uilding a resume can be a tricky and sometimes scary task. You somehow have to fit all of your life accomplishments, yearly grades, and experiences onto a single sheet of paper, then turn it in to someone who’ll tell you if you’re the “right fit” or not, which is already daunting enough as it is. Especially for a dream job you’ve wanted forever, the resume you build must be perfect. This blog will show you the best templates to help you successfully land the career or job of your dreams! 

What To Include in Your Resume

The basic things you’ll need in a resume 

When starting or even completing the process of putting together a resume, you’ll need to have a couple of things every employer wants to know about you. Some of these items can include: 

  • Contact Information. After you turn in your resume for review, the employer will want to contact you about the position if applicable. For this information, you’ll want to put the best ways companies can get in touch with you, like an email and phone number. You can also provide social media handles if that’s an easier way to get in touch. A link to LinkedIn would be a great example since it’ll show the company more of what you’ve accomplished when they are led to your page on the site. Don’t forget to put your full name at the top as well! 
  • A Summary. Each and every good resume contains a summary or detailed description of any experiences you’ve had and the amount of time you’ve had them that would qualify you for the position you’re trying to obtain. You may also want to include what type of job you’re looking for here so that employers know exactly what you want before they even read the rest of the document. 
  • Your Experiences. This is a necessity for all resumes. It allows you to showcase all that you’ve done throughout your years working, and the more you have, the more talent you can prove to future bosses! Remember to put descriptions for each working experience so that employers can understand exactly what you’ve done and see what kinds of skills you have. Also, put the dates and amount of time you’ve had each job so they can see how long you’ve worked and during what time period. 
  • Education. Some professions require certain levels of education to qualify you for the position you’re looking for. So, you’ll want to put your most up-to-date learning experiences, so they know what you’ve learned and accomplished up until this point in time. You could also include the GPA you received from the last place, so if you just completed high school, you’ll want to put your high school average and the same with college and the degrees you’ve received while attending. 
  • Activities or extracurriculars. Everyone loves a good club and activity list! You’ll want to write down everything you’ve been involved in during your school years, especially volunteer experiences and ones that relate to the job you’re seeking. Balancing school, life, and work with any types of clubs and activities is impressive enough to stand out from those who didn’t do any! 
  • Skills and certifications. If there are any important skills or certifications that will help you land the job, then you’ll definitely want to bring those out in your resume. Make sure to include when you received them as well, especially if they have to be renewed every once in a while! 
A resume with a computer 
Making sure you have all of these categories included in your resume will ensure you a spot at your dream job. This is because by showing the company you want to work for everything you’ve accomplished, they’ll be able to see how much of a great fit you’d be working for them! Make sure to always elaborate and write down everything you think you’ll need to make the best resume possible. 

How To Put it All Together 

Finding a template that suits your needs 

Although the hard part of resume building is over, you won’t want to give up now. You still want to make sure everything looks nice and neat, which is why a template is a perfect way to go. Rather than having to sort through different fonts and where exactly to put each item, a template will do it for you! You will also be able to condense everything you have into a straightforward page by using a template, which is one of the best parts. But how exactly do you find the right template for you? 

There are certain specific resume writing and designing websites that actually give you templates to use. Each one is a little different, so you’ll just need to choose one based on what you’re looking for.

They have plenty to choose from if you want a more professional one, and if you want it to be more modern, they have that too! Each of their templates also has a description at the bottom that shows which of their customers it can benefit the most. For example, one of their templates, called Nanica, says it’s recommended for corporate jobs to view! Remember that you’ll want to tailor the resume towards the job you crave! 

A resume template 
This is the Primo resume template that organizes your experiences in an excellent way—there’s no bunched of facts, and it even highlights key sections. Photo Courtesy of Zety.com.

More Resume Template Sites 

Believe it or not, there’s a ton to choose from! 

Before you go looking, you should know there are a lot of resume templates out there, some you may even have to buy. But, to really make it perfect for what you need to get the job, you’ll want to do some research on what your job specifically wants before looking for a template. When you do find the proper criteria, some good websites for free templates include Resume,io and Novoresume.com. Both of these sites allow for free downloads of templates, including professional and creative templates, depending on which you’re going for. And for whichever one you decide to choose from, the free download is a plus! 

A photo of a professional resume template
This free template of a professional resume will allow your skills to be fully showcased to future employers. Anyone reviewing it will get a sense of your organizational skills as well since your work experience is in chronological order and important sections are bolded for better viewing! Photo courtesy of Novoresume.com. 

Since it’s 2022, the best type of resume will need a strong introduction with many accomplishments and experiences to back it all up. Many people are on their way or ready to be on their way to their dream jobs right now, and if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, you’ll want to craft a resume that shows exactly how talented and capable you are for the role you so desire. 

Remember, these templates have specific details about which job they will work best for, so always read to see if it will do the job it needs to for you. These templates are meant to help you succeed, so you’ll want to think about which one you’ll eventually decide to pick and know everything you want from it before you’re set to turn in the resume for review. Then, start to see which template is the absolute best for you and go on to snatch that dream career you’ve been craving!

Jun 20, 2022