hen it comes to beauty, there's no one size fits all solution beause we all have our own needs and preferences. Some people might feel their best with a minimalist skincare routine, but others might have more specific skin concerns they want to address. One of the big concerns? Skin discoloration.

For people who experience skin discoloration, finding a solution isn't just about vanity -- it's about confidence. Luckily, there are a variety of solutions available to help correct skin discoloration, regardless of what's causing it. Much like hair supplements can address problems like hair loss and split ends, certain supplements can also correct issues with skin pigmentation. 

Understanding why pigmentation issues occur is often the first step to addressing confidence-sapping discoloration. This guide explains a few possible causes, while also highlighting which solutions are likely to have the biggest impact.  

side of a woman's face with reddish skin discoloration
Skin discoloration includes any change in your natural skin tone, include those caused by birthmarks, infections, conditions like rosacea, and skin cancer.

From Sun Exposure to Hormonal Imbalances

Skin color comes from special cells called melanocytes. These cells generate melanin, which is what gives skin its pigment. 

Melanocytes can sometimes produce more melanin than is necessary, which leads to hyperpigmentation. Causes of hyperpigmentation can include:


Fluctuating hormones during pregnancy can cause melasma, which is the formation of dark patches on the face. Along with pregnancy, melasma can also result from thyroid conditions due to hormonal fluctuations. 

Exposure to Sunlight

Excessive sun exposure without protection can contribute to sunspots or age spots. Prolonged sun exposure over the course of years can cause melanocytes to overproduce melanin in sun damaged areas. 

Certain Medications

Like pregnancy and some medical conditions, certain medications can also cause hyperpigmentation. This is called drug-induced pigmentation, and common offenders include birth control pills as well as antibiotics. Skin discoloration can also result from other issues, such as acne. Along with scarring, some people experience post-inflammatory discoloration of the skin after acne heals. This discoloration can cause the skin to become brown, purple, or red based on a person's skin type. 

Supplements can help get rid of pesky skin pigmentation issues.

Supplements for Skin Discoloration

The good news is that you can often address skin discoloration with supplements for hyperpigmentation. These supplements contain natural ingredients to ensure a healthy dose of nutrients. Possible treatments for hyperpigmentation can include:

  • Vitamin E - The healing properties of vitamin E makes it ideal for treating all types of skin damage. As an antioxidant, vitamin E is also great for preventing oxidative stress. 
  • Vitamin A - Vitamin A can help turnover cells, which is key for treating skin imperfections. Rapid cell turnover helps shed skin cells to reveal the soft, supple skin underneath. 
  • Vitamin C - Like vitamin E, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. In addition to improving the appearance of dark spots, it can also protect the skin against future sun exposure. 

In addition to oral vitamins, supplements can also come in topical forms. You can apply topical products to the skin to directly address hyperpigmentation. 

Ways to Prevent Skin Discoloration

Along with treating existing issues, there are ways to avoid hyperpigmentation:

  • The sun is usually at its hottest between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., so try to avoid exposure during these times
  • When spending time in the sun, wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15
  • Protect facial skin with a wide brimmed hat when the sun is at its peak

These steps limit skin issues and support a beautiful appearance.

Look and Feel Your Best at All Times with These Easy Solutions for Unwanted Skin Pigmentation

While there's more to life than just looks, appearance does impact confidence and self-image. Along with finding a good solution for skin pigmentation, using hair growth serum for women can enable you to take pride in your appearance and face the world with confidence. 

Apr 15, 2024