toes with Reading Socks + Writing Gloves

Price: $7+

Curling up by the fire with a book isn’t always an option, so keep your favorite reader cozy even when the weather turns cold with these bookish socks and gloves.

literary socks and gloves for book worms

34. F*ck Off I’m Reading Socks

Sometimes finding the time to read can be an uphill battle. Add some humor to the situation with these feisty F*ck Off I’m Reading Socks (multiple styles available)

35. Sherlock Holmes Writing Gloves

Here’s a mystery for you: what keeps your hands warm, but leaves your fingers free to turn the page? These Sherlock Holmes Writing Gloves. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

36. Do Not Disturb - I’m Reading Socks

Okay, okay – not every occasion calls for the strong message of the F*ck off I’m reading socks. For a slightly more chill reminder, these Do Not Disturb - I’m Reading Socks should do the trick (multiple styles available)

37. Hamlet Writing Gloves

To be, or not to be the best gift giver around? These Hamlet Writing Gloves make it easy! Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

38. So Many Books, So Little Time Socks

These So Many Books, So Little Time Socks are the purr-fect gift for any readers you know who also happen to be a cat parent (multiple styles available)

📚 Keep ‘Em Cozy with a Bookish Blanket

Price: $26-89

Chase away the chill while your favorite reader is poring over their next novel. These book-inspired blankets are the perfect addition to anyone’s collection.

Cozy blankets any book lover would be excited to get as a gift

39. Narnia Map Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Cue the nostalgia when you gift them this cozy Narnia Sherpa Fleece Blanket that even the White Witch Would approve of. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

40. Vintage Library Bookcase Throw

Not enough books on the walls, on the coffee table, on the floor? Now they can have expand their collection onto every surface with this Vintage Library Bookcase Throw.

41. The Night Circus Sherpa Fleece

Lots of the bookish items on this list harken back to the classics, but this Erin Morgensen The Night Circus Sherpa Fleece is perfect for readers of modern fiction. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

42. Stephen King throw blanket

Master of horror Stephen King isn’t usually known for helping readers get a good night sleep… unless they’re wrapped up in this Full Collection of Stephen King throw blanket, that is (multiple styles available)

43. Wearable Sherpa Blanket

Give your favorite reader a blanket that sticks with them whether they’re on the couch or refilling their tea in the kitchen with this Wearable Sherpa Blanket (multiple prints available)

📚  Upgrade their reading beverage situation

Price: $16+

Picture your reader curled up with a book – what do they have with them? A cozy blanket, a scented candle, and almost certainly, a mug of something steamy and delicious to fight off the cold. Upgrade their bookish beverage situation with these fun gift ideas:

literary tea and mugs for book lovers

44. Premium Tea Subscription Box

If your favorite reader goes through tea the way they go through books, this Premium Tea Subscription Box could be the perfect pick.

45. Greatest Opening Lines of Literature Mug

Elevate your favorite reader’s next night in with this oversized Greatest Opening Lines of Literature Mug.

46. Literary Tea Gift Set

With small, decorative tins packed with tea blends inspired by some of literature’s greatest love stories – from The Great Gatsby to Jane Eyre – this fun Literary Tea Gift Set has something for everyone to love.

📚  Help them incorporate their love of reading into their decor

Price: $15+

Perfect for readers who have recently upgraded their their living arrangements to accommodate a larger personal library – err, save some money on rent. These gifts make the perfect house-warming or anytime gift for readers everywhere.

home decor for book lovers

47. Boiled Potatoes Tea Towel

“What excellent boiled potatoes,” seems like an innocent enough phrase – but it was uttered by one of the msot bumbling characters in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice during a particularly awkward dinner. Commemorate the moment with this Boiled Potatoes Tea Towel.

48. The Emily Dickinson Cookbook

What better gift could their be for a reader than a book? The Emily Dickinson Cookbook is full of literature-inspired recipes. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

49. Phantom of the Opera Napkin Set

Help them take their next meal up an octave with this Phantom of the Opera Napkin Set (4pcs) Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

50. Tequila Mockingbird Cocktail Recipe Book

Books and cocktails? Yes, please. The Tequila Mockingbird Cocktail Recipe Book will help them craft a tasty adult beverage to pair with their next classic read. Use code ADULTIST for 10% off your Storiarts purchase!

51. Periodic Table of World Literature

If your favorite reader still has that periodic table poster from freshman year plastered on their wall, it’s time for an upgrade. The Periodic Table of World Literature should do the trick.

52. Middle Earth Mealtime Clock

The hobbits in JRR Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings know how to feast. This elegant Middle Earth Mealtime Clock will let you know exactly when it’s time for dinner… and supper, and elevenses, and everything in between.

📚  Set them up with a Book Club Membership

Price: $60+

Give your favorite reader someone to talk books with! If they’re trying to read more in the next year, or they just need some fellow book-worms to chat with, paying their dues or purchasing them the next read for a book club will definitely be appreciated.

book club memberships make a great bookish gift

53. Books, Brunches, and Booze Membership

Looking for something about more than just reading? The Books, Brunches, and Booze Membership also includes yoga events, wine tasting, and other fun events that help you build relationships with your new bookish friends.

54. The Intimidating Book Club

Is your reader trying to tackle a big book? They might need some moral support. The Intimidating Book Club is a free book-club based in the DC area with virtual meeting options. Stock up on some of the upcoming intimidating reads for a fun but challenging gift!

55. Find another nearby book club

There are tons of book clubs out there – find another bookclub nearby if these ones don’t seem like a good fit!

📚 Or snag a couple of these other bookish goodies

Price: $6+

Looking for something a little more unique, or the finishing touch for a bookish gift? These accessories are sure to impress any reader on your list.

unique and practical bookish gifts like oracle cards, journals, and book marks

56. The Romance Reveal Book Box Subscription

This one’s for readers who love some magial realism. If they’ve every dabbled in tarot cards or oracle cards, they’ll love having the Literary Witches Oracle Cards in their collection.

57. Reading Journal

When you’re speeding through dozens of books a year, it can be tough to keep track of them all. This handy Reading Journal makes it easy for your favorite reader to jot down their thoughts and reviews before they pick up their next book.

58. Elastic Bookmark

Your average bookmark is great for the end of a chapter, but it doesn’t do much to mark your spot on the page. This Elastic Bookmark solves that problem. (multiple colors available)

59. Nessie Bookmark

Or, you can upgrade your favorite reader’s bookmark collection with this adorable Nessie Bookmark.

60. Motion Sickness Glasses

What’s this got to do with reading? You’d be surprised. If you’re shopping for a book worm on the go, these Motion Sickness Glasses can stave off headaches if they have trouble reading in the car or on the train.

📚  And a few more ideas

61. Snag tickets to an author reading or local bookish event

62. Grab them a gift card to their favorite book store

63. Add a personal touch with a DIY journal, bookmark, or even dust jacket

64. Gift them a wall shelf or book shelf to help sort out their overflowing TBR pile

We hope you found the perfect gift for your book worm on these pages 📖

This article’s been a novel of a read, but we hope it’s given you lots of gift ideas for the reader in your life, or helped you build out your own wish list. From all of us here at Adultist, happy gifting!

Nov 2, 2022