or four years as a college student you have been able to figure out that college is nothing like in the movies, that it is possible to have multiple mental breakdowns on the same day, that coffee may be bitter but it is the only thing that keeps you up as you write essays and study for tests, and that there is nothing more wild and bittersweet than college life. However, all of your hard work, dedication, and tears were all leading up to the moment when you would be able to hold your college diploma on your hands and throw your cap in the air! Except… you are a senior in a global pandemic. 

When you started college four years ago, no one was even dreaming of going through a global pandemic such as the one caused by COVID-19. Moreover, at the beginning of 2020 you most likely didn’t think that the Coronavirus would spread all over the world like it did. Now, whether you already graduated college this year or you are just anticipating your Zoom graduation, all that you have left from your senior year are unbelievable memories of attending college from your own home, rolling out of bed and simply logging into online school, and not knowing if you are ever going to see your classmates, and even your roommates, again. 

Although senior year is an already difficult time for itself, the pandemic has not helped to make things easier. This is why we have compiled 16 memes to help you alleviate the tension and bring you some happiness under such crazy times. 

A picture of Kermit the Frog as his face is held by his dark side version with the words "keep studying, you can sleep/cry after you get your degree"
Meme courtesy of Tumblr

There is always a point of the semester where every college student simply feels that they can’t go on anymore, and that they need to let go of all of the stress and anxiety that have been piling up. However, it is important to keep yourself motivated, to keep focused on studying, and to give your best for, once it is all over, you can relax AKA sleep and cry. 

An Instagram post that says "due to personal reasons I will be deleting my canvas student account. I just feel like I need to clear my head from social media and that is a huge source of negativity in my life"
Meme courtesy of Instagram.  

There is nothing more annoying than the fact that your senior year makes you feel as if every time you finish one assignment there are ten more waiting for you. Consequently, in a time where almost all colleges have gone online, it seems as if Canvas is constantly sending you notifications whether it is a reminder that you still have homework to do, an alert of a new assignment, or a message from your professor. Sometimes, all you want is a break!

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Everyone knows that college is expensive, but does it have to continue to be so expensive when you are doing it from home? It is crazy how so many colleges and universities are still charging wild fees so students can continue to attend classes from their own homes! And there are people who believe that college is easy. 

A picture of Sponge Bob without any holes and looking like a baby compared to a picture of him looking very old and beat up. The picture is captioned with "me starting my first semester of college vs me starting my last"
Meme courtesy of Twitter

Oh to go back to those good old days! You were a happy freshman probably living away from home for the first time in your life and filled with excitement for the new phase in your life. There were no talks about a global pandemic, no one was freaking out about buying toilet paper, and no one was required to wear a mask. Those were the good times! Now, you feel like you are falling apart and you have no idea how you are surviving, but all that matters is that, despite all odds, you are staying strong! 

A picture of a boy pretending to have grabbed someone's nose and the caption "if I see another nose hanging out of a mask"
Meme courtesy of Instagram

If you are one of the few lucky college students whose school has been allowing students to be on campus, then you must understand the frustration that it is to see one of your fellow college students walking around without a mask or with a mask under their nose! Even though you are capable of attending classes face to face, it doesn’t mean that things can’t change at any minute! Remember to always wear your mask and to wear it the right way!

Instagram picture that says "lockdown has proven to me that I can literally be locked in my house with nothing to do except uni work and I still won't do any uni work"
Meme courtesy of Instagram

For some people, keeping up with college work is a genuinely hard thing to do and it doesn’t matter that they are lazy. The worst part about going online for several college students is the fact that they miss the stability and continuity that they get when they are attending classes face to face. If anyone ever thinks that online classes are easy, they should think about it again. Even though you can roll out of bed and log into your Zoom class, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a lot of assignments due and things to do. 

A picture of Kris Jenner crying that reads "when you're trying to get a 4.0 GPA, work, volunteer, sleep 8 hours, eat 3 meals, exercise, & have a social life but a day is only 24 hours"
Meme courtesy of Tumblr

Who said that you wouldn’t have obligations during a global pandemic? Life doesn’t stop for anyone and, apparently, neither does college! There is just so much going on right now, but it seems as if society still expects seniors to be able to keep up their amazing work, volunteer, intern, find a cure for the COVID-19, and change the world as if they don’t deserve a chance to breathe and have some time for themselves. Take a deep breath and remember that you are not alone!

