ift-giving can be so much fun, especially when you have a general idea of what you want to buy someone. But, with that being said, if you don’t consider yourself a good gift giver or you just can’t seem to make up your mind on what to buy, then you might need some help guiding you in the right direction.

Obviously, the perfect gift to get someone varies from person to person, but having a general sense of where this young professional works and what might be a good gift for their new job, will make all the difference.

Does the person you’re buying for have a personality that is very silly in nature, or are they more serious and might be in need of a gift on the more practical side? Knowing these little bits of information can help aid you in the right direction when you shop online or enter an office supply store. Though the gift doesn’t necessarily have to pertain to their new job, it’s best to keep your eyes open for any gift of practical use.

If you’re stuck and have no idea where to start when it comes to buying a gift for a young professional entering the workforce, then consider keeping an open mind and buying something that could be used both at home and in the workplace.

As working from home is becoming increasingly popular, you might know a certain young professional who works from home a few days a week. Finding the perfect gift that they can use professionally in the comfort of their own home and in a professional setting will make the whole gift-buying process much easier, as you’ll have more options on what to buy.

Here are just a few ideas for simple gifts for any young professional:

  1. Insulated Coffee Mugs for on-the-go use
  2. Calendars in a variety of sizes for their desks and other spaces
  3. A First Aid Kit for any accidents

If you’re looking for a gift that may cost more than the average gift, here are a few ideas that you can consider purchasing if these simple, yet useful gifts aren’t quite what you’re looking for:

  1. A tote bag or shoulder bag
  2. Magnetic phone charger for easy storage and charging

All Things Caffeine

A lot of people rely on caffeine to wake them up in the morning, but some people need an extra kick throughout the day. This is where a gift pertaining to their daily dose of energy for the day would be a very useful gift. Not only would something like this be used every day, maybe even a few times a day, depending on the amount of work the young professional plans to do for the day.

By getting that special someone a gift of a coffee pot, mug, or even a coffee machine, if you have the money to spare on it, you can save him or her from wasting money every morning on coffee elsewhere, when they could just make it in the comfort of their own home. No matter where the young professional works, coffee is an important part of the workplace as it can be used to give the much-needed caffeine boost when the days are slow.

Something portable for days in the office is perfect for their on-the-go caffeine intake. Sometimes there isn’t enough time in the morning to sit down and sip your coffee before heading off to work.

Different colored mugs with lids and a handle.
This mug comes in a variety of colors that can fit anyone’s unique tastes. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Whether they’re more of an iced coffee kind of person or prefer the classic hot coffee, they’ll need a mug that will ensure their drink stays the temperature they desire. This makes drinking on the go that much easier. This $13 dollar mug makes it easier to drink in their car or at their desk with the coffee they made at home, which will save both time and money. Who needs to take five to ten minutes out of their morning commute to stop and get coffee when they can make it themselves?

Navy blue Tumblr.
The bigger the Tumbler, the more coffee you can bring with you on the go. Photo courtesy of YETI.

If you know that the young professional you’re buying for heavily relies on caffeine, you might want to opt for something bigger than a mug. This $20 Tumbler will not only keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold, but will save you from burning your fingers like you would with any ordinary cup of coffee. On top of that, it can easily fit into any bag for on-the-go use in and out of the office, without risking dropping it while juggling other objects.

Calendars and Planners to Keep on Schedule

Calendars can be used in a variety of different ways in the workplace. No matter where you work, there is a calendar made for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something that can easily fit in a pocket, a small calendar for the desk, or a big calendar that can be displayed on a wall so every upcoming event is perfectly visible across the room, it acts as a perfect gift.

There are going to be due dates for projects or a file needs to be uploaded at a certain time. It can be hard to keep track of everything that you need to do at work, what better way to ensure that work gets done on time, than a calendar?

Not only can you add times and dates of important due dates and meetings, but it’s both cute and functional. Calendars come in all different sizes and styles, so if the person you’re shopping for wants something more plain, then there are countless options all over the web and in stores to choose from.

Pink 2024 calendar.
Having a calendar can be very useful as well as help make your space look less empty. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

As you can buy calendars from just about any store, this is a perfect and simple idea for a gift that will for sure get plenty of use out of it. You can opt to buy something a little more neutral while sticking to basic colors, or into something with a little more personality that will for sure add a little pop of personality on your desk.

Calendar hanging on the wall above a desk with notebooks and a mug.
The bigger the calendar, the less worrying you’ll have to do about keeping up to date with tasks. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

This calendar allows you to tear each month off when you’re done, to make way for the coming month. This is a very simple gift that will be used over and over again. Not only does it allow the user to organize their thoughts, but it can easily be pinned to the wall in order to spare some extra room on a desk or other flat surfaces.

First Aid Kit for Workplace Troubles

Although it’s not the most exciting gift to receive, there’s no doubt that a first aid kit can be very useful no matter where you work. As you never know when you’ll need a bandaid or some pain meds, something to store some backup medical supplies will be of much use in the future. A first aid kit is one of the most practical gifts you could buy for anyone, young professional or not.

This not only makes the perfect gift for anyone who is accident-prone, but it will save anyone from rummaging in their bags to find something they need in a desperate situation. No one wants to dump all of the contents out of their bag just to find something as simple as a band aid. So, by having a first-aid kit on hand, there will be no need to frantically search through a bag for one item ever again.

Blue first aid kit with cartoon images on the front.
A simple yet filled-to-the-brim first aid kit is important to have just in case. Photo courtesy of Target.

This first aid kit specifically is small enough to fit in any bag. Whether it’s a big bag that can hold ample amounts of things or something small that only has room for a water bottle and paperwork, this travel-sized first aid kit is perfect for on-the-go use. It can easily be stored and has everything someone might need if a small accident occurs in the workplace.

These are Just a Few Ideas for Practical for Young Professionals in the Workplace

Shopping for gifts is fun and easy, once you know what to look for. When you have a sense of what a young professional in the workplace may be looking for when they start a new job, this makes the buying process a whole lot easier!

Everyone has different tastes, but buying for different people doesn’t have to be challenging. By following these gift ideas, you’ll for sure fund something that will be of much use to anyone you’re planning on shopping for. Sometimes the best gifts are the most useful ones, not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing or pretty to look at. Something that gets the job done and aids the young professional in their day-to-day job.

Oct 23, 2023