Twitch, the gaming and entertainment platform, unlocks a realm of marketing opportunities by connecting with its highly engaged audience through livestream content. Originally a livestreaming service catering to gamers and the esports community, Twitch has expanded over the past eleven years, now boasting over 9 million channels covering diverse content such as cooking shows, DIY videos, and more.

To effectively market on Twitch, consider your goals and target audience. According to one report, a majority of Twitch users are young, male gamers. Hence, if your company primarily targets older female consumers, Twitch marketing may not align with your objectives. Advertising on Twitch yields optimal results if you can naturally tap into your brand's target audience. You can create broadcasts on Twitch for customers and gather your loyal fans.

phone with twitch showing how brands can use twitch
Brands can use Twitch to connect with audience in powerful ways. Image courtesy Backstage.

How Can Brands Use Twitch?

#1 Gamification

In the age of social media domination, brands are constantly searching for innovative methods to engage with and create loyal advocates among their customers.  They organize tournament virtuals and design personalized in-game items, among other possibilities. Establishing brand loyalty on Twitch is no longer a mere aspiration, but rather a reality embraced by forward-thinking brands.

#2 Engaging Niche Audiences

Twitch entices an engaged community of viewers who passionately follow specific interests like gaming, sports, music, and more. Do not hesitate to target niche audiences that align flawlessly with your brand image to witness a tangible impact. Livestreams have driven purchases for 64% of users, highlighting the unwavering devotion and trust viewers hold for their favorite creators.

There is a misconception that it is completely safe to use Twitch, Facebook, and other trusted platforms. Yes, they are quite secure, but this concerns the server side of the issue. You, as the client side, may be vulnerable and the simplest solution is to use a VPN for Twitch. You can watch secure Twitch with a VPN from anywhere in the world, bypass ISP throttling, and improve your privacy. With a VPN, you can overcome constant buffering if it is caused by regional restrictions or slow speeds between certain countries.

#3 Branded Channels

You can market your business by creating a branded livestreaming channel on Twitch, engaging with the community, and increasing brand awareness. Some notable branded channels include Monster Energy, Red Bull, Doritos, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft. Make sure your channel uses the same recognizable business name as your other social media pages to clearly represent your brand.

#4 Building Relationships

Livestreaming offers a high level of interactivity, enabling streamers to engage directly with their audience through features like live chats and polls. It facilitates authenticity by providing real-time feedback and immediate customer interaction.

When collaborating, it is important to adapt your strategy based on this feedback and interaction, making necessary adjustments on the go. Additionally, actively participate in the streamer's chat to promptly address questions during a livestreaming campaign.

#5 Building Community

Brands need to stay up-to-date on ways to connect with their users. Image courtesy Upfluence.

Twitch offers a unique sense of community that surpasses other platforms. Viewers not only interact with the creator via chat but also engage with each other. Influencers leverage this aspect to cultivate a dedicated fanbase, foster loyalty, and encourage user-generated content. Research and connect with users who have successfully approached this strategy to create a supportive and interactive environment around the brand they collaborate with.

#6 Live And Interactive Format

Twitch's one-of-a-kind livestreaming format provides remarkable advantages for brands aiming to engage their target audience in a dynamic and immersive way. Conduct research to identify streamers that align well with your brand and consider collaborating with them to leverage Twitch's livestreaming capabilities and create distinctive branded content and experiences.

With Twitch's real-time nature, brands have the opportunity to authentically showcase their products or services and interact with viewers who actively engage with the content, capturing their attention.

Twitch can be a powerful tool for brands looking to stay connected with their customers.

Brands are discovering innovative ways to reach their target audience on Twitch, integrating products into live streams and sponsoring popular streamers. Some brands have even created their own Twitch channels, regularly streaming content related to their products or industry.

They actively utilize interactive features like chat and polls to directly engage with viewers. Branded events and competitions on Twitch can captivate thousands of viewers and generate substantial social media attention.

Twitch serves as more than just a platform for gamers to showcase their skills. Brands leverage Twitch to actively engage and cultivate loyalty with their customers. The techniques employed to foster customer loyalty on Twitch are varied and innovative. Brands host interactive gaming sessions with their fans and sponsor influencers to create branded content, among other strategies, to connect with their audience.

Dec 21, 2023