Today, I'm thrilled to introduce you to a brand that has won my heart with its commitment to non-toxic goodness and planet-friendly practices – biöm.

If you're on the lookout for products that not only work wonders but also align with your values, you're in for a treat.

Now, I'll admit, I'm not an oral care expert, but I am someone who cares deeply about what goes into the products I use on my skin and in my daily routine. And let me tell you, biöm has captured my attention with their incredible range of personal care goodies.

dental health products included in biöm review

From their zero waste toothpaste to their alcohol free mouthwash and sulfate free cleanser, I can’t wait to share everything I love about this brand, especially as someone who values clean ingredients and eco-friendly practices.

Whether you're a seasoned green beauty guru or simply someone looking to make more conscious choices, you're in for a delightful ride.

NOBS Toothpaste Tablets

NOBS toothpaste tablets

This vegan toothpaste with nano hydroxyapatite has totally changed my oral care routine.

Packaged in a glass jar, NOBS are the epitome of sustainable toothpaste and a true friend to those of us dealing with tooth decay and hypersensitivity. In fact, that’s exactly why I prefer nano hydroxyapatite compared to fluoride.

These tiny tablets have worked wonders for me, eradicating the persistent toothaches I used to experience when sipping on cold water with ice. Not only did they provide soothing relief, but they also took on the challenge of brightening my teeth, combating those stubborn coffee stains.

What's even more fantastic is that NOBS Toothpaste Tablets achieve all this without the use of fluoride, making them a conscious choice for those who prefer to go fluoride-free.

NOBS Jr. Kids Toothpaste

blackberry blast NOBS jr toothpaste

NOBS Jr. Kids Toothpaste is a delightful addition to any parent's quest for safe and enjoyable dental care for their little ones. Crafted with care, this kids hydroxyapatite toothpaste boasts an all-natural bubblegum flavor that instantly captivates young taste buds.

As a doting aunt, I've found this toothpaste to be perfect for my picky nieces (and one little nephew).

What makes NOBS Jr. is that it’s a nano hydroxyapatite toothpaste, a safe and effective alternative to fluoride toothpaste. It provides the dental care kids need without the potential risks associated with fluoride.

The added bonus?

The cute cartoons on the box make brushing an adventure, turning a daily routine into a fun and engaging experience.

Thanks to NOBS Jr. Kids Toothpaste, my sweet nieces now look forward to brushing their teeth every day, saving me from any potential bedtime battles when babysitting.

Swish Mouthwash

swish mouthwash

Swish Mouthwash is a breath of fresh air in the world of oral care, and it has quickly become one of my go-to products. What sets it apart from conventional mouthwashes is its thoughtful approach to oral health.

Swish is an alkaline, alcohol free mouthwash and is formulated with herbal ingredients like neem and licorice root, making it a nourishing elixir for your oral microbiome.

Unlike basic drugstore mouthwashes that indiscriminately kill bacteria in your mouth, Swish takes a different route. It nurtures the healthy bacteria in your oral microbiome, promoting a balanced and thriving environment.

The result? A healthier mouth and fresher breath without the harsh burn often associated with traditional mouthwashes.

I've incorporated Swish into my daily routine, using it after meals and before bedtime, and the experience is truly delightful.

What's even more commendable is Swish's commitment to sustainability, just like their eco friendly toothpaste.

It comes in a plastic-free aluminum jar, aligning perfectly with the values of eco-conscious consumers. Swish Mouthwash embodies the essence of modern oral care, where science meets herbal goodness in a way that benefits both you and the environment.

Silk Dental Floss

silk dental floss

Silk Dental Floss is a true game-changer in the world of oral care, and I can't help but sing its praises.

What sets it apart is the ingenious use of black seed oil, a natural powerhouse known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This expandable floss takes oral hygiene to the next level by not only cleaning but also soothing inflammation in your mouth.

