rue crime has been a very popular topic of interest for centuries now, so it only makes sense that there are dozens of true crime podcasts out there. The sheer number of podcasts makes all true crime lovers feel at home and less alone for liking, and occasionally obsessing over, this very gruesome and upsetting topic.

Of course, true crime documentaries, film adaptations, and books are all fun, but sometimes a little more true crime is needed to really satisfy that itch. True crime podcasts are the perfect way to incorporate a little more mystery and suspense into your day! But how exactly are you supposed to find the perfect true crime podcast for your taste?

No matter what type of true crime you’re into, there is a podcast out there for you!

  • True Crime Shows That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud
  • Unsolved True Crime Stories to Give You Goosebumps
  • Classic True Crime Shows
Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark from the popular “My Favorite Murder” podcast.
Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark from the popular “My Favorite Murder” podcast. Image courtesy of Golin.

True Crime Shows That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

It may feel wrong, but you won’t be able to hold your laughter in.

For those of you that are looking to get into true crime, but are hesitant to because of the horror aspect, look no further than these comedy and true crime fusion podcasts. Or maybe you are tired of the traditional true crime format and want to try something new! It really shouldn’t work, but these podcasts are the perfect blend of raising the little hairs on the back of your neck, while making you laugh out loud.

My Favorite Murder: Hosts of “My Favorite Muder,” Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, are more than just true crime junkies. They are also advocates of mental health, but most importantly, they are comedians. As the two of them talk about their favorite murders, you will find yourself laughing about the little comments that they make to one another as they share their barely researched murders. You won’t mind, though, because they will make you feel as though you are sitting there with them.

The duo also host mini episodes, where they talk about your favorite murders, or at least the murders that happened in your hometown. Even if you don’t have one of those, maybe you found something peculiar in a wall that they will definitely want to hear about. Oh, and don’t forget to stay sexy and don’t get murdered with this podcast.

True Crime Obsessed: Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle host “True Crime Obsessed,” a comedic review of the most popular true crime documentaries full of humor and sass. From documentaries covering infamous serial killers, like Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes to other true crime-esque documentaries like Framing Britney Spears. Not only will you be able to hear their hilarious true crime obsessed takes on these classic documentaries, but you will also be able to find your next true crime documentary obsession!

Plus, if you follow along, their website even has a content calendar telling who what documentaries they’re going to be watching when, so that you can always keep up with what’s going on!

And That’s Why We Drink: Get your wine ready! “And That’s Why We Drink” is hosted by Em Schultz and Christine Schiefer... and a box of wine! Each week, Em and Christine dive into a new true crime story and even dip into the world of paranormal activity from time to time. All of these scary stories about the world they live in, just to remind themselves why they drink! While listening to the more than 200 episodes, you will not be surprised to find out “And That’s Why We Drink” is consistently featured in the top of the comedy podcast charts.

Richard MacLean Smith, host of the “Unexplained” podcast.
Richard MacLean Smith, host of the “Unexplained” podcast. Image courtesy of Unexplained.

Unsolved True Crime Stories to Give You Goosebumps

Try your hand at solving cold cases with these unsolved mysteries.

Just because professionals couldn’t solve these cold cases doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to! Some of the most infamous true crime stories are so well known because they were never solved. These three true crime podcasts focus on these unsolved cases, just to give you a few more goosebumps than those solved cases. Oh, and just because a case is closed doesn’t mean that it was actually solved...

Unexplained: Host and creator of the “Unexplained” podcast, Richard MacLean Smith, explores a different mystery or phenomenon every week, that has yet to be properly explained. However, “Unexplained” is not your traditional podcast that you are used to. In “Unexplained,” Richard will take you on a visceral journey exploring all of the sights, sounds, and feelings.

No matter what your interest in true crime is, Richard will cover it all from mysterious vanishing to UFO sightings, leaving no stone unturned. After listening to “Unexplained,” you will find yourself questioning even the things that you know to be true.

Unsolved Mysteries: For true crime fanatics, you are most likely familiar with the television show “Unsolved Mysteries.” Well, lucky for you, there is now the “Unsolved Mysteries” podcast, which will bring you all of your favorite components of the television series. Hosted by Steve French, this podcast will bring you a new mystery every single week.

Whether you are looking for unexplained deaths or paranormal encounters, the “Unsolved Mysteries” podcast is a can’t miss. Who knows, maybe you are the missing piece to unlocking the mystery? There’s only one way to find out...

Internet Urban Legends: “Internet Urban Legends” is a fairly new true crime podcast with hosts and social media influencers Loey Lane and Eleanor Snitchery, who just happen to share a love for all things true crime. In this unique one of a kind podcast, Loey and Eleanor, or the self-proclaimed Gruesome Twosome, every week, they will dive into a new story that will revolve around any sort of true crime related.

Utilizing viral Tik Tok videos and urban legends, Loey, the evidence expert, will attempt to persuade Eleanor, the skeptic, into believing the truth regarding these mysterious and unsolved phenomenons. From new unsolved stories like a mysterious shadow in the woods around your house, to classic true crime stories like The Watcher, the Gruesome Twosome will explore all sorts of bizarre stories.

Logo of “Jensen & Holes The Murder Squad.”
Logo of “Jensen & Holes The Murder Squad.” Image courtesy of The Murder Squad.

Classic True Crime Shows

These shows will help you finally tune your detective skills.

While comedy true crime shows and unsolved true crime shows are great, sometimes you just want the classic, sticking to the fact type of true crime podcast. Luckily for you, there are also dozens of these types of podcasts around for you to dive into.

Crime Junkie: “Crime Junkie” is the podcast here to satisfy the true crime equivalent to your sweet tooth. Each week, hosts and crime junkies themselves, Ashley Flowers and Brit, will tell you all about their latest true crime story obsession. Their style of podcasting will make you feel as though you are sitting right there with them, on the edge of your seat no matter where you are.

Ashley and Brit will keep the suspense up throughout the storytelling experience by avoiding falling down any rabbit holes. Though, you most definitely will fall down the rabbit hole of listening to episode after episode of “Crime Junkie!”

True Crime Garage: Nic and the Captain host the weekly show “True Crime Garage,” where they cover the most classic serial killers and other true crime classic stories. From diving into Jon Benet Ramsey’s murder to unpacking the horrible streak of Jeffrey Dahmer, you will find yourself tuning into the “True Crime Garage” over and over again.

“True Crime Garage” offers a unique podcast listening experience, because they welcome listener participation throughout their shows. So, not only are you hearing what Nic and the Captain have to say about these infamous true crime stories, but you will also be able to get a taste of what your fellow true crime fans think as well!

Jensen & Holes The Murder Squad: Hosts Paul Holes and Billy Jensen let you ride shotgun with them in their podcast “Jensen & Holes The Murder Squad.” Holes is a retired cold case investigator who helped solve the decades long mystery of the Golden State Killer, and Jensen is an investigative journalist. So, in other words, this is a conversation that you are definitely going to want to listen in on! Bring your detective cap to this one, because who knows where the next clue may lie?

Hopefully, for all you true crime lovers, you now have a new podcast to help satisfy your need for more true crime in your life! And who knows, maybe you will hear a story you have never heard of before. Are you feeling scared yet?

Main image courtesy of Know Your Meme.

May 24, 2021