he holidays are coming very soon. Although they will be different than previous years for many reasons, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't pick a nice outfit. But the problem is where to start? Are you in that stage of life where you are not a kid, and you are not an adult, but you are more of an adult than a kid? Do you want to let the world know that you see yourself as an adult and ready to be one? Then start dressing like one! Here are a few tips for you to follow if you want to dress like an adult this holiday season. 

You pick your clothes

We grew up with clothes that our parents picked for us, and even though there were some memorable outfits during that time, now we must pick the clothes for ourselves. Nobody knows you more than you do. Garments reflect our personality, mood, how we see ourselves, and how we want everyone else to see us. You are the only one who knows this, and once you try the clothes you chose, you will see the difference. You will feel in control of the situation, the clothes will feel more like you because you chose them! 

It is totally fine to accept suggestions from the people around you. Still, ultimately the clothes should please you because if you feel happy with them, you are going to reflect that image of happiness to the people around you.

Friends going shopping together in Cabo San Lucas. Friends may have different clothing styles but they give each other suggestions when they need it. Image Courtesy of NONRESIDENT.

Ask your friends

Everybody needs a second opinion when picking an outfit, especially if it is the outfit. It is completely normal to go shopping and be hesitant between a couple of dresses; it is part of shopping fun! This is why you need to ask your friends for their opinion. You might like what they say, you may disagree, but they may see something that you didn't see before, or they may suggest something that makes you look ten times better. Your friends know you, they know your personality, what you like and what you don't like, so they will let you know their honest opinion, and this can be very helpful when you are dressing up for the holidays. 

Bye cartoons!

A very important step to take when looking for an outfit for the holiday season is to say goodbye to cartoons. Cartoons are adorable. They are fun, and everybody loves them regardless of age and gender. But they are mainly for kids. And even though there are many creative ugly sweaters, t-shirts, and hoodies for adults with an enormous Disney character stamped in the front, you have to let them go if you want to be seen as an adult. You don't have to say goodbye to the fun and the creative fashion out there, you just have to replace the Hello Kitty dress with a sweater of reindeers or snowman print. 

You don't have to say goodbye to your favorite character forever. You can always wear pajamas or t-shirts in your leisure time when you are at home. Never let your inner kid go away because that is part of who you are! The idea here is to present yourself as an adult to the world and to have a mature image this holiday season.

Color harmony is important when you are selecting your clothes. You can find color palettes ideas online. Image Courtesy of NordWood Themes.

Look for inspiration online

Don't panic if you have no clue where to start. Everybody is intelligent in a different way, and some people struggle with clothing selection more than others. A good place to start is online. Look at pictures of your favorite celebrity, influencer, or model. What are they wearing? Where are they? Are they wearing accessories? Sometimes even the Instagram feed of a brand or clothing store you like will give you ideas on how to style your clothes. A place to start is this article by the Trendspotter about color combinations for 2020. 

This is also a good opportunity for you to acknowledge what you like and what you don't like. Look at the pictures and say out loud what you think: "Too busy," "too lame," "very simple," "I'm not that extra, but it's cute," "without the jewelry, I like that outfit." Hopefully, this will help to start your ideas flowing.

Take risks

Are you that person who wears the same shirt and pants every Thanksgiving dinner? Time passes, people grow, and you must try to change it a little bit. It is very easy to stay stocked in the same color range or type of garments, but it is also very refreshing when you try something completely different from what you have in your closet. We’re not saying that you should spend a lot of money and replace everything you have. Quite the opposite, make sure the garments fit you properly and that you like the way the garments look on you, because sometimes what you see in the picture of the catalog doesn't translate to the way the garments will fit you.

Accessories can improve your holiday outfit significantly. Image Courtesy of Ruthson Zimmerman.

Use accessories

An outfit is the outcome of every garment and accessory you put on your body, so you must pay attention to the styling, the accessories, and the details.There should be a nice color harmony between the belt and the shoes. The shoes should be clean and laced up. One of the most tragic mistakes that a man can do when dressing up is to wear sports socks or white socks. Please don't do this. The socks should match the color of your pants. Another alternative is to wear formal socks with a print. This will make a contrast, but it is a formal sock, and it's going to look good. If you are wearing a tie, it shouldn't fall below your belt or above your belly button, and it should go with the color of your shirt and pants.  

In terms of jewelry, don't use oversized earrings if you are wearing a chunky necklace or if your top's neckline has a design detail; it's one or the other. Same with makeup and hair, one can be a little bit over-the-top, but not both of them. Do a beautiful eyeshadow with a simple and clean hairstyle or a super fun braid with a toned down and natural makeup. It's all about balance. It is very common to get excited and try to do everything in one look, but this will look immature, forced, and overly done, so part of being an adult is to find this balance. If you have never worn accessories and you don’t know where to start, here is a list of the must-have accessories for women, or click here to see a list of the must-have accessories for men.

Have an excellent presentation

Imagine a kid running in the playground with an untucked shirt, a little bit of ketchup on his mouth, and a pair of pants full of mud. This is totally fine for a kid, but it is not acceptable for an adult. Especially if this adult is going to a Thanksgiving dinner!

Iron your shirt and press it nicely, wash your face, comb your hair, close all the buttons and zippers that need to be closed in order to present yourself adequately. Make sure there are no stains on your clothes and be very careful with the products around you that might cause an accident (toothpaste on your shirt, soda, tomato sauce, or any ingredient that you might drop on your clothes). If you are helping at the kitchen, use an apron, and prevent an unfortunate accident.Your presentation is a very important part of your adult outfit, so take care of it and don't neglect it. 

Our clothes reflect who we are and what image of ourselves we want to show to the world. Image courtesy of Alexandra Lammerink.


It is completely normal if you don't like the clothes that you wore two years ago. People change, trends emerge, you evolved, embrace that evolution. Just because you have rocked that velvet bodysuit the last few years doesn't mean that you should wear it again, not if you don't like it anymore. Donate your clothes if they are in good quality to local thrift stores or homeless shelters. According to the RoadRunner Recycling Centers, 84 percent of all clothing in the United States, ends up in landfills and incinerators. It is unfortunate because most of these clothing is in good quality. So find a second home for the clothes that you don’t want any more, and start this new phase of your life. Many people go through different phases, like gothic, bohemian, girly, hippie, retro, etc. Don't feel committed to a specific style if you haven't figured out what you like yet. Give yourself permission to explore different styles and have fun in the process.


Last but definitely not least, remember that your attitude during these holidays and every day of your life will ultimately determine if you see yourself as an adult and if people see you as an adult. Be kind, be generous, be mature, help whenever you can, don't do a big drama if someone said something you don't like or if things didn't go as you planned them. You can be wearing the best suit perfectly ironed, but if your behavior is childish, all your effort to improve your image would be for nothing! 

Remember that being an adult is about being responsible, self-sufficient, and independent. So now that you know how to dress like an adult, dress up, take a selfie, smile, enjoy these holidays, and enjoy every day of your life as much as you can. Because even if you are still a kid or a younger adult or an older adult, the only accessory that you can use with everything and that will always fit you, is an honest smile.

Nov 23, 2020