alloween is creeping up on us! If you and your s/o want to be cute and have matching costumes but you can’t be bothered to buy them in advance, or you’re too busy to think about it until the week before, fear not. Here are some costumes for you and your boo that you can put together in just a couple of days. 

You know what they say – couples who dress up together, stay together. Maybe no one says that, but it’s true. Wearing matching costumes is a great perk of being in a relationship, and it makes Halloween so much more fun. Especially for people who don’t love the holiday, or don’t normally dress up, or if you have a great idea for a costume but you need someone to make it complete. 

Even if you aren’t in a relationship, some of these can apply to friends, too. If you and your partner or bestie are looking for cute ideas for matching costumes, look no further. 

Note: many of the items listed are for inspiration, but are linked to places where you can get pieces of clothing without delay if you are in a rush!

🛼 Ken & Barbie 🛼

Images of the Barbie movie behind the scenes.
Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling on the set of Barbie. Image courtesy of Carbon Costume.

With Barbie breaking blockbuster records when it hit theaters, this couple's costume is going to rule the game for years to come. This one is relatively easy to put together, since Barbie and Ken come in many colors, sizes, and hair colors. You can also do Barbie and Barbie, or Ken and Ken. For the outfit, you don’t necessarily have to go out and purchase a costume. By looking up some classic, tell-tale Barbie fits, you can probably find what you need in your closet minus an accessory or two, and if not, these items should be at your nearest Walmart or can be ordered on Amazon. 

Scene from Toy Story 3 of Barbie and Ken.
The classic Ken and Barbie look from Toy Story 3. Image courtesy of The Oklahoman.

For Barbie, you could go with the Exercise Barbie jumpsuit and leg warmers and pair it with heels or sneakers. If you don’t have time to buy a costume, a pink skirt or dress is always a good option. Pair that with a belt, some heels, and a high pony, and you’re good to go. 

Clothing for a last-minute Barbie and Ken couples Halloween costume

Get the look: For Barbie

Mens Clothing for a last-minute Barbie and Ken couples Halloween costume

Get the look: For Ken, think of a classic preppy look. Colored shorts, a polo shirt, and throw on some loafers or canvas shoes.

✨Tinkerbell and Peter Pan✨

Dressing up as these iconic characters will be sure to draw attention. There are a few different possibilities for putting these fits together, which can be a fun project for you and your partner, too!

Two people dressed as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are definitely one of the most iconic duos. Image courtesy of Halloween Costumes.com.

You have a few different options, and luckily, both of their outfits are pretty simple. For Tinkerbell, you can choose to DIY a mini green dress, or you can find one that has the classic Tinkerbell look with the jagged bottom. Unless you have a green dress, you may have to venture outside your wardrobe for this one, but it can still be done last minute. 

Remember, these don’t have to be exact matches, you can make them your own. You’ll need a short green dress and some silver or green flats, or heels. If you have the means, you can pick up a set of small fairy wings and a wand. For Peter Pan, you need a pair of green leggings, and a green shirt, which you can cut yourself, and then a pair of loafers and a belt.

Last minute Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Halloween couples costume idea

Get the look:

☕️ Ross and Rachel from Friends ☕️

This classic TV couple may be a bit of a challenge to pull off and make it obvious who you are, but that’s the fun of Halloween! For this pair, start by choosing an iconic scene or episode from Friends so that it will be easier for people to recognize you. For instance, you could go with the scene in Vegas where they drew on each other’s faces. 

You could also choose an outfit that is easily recognizable from each of them, such as Ross’s famous “Frankie Say Relax” shirt, and Rachel’s Central Perk uniform from when she worked as a waitress. 

Scene from Friends where Rachel and Ross drew on each other's faces.
This iconic scene is sure to be recognized by Friends fans. Image courtesy of U105. 

For Rachel, if you are going with her coffee house uniform, you could wear an apron with her denim vest or jacket, a skirt, and flats. Then, of course, the classic Rachel hairdo. 

For Ross, you could do either a beige button-down with jeans and sneakers, or find the “Frankie Say Relax” shirt. 

Last-minute Ross and Rachel from Friends couples Halloween costume

Get the look:

👔 Jim and Pam from the Office 👔

Like Ross and Rachel, this iconic TV couple is sure to be a favorite among sitcom fans. It may take a little bit of thinking to pick the perfect outfit and make it obvious, but the finished product will be super cute and fun. 

For this adorable couple, you could either do their classic office look of a button down and tie, and blouse-cardigan combo, or you could even pick their Halloween costumes from the show. 

Jim and Pam from the Office smiling at each other.
Who's cuter than Jim and Pam? Image courtesy of Seventeen Magazine.

For Pam, you could probably find everything in your closet. You can go with a pencil skirt, a button-down, and a colored cardigan. If you want to copy her Halloween look, you can put together a cat outfit with black pants, a black sweater, and cat ears, then draw on some whiskers.

For Jim, you can go with a button-down, too, and some dress pants and a tie. His Halloween look was a three-hole-punch, so all you’d have to do is cut out some black construction paper and paste it to your shirt. 

Last-minute Jim and Pam from the Office Halloween Costume ideas

Get the look:

👾 Mario and Princess Peach 👾

This iconic Nintendo couple is sure to draw attention. Everyone will recognize Mario with his classic red shirt and mustache, and Peach with her pink princess dress. 

It’s the perfect costume for gamers or Nintendo lovers. 

Animated scene from Super Mario Bros of Mario and Peach.
For the couples who love to play Nintendo together. Image courtesy of SVG.

For this costume, you’ll need a few colorful pieces like Peach’s pink dress and Mario’s red shirt and overalls. Luckily, there is really only one option for their outfits, and they can probably be found last minute at a Walmart, Target, or Amazon. You can DIY these, too, and interpret them a couple different ways. You could opt for the classic cartoon look, or choose more realistic clothing. 

For Peach, all you really need is any pink dress, a pair of white gloves, a crown, and some pink, princess-like accessories.

For Mario, you can either go with the classic overalls and red t-shirt, or just plain jeans and a red t-shirt, and then if you can, a fake mustache to tie it all together.

Last minute Mario and Peach couples costume idea for Halloween

Get the look:

🧢 Joe and Love from You 🧢

A scene from You, of Joe and Love.
The perfect creepy couple for the occasion. Image courtesy of Popsugar. 

If you and your s/o are fans of You, you’ll love this one. The show may not be for everyone, but there’s no denying the bond between Joe and Love, no matter how creepy it is. It’s also the perfect spooky costume for Halloween, and there are a few different ways to interpret it.

They both have very classic looks; Joe with his creepy hat, of course, and his plaid shirts and jean jackets. Love always looks fabulous, so it may be difficult to choose one. An iconic look that you could recreate is Love in season three at her bakery with her blue apron, or her striped apron from season two, and a blouse. Be sure to pull your hair behind your ears and rock a middle part, too.

For Joe, you could pair a denim jacket with a white t-shirt, and wear a baseball hat pulled down on your forehead.

For Love, you could pair a striped long-sleeved shirt with an apron, jeans, and your hair down.

Last minute Joe and Love from You on Netflix for a couples Halloween costume

Get the look:

All of these costumes can be put together relatively last-minute, and don’t require you to buy an actual costume. Most of the pieces can be found on Amazon with fast shipping, for all those who wait till the week before to get your look figured out. These couples are iconic and they will no doubt draw everyone’s attention to your costumes. You and your partner are going to love matching, and the pictures will be adorable! All you need to do is invest a little bit of time into your outfit of choice, it will be totally worth it!

Oct 25, 2022