here’s nothing wrong with needing a little extra motivation every now and then. In fact, everyone needs a little extra motivation every now and then. In the age of social media we are constantly comparing ourselves and our productivity levels to others, and it can be hard to admit that sometimes we are simply unmotivated.

All of that is about to change, though! Whether you are searching for motivation in your personal life, in your business, in health and fitness, or starting up that passion project you've been putting off for years, the experts are here to help -- in podcast form. Podcasts often feel so personal, like we are actually chatting with the hosts and their guests. It could be just what you need to get motivated and take on the day!

The Motivated Mind

The Motivated Mind podcast cover
Motivation truly starts with your mindset. Image courtesy of Podtail.

Scott Lynch, the host of The Motivated Mind, encourages listeners to shift their perspective on success. More specifically, the podcast prides itself on the idea that “success breeds success,” which is why Lynch features motivational lessons and interviews from people who will help you get motivated.

Episodes cover the topics we all think about and probably struggle with, but maybe haven’t wanted to open up about before. But guess what? If you are struggling with motivation in a specific area of your life -- business, personal growth, passion projects -- someone else has likely been there, too. The podcast has episodes about how to set goals, recovering from failure, identifying your purpose, and many more that will motivate you in different, but very beneficial ways.

By the Book

By the Book podcast cover
Motivation isn’t always “by the book” -- you have to find what works for you! Image courtesy of Vulture.

Maybe you’ve turned to self-help books for motivation and inspiration in the past. Many people have! The hosts of By the Book -- comedian Jolenta Greenberg and culture critic Kristen Meinzer -- certainly have, and for every episode they take two weeks to read a self-help book and live by the rules laid out for them there. They’ll report back on whether or not any of the implemented changes positively impacted their lives.

“Half reality show, half self-help podcast, and one wild social experiment,” is how Greenberg and Meinzer like to describe the show. It sounds like a silly premise that might not actually work -- and many of the rules are often unhelpful -- but there are actually some gems of life-changing advice in By the Book episodes.

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris cover
It’s always useful to hear about someone’s personal experience and journey to help motivate you! Image courtesy of Ten Percent Happier.

Ten percent might not seem like a lot of improvement, but it could actually change your whole mindset and your whole life! Seriously though, if anyone is an expert on altering your outlook it’s Dan Harris, who was inspired to start this podcast because of a personal experience. As a news anchor, he had a panic attack live on TV. Because of that experience, he knew he had to change something and tried meditation for the first time, wrote a book titled 10% Happier, and started this podcast. It really is an inspiring story.

Harris applies science to demonstrate that the mind can be trained, and if you want to work on traits such as happiness, generosity, or compassion -- or try meditation, become more productive, and improve your relationships -- you can! Ten Percent Happier proves that you are not stuck with the same old mindset that isn’t serving you. Guests have included the Dalai Lama, Brené Brown, Dr. Laurie Santos, and so many other experts.

Along with his book and podcast, Dan Harris also has a Ten Percent Happier app, so there are plenty of motivational resources here for you to take what you need!

The Habit Coach

The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor podcast cover
Healthier habits start today. Image courtesy of VeryWell Mind.

They say it just takes three weeks to form a new habit. With Ashdin Doctor, The Habit Coach, you might reach that milestone even sooner! The Habit Coach will walk you through forming new, simple habits, with episodes that are usually less than ten minutes. If you’re looking to adjust your sleep, productivity, or health and fitness habits, Ashdin Doctor will take you through it step by step.

While the regular episodes are quite short and snackable, there are longer episodes featuring a wide variety of guests who are experts in their respective fields. Sometimes we can take in a lot of new information, and sometimes we can only take in five or so minutes, and that’s okay because this podcast offers you the best of both of those worlds.

Life Kit

Life Kit podcast cover art
Meet your adulting “life kit.” Image courtesy of NPR.

Life Kit, an NPR podcast, is just what it sounds like -- your adulting survival kit! Sometimes, all we need to get motivated is a piece of sound advice, and this podcast offers that advice on everything, from how to quit your job the right way to how to start your career after college. Whatever stage of adulthood you are in, Life Kit is here for you!

The Science of Success

The Science of Success podcast cover
Science meets psychology meets motivation. Image courtesy of VeryWell Mind.

As the #1 Evidence Based Growth Podcast out there, this show is one you can trust to motivate you. Host Matt Bodnar’s main goal is to combine science and psychology to help listeners become the best versions of themselves. Guests include doctors, wellness coaches, and authors -- and those are just the highlights!

The Good Life Project

The Good Life Project Cover
Motivation is a movement. Image courtesy of VeryWell Mind.

Every episode of The Good Life Project is nothing short of inspiring. Guests you may recognize -- Brené Brown, Matthew McConaughey, and Jameela Jamil -- but also regular, everyday people share their inspiring stories with host Jonathan Fields. He encourages every guest to share something “unfiltered” about their life, and explain how they turned that into some sort of positive motivation.

It’s not just a podcast, though -- The Good Life Project is a movement! They’re creating a community through education and resources to help each and every person live a more fulfilling life. And one thing is for sure -- The Good Life Project is focused on creating lasting change that will truly improve your life.

The Organizer Chicks

The Organizer Chicks logo
It’s time to listen to a podcast and get organized. Image courtesy of The Organizer Chicks.  

Let’s be real -- one of the hardest areas of life to get motivated for is cleaning, organizing, and decluttering. Many of us may be very guilty of thinking, “As long as I know where all my things are, who cares if the space is organized?” But in reality, we should all care about organizing our space, because that in itself gets us motivated to tackle everything else we need to accomplish.

The Organizer Chicks podcast is here to help you organize every room in your house and offer tips for organizing the rest of your life, too! The host Amber Taggard also has a Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health, and offers time management and organization tips to not only improve your space, but your mental health and productivity levels. Play an episode while you’re getting organized for the ultimate motivator!

Hurdle with Emily Abbate

Hurdle with Emily Abbate podcast cover
Hurdle has been featured in some of the most prestigious, well-known publications. Image courtesy of VeryWell Mind.

Emily Abbate hosts this motivational yet vulnerable podcast where she interviews people about their health and wellness journeys. Featuring entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and more, they get into all of the ups and downs. The main goal is to inspire listeners but also to make wellness fun.

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown podcast cover art
Brené Brown is an expert in her field, and a sought after guest on many other motivational podcasts. Image courtesy of Brené Brown.

You might recognize Brené Brown’s name from multiple other places on this list -- she’s been a guest on many of these podcasts, and she’s truly amazing at what she does! Unlocking Us with Brené Brown is one of the most honest and unfiltered podcasts around. On the podcast, Brown talks to people who challenge her, confuse her, and inspire her, as well as listeners who have questions and desire connection. You’re going to learn a lot alongside her about what motivates us as human beings.

Brené Brown also hosts the podcast Dare to Lead, based on her best selling book by the same name. An expert in this field, she has so many additional resources on her website. With two podcasts and multiple books, it’s safe to say that Brown has plenty of motivation and inspiration to share with the world!

One thing that all of these podcasts have in common is an emphasis on connection, whether that is connection to other people, new habits, or your physical environment. In all areas, we can all use a little motivation sometimes, and it’s nice to have podcasts -- and people -- that are there to help us with that!

Jun 2, 2021