But that's not all; Silk Dental Floss goes above and beyond with its eucalyptus scent, evoking a spa-like experience every time you floss. It's the little touches like these that can transform your daily routine into a moment of self-care.

The floss itself is a marvel—it doesn't shred, thanks to its superior quality, and its expandable string design ensures that it can access every nook and cranny in your mouth.

What truly warms my heart is that Silk Dental Floss is plastic-free, making it an eco-friendly choice that aligns with our commitment to sustainability. It's a small change that can have a big impact on your oral health and the environment.

Silk Dental Floss is a must-try, and I guarantee it will elevate your flossing game to new heights.

Prism Whitening Strips

prism whitening strips

These white strips are a true revelation in the world of teeth whitening, and I can't help but be impressed by their effectiveness and gentle approach.

What sets them apart from traditional whitening strips is the inclusion of aloe vera and coconut oil in their formula. These soothing ingredients ensure that the strips not only brighten your smile but also pamper your teeth and gums.

One of the most common concerns with teeth whitening is sensitivity, but Prism Whitening Strips have cracked the code. They manage to deliver impressive results without causing discomfort.

Personally, I noticed a remarkable difference in the brightness of my teeth after just one box. The convenience of these strips also deserves a mention, as they fit seamlessly into a busy lifestyle, offering a simple yet highly effective way to achieve a whiter smile.

If you're looking to enhance your smile without the usual sensitivity associated with whitening treatments, these strips are a must-try. They prove that a brighter smile doesn't have to come at the cost of your comfort.

Swipe Tongue Scrapers

swipe tongue scraper

Biöm’s tongue cleaner is the perfect complement to your oral care routine, and its superior design makes it stand out from the crowd.

What sets it apart from cheap plastic tongue scrapers is its construction from rust-proof stainless steel. This durable material ensures that Swipe Tongue Scrapers not only last virtually forever but also deliver exceptional performance.

One of the remarkable aspects of these tongue scrapers is their effectiveness in keeping your breath fresh and your oral hygiene in check. They glide smoothly across your tongue, efficiently removing unwanted build-up that can lead to bad breath.

What's more, Swipe Tongue Scrapers come with a plastic-free aluminum carrying case, making them travel-friendly and eco-conscious. Plus, you get three different scrapers, providing options to suit your preference.

H2.O Facial Cleanser

h2.0 facial cleanser

Okay, can we just talk about this gentle cleanser for a moment? It's like having a little piece of luxury in your daily skincare routine, and the best part? It won't break the bank! Seriously, I've tried products that cost three times as much and couldn't hold a candle to this gem.

First things first, the hydration factor is off the charts. You know that feeling when your skin is parched, and you're desperately searching for a moisturizer? Well, with H2.O, your skin says "thank you" after every wash. It's like a refreshing drink for your face, leaving it feeling plump and revitalized.

But here's where it gets even better – makeup removal! Yes, you heard that right. H2.O doesn't just cleanse; it's a superhero that takes down foundation and eyeliner like a pro. My friend with oily skin swears by it, and she said it's so good that she doesn't even need an oil cleanser anymore. Talk about simplifying your routine!

What's even more impressive is that it's a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Whether you're dealing with Sahara-level dryness or an oil slick situation, H2.O adapts like a chameleon and works like a dream.

And guess what? I've decided to make it the go-to birthday gift for all my friends because sharing the skincare love is the best kind of friendship, right?

In Conclusion, You Need to Try Biöm

teh full lineup of biöm's vegan and sustainable personal care products

Well, there you have it - from their non toxic toothpaste to their skincare products, biöm is leaving its mark in the world of self-care.

What I love about biöm’s products is their commitment to science, sustainability, and your well-being. It's a brand that understands the importance of using natural, effective ingredients without compromising on quality.

Whether you're diving into oral hygiene with NOBS or refreshing your facial routine with H2.O, biöm has your back.

Jan 22, 2024