etween bills, work, and trying to decide what to have dinner every single night for the rest of your life, adulting is hard. Unfortunately, packing up two sets of clothing, grabbing some fruit snacks, and walking to your closest friend’s house, only to turn around when the walk is too long or when dinner is ready at your home is no longer an option. That’s okay though! Running away is no longer child’s play, but rather a fun way to break out of everyday adult routine. 

  • Pick a location
  • Plan it out
  • Leave a note

Pick a location

First and foremost picking a location is key to a successful run away! Otherwise how do you choose what to pack, how long do you stay, or what to budget for? Without a destination in mind your runaway becomes a complete disaster. Here are a few simple ideas if you're lacking inspiration! 

  • Water Trip- Similar to a beach trip, but more inclusive to all bodies of water. While everyone landlocked might not be able to make it to the beach there are lakes, ponds, pools, and waterparks are plenty to find regardless of where you live. 
  • Cabin in the woods- Sick of the house? Shake it up by getting away from the house and reconnecting with nature. No people, no way for people to contact you, and the scenic outdoors. 
  • A Resort- Sometimes it’s best to spend a little time pampering yourself. Get spa treatment and sunbathe by the pool. 
  • Home- Sometimes a sweet little staycation is all you need. PJ’s and some Netflix are a solid way to spend a day, but remember no adulting allowed during your stay at home runaway. It defeats the purpose. (See information about the runaway staycation below)
  • Destination Location- Visit a city, state or area you have always wanted to go! We hear Chicago does a mean hot dog. 
  • The South Side of France- Perhaps if you’re ready to give it all up and ditch societal normalcy the southern part of France is a great place to be homeless.

Staycation Runaway 

Running away isn’t always budget friendly, but good news running away isn’t always literal. In this case you are ditching stress from the safety of your own home. This can take form in many different ways. 

As previously stated, no chores allowed. So get your laundry or dishes squared away, if you must (completely optional), before you “run out.” Like a game of Jumanji once you start the staycation you cannot stop until it ends. This means using things like using paper plates, dressing in all day pjs, and ordering Postmates to avoid additional work. Option 2 dress up like you are a princess and make you a tea in your fanciest tea cups. 

While you are limited to your house it doesn’t mean you can't have a little adventure. Try rocking out in the kitchen singing into a hairbrush, pretend you're a rockstar in your own music video. Post to TikTok or YouTube for an audience.

If you’re lacking whimsy try adventuring vicariously. Do a virtual tour of a site of your choice. Feel free to take pictures of yourself in front of the computer as a tourist would. Upload to instagram and brag about all the sweet places you’ve been while laying down from the couch- instead walking like a sucker. Suggested caption: “getting away from it all.” Watch the comments for fun.  

For the crafty try making something new! This can range from random brick a brack to a fancy coffee. A recent trend to try out is  making a delectable whipped coffee or something pumpkin spice. 

This is only a brief break away from the hecticness of life. However it lacks a certain panache. For the highest level of theatrics, running away from the house is highly recommended. 

Plan it out

Running away is spur of the moment decision, but maximizing benefits of running away requires a touch of forethought. 

Planners can help maximize a person’s time on a refreshing getaway. This image is courtesy of Pexels.

Decide a time frame

Now that you know where you’re running away to consider how much time you have to get there, relax, and get back! Running away has no set time frame so there are no wrong answers. Sometimes adults can only get away on their days off, but consider using a personal or vacation time for a bigger stress relief reward. 

Think about any at all responsibilities you’ll be missing such as plants, pets, children, and anyone/thing that relies on you. If you plan on coming back make sure these things are tended to by a friend or others while you are gone. It may seem counterintuitive to the free spirit of running away, but stability creates comfort that isn’t easy to give up on. 

Plan what to do

The next most important choice when running away. One way to decide is asking what you need most from this experience. Then all you need to do is figure out what will help you obtain that goal. This may be tricky and require some self-reflection. 

  • Peace- Life is chaotic. It can be hard to find peace with the juggling act of adulting. Use this time away to read a book, take a nap, or even get a relaxing massage
  • Adventure- Sometimes you just gotta break up the day to day procedure. Do something out of your comfort zone like participating in a karaoke night, go hiking, or even something small like trying a new food!
  • Rest- Keep it low-key. Adulting can leave you stressed and overworked so use this opportunity to catch up on sleep or your favorite shows. 
  • Pleasure- Remember running away is all about you! Do whatever you want as long as it brings a smile to your face. Cheat on your diet? That triple chocolate cheesecake isn’t eating itself. Belly dancing lessons calling your name?  Ultimate Frisbee? Better than regular frisbee, on account of all the ultimate.
  • Excitement-  That ultimate frisbee sure was exciting wasn’t it?  No, ultimate isn’t enough. You want something EXTREME!  Something you can bedazzle your friends with on Facebook. Think beyond bungee jumping or skydiving, ordering while not practicing in your head first. Maybe that one is just for the introvert. But you get it.

Another great way to decide what to do is be a tourist! If you are running away to a location with big attractions do yourself a favor and visit them. There is a reason why everyone goes to France and sees the Eiffel Tower. Going to Nashville? Try local foods like delectable hot chicken. Find yourself in NYC? Take a tour of the whole city, the entire place is enchanting. 

If you are feeling indecisive try bringing along a friend! Running away with others can double the fun of running away. Not to mention the added perks of having someone to plan and bounce ideas off of. Maybe, if you’re lucky your friend will let you slide a few extra travel necessities in their luggage.

Make a playlist

Just like the movies no good trip is complete without a banging sound track. Here’s recommended kinds of playlists to help prime your runaway mood. 

Make a leaving playlist and listen to music centered around the theme of running away. If you don’t have any off hand try pop punk music. It’s generally breaking away from small town/suburban life like “Never Be” by 5 Seconds of Summer. 

Conversely make a coming home playlist. Since most kids who run away do wind up back home- it’s an assumption that you will too. Although don’t be afraid to make a clean break if necessary. A coming home playlist should include songs of nostalgia because turning back to your day to life should bring a happy and sentimental feeling. You can always kick it off with “Take Me Home, Country Roads,”by John Denver.

A woe is me playlist. Adulting is tough, that's why people run away to begin with. So why not make a soundtrack celebrating life’s angst. This can be utilized in any down time during your trip like taking a shower, making breakfast, falling asleep, etc. “Misery” by Maroon 5 comes to mind.

Additionally, making a packing playlist will spice up what is generally a mundane task. A variety of genres may be used to make this playlist however “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor would be a suitable addition. Bonus: you can reuse this playlist for the next time you have to travel somewhere. 

 Leave a note

Writing a note will add a level of flare to your great escape. This image is courtesy of Pexels.

This step is equally parts sentimental as it is iconic. There is appeal to going out with no explanation, but the note gives closure to anyone you’re leaving behind. Here is a list of things to say if you do not know what to say.   

  • How you’ve been feeling- venting to someone about your bottled up emotions will relieve some of the stress you may be feeling. 
  • When you will be back (if you’re coming back)- let people know when to expect you back so they aren’t worried about you. Or not to come looking for you, your choice.
  • Where you will be- just in case of a family emergency and such.
  • Your feelings toward the intended reader- reassure the intended reader on your relationship status so they do not worry. 
  • A picture of yourself- this just adds a snazzy layer of effect. Sign it on the back with the date on it. It’ll make for a great memory later.

Writing a goodbye letter is a great way to purge the emotions you want to leave behind. It’s a great chance to let someone know how you have been feeling before casting away. It’s the proper way to finish your great escape. 

Sep 15, 2020