ith just a couple weeks left in the semester the stress is overwhelming. If you feel the end semester crunch weighing down on you just take a deep breath, and relax. 2020 has been a hectic year going through a pandemic and switching to online course work for a lot of it has been overwhelming. Treat yourself to a little meme break. If you’re worried about getting lost in the vast social media void don’t worry a prepared list of highly relatable memes to follow will help keep your daily schedule on track. 

When you low key miss how easy high school was

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It was 7 hours, numerous clubs, working on the weekend, and  maintaining an active social life was nearly a breeze compared to the harsh realities of uni life. Instead of getting up, showering, dressing, and eating breakfast all students generally have to do to get to class is join their lecture zoom and it’s still a struggle.

Knowing that your L’s is inevitable 

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It's like that sometimes especially when you’re at the end of the semester. When you are rushing to get assignments done they can’t all be a quality A work. All you can do is cross your fingers, hope for the best, and take the grades as they come to you. If you get caught up on every little thing you will greatly hindered on your ability to complete assignments.

When professors pretend to understand

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Even though it’s an unprecedented time in academic history some professors really don’t bat an eye to accommodate things such as: the pandemic stress, the many hurdles over online learning, the fact that a lot of students are home which means they might have more responsibilities than they would on campus, students are still working, and the still lingering election tensions. Why would they change their lesson plan to accommodate any one of these things? Not to bash all professors and teachers because some do get it, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have a few in their lives.

When it doesn’t just stop at the freshman 15

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Students are warned of the famous weight gain of moving out on their own on campus, supposedly it is about 15 lbs, but that will truly vary from person to person. However, sometimes the pounds just keep coming on. Believe it or not the student life diet isn’t known for its general nutrition. Especially, now when people are facing quarantine pounds as well for a variety of reasons-such as whether or not they can access their gym, or whether or not they are healthy enough to risk going out to the gym.

The coming home culture shock

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Campus life is often like the wild west; almost anything goes. Well as long as it doesn't break your campus rules, of course, or as long as you don’t get caught, but you didn’t hear that from us. If you want to roll up in class wearing PJ’s and funny hats, cool. If you’re skipping lectures to spend all day doing school work and some light drinking, neat. If you wanna go out and get 2 am Taco Bell, more power to you. 

The new found freedom of being off your own boss knows very few bounds, and has little required structure. Alas whenever you come home the harsh reality of a more rigid social structure comes back into play, especially when you have strict parents. Then you basically have to adjust to societal norms.

Trying to teach yourself the entire class

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Cumulative finals are the natural enemy of the college student. These two forces have been clashing against each other since the dawn of cumulative finals in academia. See even if you have been studying and nailing each exam once you take that exam and start a new section the old info tends to be replaced with the new section’s info. This is a somewhat vicious cycle that occurs throughout the semester so come finals time you barely remember what you covered in the first chapter. So then you end up sitting down and basically teaching yourself the class all over again in spite of how futile these efforts feel.

Finishing your essay slightly before the 11:59 deadline

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This college meme perfectly showcases what it is like finishing any term paper ever. Whether you’ve spent the quality time of putting your heart and soul ahead of time or if it was a rush job in which you wrung out every bit of knowledge in your head to write, this is generally how it feels. The stress wears on you either way, but you are merely just excited that the whole ordeal is over with.

The rare occasion studying actually pays off

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Another meme-able college experience for when the hard work does actually pay off or the last minute cram you did the morning of. Both are equally valid because as mentioned earlier it be like that sometimes. The most important part is the student is thriving and taking the W where they can get it. Besides shouldn’t we celebrate the few “Ayeeee” moments that academia allows?

The illusion of clarity when writing an essay last minute

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This college meme really shows that the first draft really shouldn’t be last, but time is not always a luxury. Just like your ability to edit increases right after you hit submit. Funny how that situation works itself out, but a vaguely coherent train of thought will still help you get a degree.

How every semester will age you

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Another great rendition of this college meme is the picture of Rose from titanic saying “It’s been  84 years”  about the college semester. Time doesn’t fly when you’re not having fun. Not that uni isn’t fun, but there is definitely a lot of stress that goes into you. At the end of every semester students can feel like they’ve lived a whole other lifetime and even become this radically different person sometimes.

The silence that thickens the metaphorical zoom room air. 

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This college meme is topical now more than ever. In face to face you can lock eyes with a student and call on them or insinuate they should answer at least. In a virtual class setting this becomes quite a bit harder, especially when students tend to feel less pressure/not as obligated to answer virtually. Something about that in person touch gives you that extra push, possibly because of the same eye contact issue.

When the semester as always gets to be too much

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Pointless, tireless, and seemingly never ending. This college meme emphasizes what happens every semester at some point you just get fed up, and it generally will stay that way for the rest of the semester. Not to mention that this year has all of the “fun,” bonuses of the COVID-19 breakout, a suspenseful election year, and a majority of students being mass sent to online courses regardless of how equipped schools and professors can handle it. This semester is certainly a recipe for a perfect storm. 

That moment when you feel like you aren’t getting your money's worth

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This meme, unfortunately, is all too often the case with some university classes. As mentioned before a lot of professors weren’t and still are not well equipped to teach lecture while social distancing. Oftentimes they tend  to revert back to this simple lecture format of reading off of a powerpoint, which is not always the best format to learn on. Hopefully, your college gave you a bit of a tuition break this time around since a lot of the school services aren’t available as they normally would be.

Student led tours to freshmen

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Ah, yes the campus tours. This college meme is really the best representation of school tours, because you really only need a few go to places on campus:

  • Food spots- where to get the best eats.
  • Places to nap- because going all the way back to your dorm sleep isn’t always feasible.
  • Study hangouts- where is a good place to get your school grind going or even just a good place to gather up friends to hang out with. 
  • Places to be alone- i.e. places to cry, freak out, and anything else you might not want your roomie to see/hear.

Life hacks in a college meme

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The work around for not citing wikipedia. If you didn’t know, now you know. The passage down of the ancient time honored traditions will now live on. If you already had this big brain play locked and ready to go, hopefully you still got a good laugh out of this college meme. 

When classes are almost never canceled despite weather conditions

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The harsh reality of “weather permitting” means basically unless you’re snowed in you’re going to class. If anyone out there is feeling the #CommuterStruggle of explaining to professors you’re not risking your life driving to campus for class this one's for you.

Hopefully, now that you’ve enjoyed a healthy number of quality meme content you feel more relaxed and ready to tackle your school work. Remember it’s one assignment of the time prioritized by deadlines, alright?

Nov 26, 2020