veryone has trends that each of us favors. Maybe it is a hairstyle, type of clothing, or shoes. After some time though, you may realize that you lose yourself when you follow others. It is important to stay true to yourself and avoid following those who may consider themselves leaders. It’s ok to like the same stuff others do, but do not feel like you should be forced to feel a certain way because a crowd of others does. So let us get started. 

First Thing's First... What's Being Cheugy, Anyway?

Millennials and Gen Z-ers make up a major part of social media's user base, which can lead to some pretty hilarious battles between the two. These generations have already showed down over how to part your hair, whether or not skinny jeans are fashionable, and if Olivia Rodrigo truly is the next Haley Williams -- but now there's a new item up for discussion: cheuginess.

cheugy urban dictionary definition: The opposite of trendy. Stylish in middle school and high school but no longer in style. Used when someone still follows these out of date trends. This may include but not be limited to fashion, habits on social media, usage of slang, etc. My friend told me to change out of my favorite pair of Miss Me jeans because they were cheugy.

Being cheugy (pronounced chew-gee) is used to describe anyone who's still hanging onto outdated trends. Basically, it's become a way for Gen Z to roast millennial ~culture~.

So what's considered cheugy? It's Uggs, Live Laugh Love signs, toe shoes, knitted coffee mug coozies, those thick-stripe chevron dresses every girl in your hometown has posted a picture in on Facebook... the list goes on.

How to Stop or Avoid Being Cheugy

The first step (though it is hard): stop comparing yourself to others

A woman in a crowded street.
We are all born with different talents and interests and we need to embrace that. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

It is such a common thing to do but it is best to avoid feeling like you need to catch up with others. We all have our own styles and ideas that we gravitate to and rather than following what might be the most popular as of late--choose what you like. 

You are your own designer. You may even feel overwhelmed when you see yourself trying to worry about others, which is a complete waste of time. 

Focus on what makes you comfortable. Being original in other words truly just shows that you are a creative person.

Pick and choose what speaks to you through various outlets

A woman smiling.
Rather than completely listening to outlets like books or media, pick and choose which ones you agree with. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Different media can be a good tool to learn new things. It is a great way to get to know what you enjoy or prefer. 

With this in mind, instead of copying what you see online or in readings like magazines or novels, take note of what best suits you. If you like for example a certain era of the past, try to incorporate that into a new look! 

Or if you read about a character that you resonate with in a novel, take the aspects that are most similar to you and use that in your attitude. 

We have so many resources now that are able to show you what you may enjoy at the click of the button. But with this same respect, do not use it to copy what others are doing just because of trends! 

Remember we want to stay original! No one wants to be called basic because you go along with the grain. 

Think about any good movie, book, or story--usually you see that the main character did the opposite of what others did and that is what made them so admirable. 

Go out and experience! 

A man looking into an overlook.
The more you see the more you will know! Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Some of the best advice we have ever heard is to go on a vacation with yourself, because it will unveil a lot that you can learn within you. 

This is understandable because you do not have the pressure of working with others while you are with a person or group. It also forces you to trust your instincts, which is exactly what we are trying to convince you to do now! 

Experiencing new things or cultures may help you grasp some knowledge that you can use both for yourself or even to impress others. 

Think about the last time you heard someone go to a new place on their own if it wasn’t a business trip or vacation. 

And if you can’t physically get away from your surroundings then just go do things you may not ordinarily! You do not have to go to the bars every Saturday because that is what you are “supposed” to do when you become an adult. Take a painting class or simply go on a bike ride. 

Ignore the criticism (if anyone is even so bold to do so)

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You get one life. Live it the way that you want to. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Everyone has the potential to hate on anyone. As you have definitely heard those that take time out of their day to judge truly only have problems with themselves

If you do not have anything nice to say do not say anything at all. No secure person will go out of their way to put down someone else, especially if they do not know them. 

If you by chance start to get stared at or unreasonably called out by others, the best medicine is to ignore them. Do not pay any mind to anyone who is bringing you negative energy. There is enough stress in life-- do not play into someone else's game. 

This goes for beliefs too. Being chuegy does not only apply to your physical exterior like clothes or shoes. If you in your heart believe something to be true do not allow others to tear you down simply because they do not believe or understand. 

As Taylor Swift said oh so catchingly, “Shake it off.” Take that advice because you may need it when judgemental people will try to get you down. 

We have even linked here some tips on how to ignore judgement

Take inspiration from those who you look up to

Cards with phrases on them.
Take some tips from those who you put your trust in. They will help you find your own path. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

We all have those people in our lives that we seek to be like. That is completely normal and to keep to what we have already been recommending, take some aspects of those who you respect and allow them to inspire you. 

For example, say you have always looked up to LeBron James, think about what truly makes him special. Not only is he a fantastic basketball player, but he is also an activist and a loving husband and father. His platform stands for more than just basketball and he makes his own decisions which have led him to such a successful career.

No matter if it is a celebrity or a family friend or parent-- think about what it is you like so much about them. If it is their courage to stand up for what they believe in then incorporate that into yourself. 

Great people have the capability of changing others for the good so let that be the situation for you. Who knows you may be someone else's role model. We know for sure there have to be some great characteristics about you. 

Just by reading this article you are taking steps to go against the grain which is extremely valuable for yourself. 

Allow positive critique

Two women holding each other side by side.
Sometimes people are simply out there to help and guide you. Allow them to do so without completely ignoring what you started in the first place. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Now this may be confusing because earlier we said to ignore judgement. Well judgement and positive critiquing are two different things. 

If you have decided that your new life's mission is to explore volcanoes or wear six inch heels everyday, understand someone in your life may say some things to prevent you from hurting yourself. 

It is ok to be creative, but sometimes there can be limits to what is possible given the reality of the world. 

Take everything everyone has to say as it goes though. This is still your life and you can still do as you please. But also understand some may make comments simply because they care about your wellbeing, not inherently trying to tear you down. 

If only life were a movie and every wild idea you come up with could come true. 

Forget the status quo

A woman with her arms out at a beach.
Let life take you step by step and help discover yourself along the way. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

How many of you thought of the High School Musical song when you read the heading to this section? I know we did! At the end of the day rules were made to be broken. Going back to that movie reference, do you recall that when those characters unveiled their inner talents that is when they felt truly heard?

Well that is what you need to try to do! Even if it is out of your social box that you have created, it will be so beneficial for you to let out that inner part of you that the world is unaware of. 

If you are a shy person but secretly love the extreme camp look that you see those models on the runway wear, try some of those in your future outfits! Or if you are known for being an athlete but secretly love dance, do not keep that a secret for fear of what others might think. 

Some great athletes in the day were dancers if you did not know!

An alternative option? Embrace your inner cheug.

Sure, wooden signs and shiplap may no longer be trendy. And yes, people may form opinions on you based on your Sperry's or your glittery beverage glass. But just because it isn't on-trend doesn't mean you have to give it up. If you want to avoid being cheugy and keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends, we're here to support you. But if you wanna live your best, cheugiest life? We're here to support that, too.

You do you, friends!

We hope this helps you figure some stuff out

It is difficult to absorb change in your life. No one is great with it and they’re fooling you if they say that they are. Take some of these steps and incorporate them to be the person you are meant to be. 

Sep 8, 2021