any people refuse to look at their middle school, or even early high school pictures for one reason alone: they had braces. Even though it is a very common experience for people in that age group, something about looking back at it and having braces is quite embarrassing.

Though, you most likely cannot relate to that. If you’ve found your way to this article, chances are you did not have braces in middle school or high school and are now considering your possibilities for getting braces as an adult. While your professional dental office is the best place to go to seek help, we have a few tips here to help you out!

If you are wondering if adult braces are the right fit for you, learn about:

  • Benefits to Getting Adult Braces
  • Reasons to Reconsider Getting Braces as an Adult
  • Debunking the Most Common Myths About Getting Adult Braces
Young adult uses invisible braces as an adult.
Invisible braces are a great alternative to metal braces. Image courtesy of Bluebird Family Dentistry.

Benefits to Getting Adult Braces

There are more benefits than just a beautiful smile - which is still a great benefit!

When considering getting braces as an adult, the main reason you may have is to be confident in your smile. However, there are actually many more benefits to getting braces as an adult - some even benefiting your health! So, if you are not fully convinced in getting braces as an adult just for a conventionally attractive smile, maybe you will feel a stronger need to with these other benefits!

😁 A Radiant Smile: While this may be the most obvious benefit to getting braces as an adult, it is still a very important and valid reason to get them! When you have a beautiful, radiant smile, there is absolutely nothing that can stop you. Your smile itself will boost your self esteem and confidence, which is definitely worth getting braces, even if you are an adult!

😁 Less Crowding in the Mouth: Many people are not aware that as you get older, your teeth actually begin to crowd together. This happens due to a weakening of the muscles in your mouth, causing your teeth to continue to shift. This is part of the reason why orthodontists encourage people with braces to frequently wear your retainer!

Even if you are an adult in your 30s or 40s, you may begin to notice this, making your mouth feel a bit overcrowded and causing some discomfort. If you aren’t quite to this age or have yet to experience this sensation, it could be a good idea to think about getting adult braces. 

😁 Temporary Discomfort for Permanent Results: Temporary discomfort can be a huge driving force away from not doing something. For example, getting a tattoo, or maybe even something as simple as getting your flu shot! If you are not a fan of discomfort, it is definitely a relatable and valid feeling to have. However, consider how free you will feel after getting them!

If you are considering getting braces as an adult, chances are you are probably experiencing some sort of embarrassment or self-consciousness regarding your smile. This is not something that you should have to feel! Sometimes, it is better to experience the discomfort of having braces, while knowing that you will have a radiant smile afterwards that will boost your self esteem and confidence!

😁 There Are Plenty of Options: One great benefit to getting braces now, in the 2020s is just how many options you have for orthodontic treatment. If you are nervous about the appearance of having braces affecting how professional you look, invisalign or similar clear braces options could be a really great alternative for you! Many times, other people cannot tell that you have clear braces on, unless they are just inches in front of your face.

The next time you are at your dentist, don’t be afraid to ask them about what kind of options you have for getting braces. They will be able to answer any questions you have surrounding invisalign versus metal braces and such!

Young adult smiles confidently thanks to adult braces.
While you may be dreading getting braces as an adult, your post-braces smile will be worth it!

Reasons to Reconsider Getting Braces as an Adult

There are some drawbacks to getting adult braces, which don’t make them the best option for some.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why you should be getting adult braces, which make getting adult braces seem very appealing. However, there are also some reasons that adult braces may not be the best idea for you.

😁 You Are Not Able to Afford It: Of course, braces are not free. If you are looking to get adult braces, be sure you have room in your budget to be able to afford it. While adult braces are not any more expensive than getting braces as a teenager, they are still quite an investment. Of course, if having a nice smile is something that you truly want, it would certainly be worth it to save up in order to be able to afford them!

😁 Your Insurance Does Not Cover Braces: Believe it or not, some insurance plans only cover orthodontic care up until you are 18. This means that many are unable to get braces as an adult because they ran out of the time window that their insurance deemed it appropriate for them to get braces. If this is the case, and braces are not affordable for you without insurance, it may be best to reconsider your timing.

Now, if this is where you find yourself, you can still inquire at your dentist office to see what kind of plans they have. It is possible that they may know orthodontists that work with patients that do not have insurance. This could allow you to afford braces, even without insurance!

Debunking the Most Common Myths About Getting Adult Braces

You have probably heard most of these before, but they are not based in fact!

If you have been doing some research regarding getting braces as an adult, it is likely that you have come across quite a bit of reasons why not to get braces. However, a lot of this information is not accurate! Though, this is not a complete list, as there are quite a few myths surrounding adult braces!

😁 There Is an Age Limit to Getting Braces: While some insurance plans may put an age limit on how old you can be to get braces, there is not an actual limit on how old you can be to get braces. Orthodontists are more often than not are willing to work with any patient, no matter their age! So, if you are worried about being too old for braces, take comfort in knowing that there is no such thing as an age limit for adult braces!

😁 Getting Adult Braces is Purely for Cosmetic Reasons: As noted in the benefits portion, there are plenty more reasons that just having a nice, conventionally attractive smile. While that is a great reason, it can also boost your self esteem and confidence by having a nice smile.

Here are some other benefits or reasons to get braces as an adult. Sometimes, adult braces can help with your diction and speech patterns. While you may not realize it, your teeth actually have an impact on how you speak. By getting braces, you could help with your diction and speech without realizing it!

Getting braces will also help with how your jaw and mouth muscles age. As you age, your mouth muscles will relax, causing shifts in your teeth. If you have not had braces, it is likely that your teeth will begin crowding and will cause discomfort for you. This discomfort can also lead to headaches and TMJ, creating issues that you should not have to worry about! Thus, getting braces as an adult will provide more benefits than just a cosmetic solution

Young adult woman smiles confidently with adult braces on.
At the end of the day, no matter what braces option you choose, the key to adult braces is through confidence and embracing them. Image courtesy of The Brace Place.

There is absolutely no shame in getting braces as an adult, so you should not feel guilty about thinking about getting them. Hopefully, you have a better idea as to what the experience is like having braces as an adult! When you're ready to get your braces, you can visit this dentist who does braces, veneers, and quality dental bridges in Naperville.

May 17, 2021