A surprised Eugene H. Krabs labeled as "my professor" and a tired Sponge Bob labeled as "me logging onto Zoom 3 minutes after waking up"
Meme courtesy of The Miami Hurricane

Somewhere between freshman year and senior year most students give up dressing up for school and start to show up for classes wearing anything from sweatpants to pajamas. However, such a tendency to stop caring about looking good in a classroom seems to have reached a higher level with Zoom classes. But hey, you are still showing up to class, despite everything, and that’s all that matters!

Instagram picture that says "would have started saving money in kindergarten if I knew life was like this"
Meme courtesy of Instagram

Treating yourself has never been so important as a college student, and as a senior, going through a world pandemic. However, if things were already difficult before the pandemic, right now they are not exactly getting any better… Don’t worry, you can still find some comic relief to help energize you as you go through the final months of college life and rethink all of your past mistakes. 

Girl looking distressed on her bed as it reads "when you sleep to avoid your problems but end up dreaming about them"u l
Image courtesy of Twitter

It is time to face the truth: there is no escape from reality. Sometimes, life is so stressful that, even when you try to get some relief by sleeping, there is nothing you can do but face all of your responsibilities. There are no doubts that college life is stressful; especially if you are a senior. Still, you must remember that there is no point in gaining a college degree if you are losing your sanity. Treat yourself from time to time. You are almost done!

Four pictures of Sims dressed in graduation gowns and the caption "class of 2020's graduation ceremony being held via Sims"
Meme courtesy of Know Your Meme

Oh yes, who isn’t excited to hold a graduation ceremony via Zoom? Years working towards your degree, dreaming about how you were going to decorate your cap, planning your senior pictures and even your senior party, just to be facing quarantine and lockdown. Well, what is left there to do but left? At least you are going to get your college degree and that’s all that matters! No more college for you ever again. 

Freshman year vs senior year with Will Smith and Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad. The first picture is of them in the premiere of the movie and the second is of them in character.
Image courtesy of Instagram

There is no such thing as too many freshman year vs. senior year memes. If there is anything that senior year students love more than a good meme is a good meme that they can relate to. Anyone who has been able to stay the same all throughout college deserves an award because they must be invincible. They say that you find yourself in college and the truth is that you sort of collapse yourself in college, but it’s all for a good reason! No, it’s not debt… it’s so you can show off your college diploma! 

Instagram picture that says "college students be like 'what show should I watch I'm bored' baby ur recorded lectures they waiting for u"
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Remember those days you used to spend binge-watching your favorite television shows? Remember when you used to rewatch the same television show over and over again? It all seems so far away now. All of your friends and family seem to have a ton of suggestions of movies and television shows for you, but no one has a suggestion to finish all of your assignments at once and get done with college. Still, as a senior you are closer than ever to freedom and the best part is knowing that all of your shows will be waiting for you!

Sponge Bob sitting by himself and looking sad with the caption "at this point I don't know if I should focus on my classes, my job, not catching corona, or the end of the world"
Image courtesy of The Miami Hurricane.

The world is falling apart and so is your mental health as everywhere you look there are problems and things to do. Still, there is no escape. At this point of the year you have to choose between the lesser of evils as you venture through your last months as a college student and life during a global pandemic. However, you should remember that you are not alone and that, hopefully, you will be stronger after all of this is over. 

Instagram picture that reads "college is basically just sitting in different parts of your house with your laptop open"
Image courtesy of Instagram

When you were used to walking, and sometimes running, to class everyday now you have sort of become used to finding new places to access online classes. Even though you get the chance of attending school without having to leave the couch, you lose the chance of admiring your campus or meeting up with your friends on the way to school. Still, you probably have become a pro of going down the stairs with your laptop open or even attending class when you have just gotten out of bed. 

Two pictures of a girl laying on steps with notebooks, calculators, and papers scattered all over her and the caption "how's the school year going"
Image courtesy of Tumblr.

 When you have been drained to the last drop throughout the four years of college and you simply can’t go on anymore. You are exhausted, you are depressed, you are burned out, and you are defeated, but the show must go on no matter what. Still, you should take pride in yourself for not giving up. What matters is that you continue to do your best and remember: Cs get degrees. 

All jokes apart, if you are a college senior in 2020 you are a warrior! You will always be able to take pride in the fact that you survived a global pandemic as a college senior. Everyone will admire your resilience and see you as a strong and dedicated person. Now, whether you have received your college diploma or you are about to, you should give yourself some recognition for everything you have accomplished. 

Jan 1, 2021