or many people living in apartments, the idea of becoming a plant parent offers an approachable, cheap, and fun way to fill the emptiness of their homes and to help them to feel less lonely. However, it is important to remember that it is not every plant which can thrive inside an apartment . A plant is a living thing which often requires proper care, love, and affection like any other living thing. 

Even if living in an apartment has its perks, there are certain limitations that come with it. One of such limitations is the fact that you do not have as much access to nature as you would have living in a house. Moreover, whether you live on your own or with a roommate, there is something melancholic about living in an apartment. However, if you are a plant lover you know that there is something peaceful and almost cheerful that comes with living or being in an environment filled with plants; this is why filling your apartment with plants is a great way to change things up and make your home feel less empty and lonely. 

Even though plants are often used as pieces of decoration for their beauty and benefits, they often will depend on you to continue to live and should be seen as companions rather than mere decorative objects. This is why if you live in an apartment and you are wondering whether or not you should get a plant, you should visit Apartment Gardening 101: How to Make City Life A Little Greener in order to figure out what is best for you. Once you have read the article, you can refer back to this one so you can learn about more plants which you can add to your apartment flower garden. 

Here we have compiled a list of 10 plants which are perfect for plant parents who live in apartments and wish to increase their plant collection. 

Several plants scattered on vases on the floor
With the right plants, your apartment can become a cozy and green space. Image courtesy of Pexels

1. Succulents

There are no doubts that succulent plants have become a fever and that you can find at least one at pretty much every apartment and house. However, there is a reason for succulent plants to be so popular and is the fact that not only are they cheap, but also they do not require a lot of care and attention. In other words, as long as you remember to water them every once in a while and place them somewhere with light, you are pretty much good to go!

Succulent plants are extremely cute and they can be found for sale pretty much everywhere these days. Still, if you think that they are not challenging enough for you, there are many places which sell succulent seeds so you can plant them from scratch! There are a variety of succulent plants for you to choose from out there and fill your apartment with.

2. Aloe Vera

Even though technically aloe vera is considered to be a succulent plant, it deserves its own highlight due to the fact that this plant has several benefits and uses that go beyond decorating your apartment. A few of the best things about aloe vera are that  not only you can harvest it on your own, but you can also find uses to the different parts of the plant. The truth is that aloe vera has multiple functions such as helping alleviate sun burns, improving digestive and oral health, and battling acne. Moreover, aloe vera can be used as a part of your beauty routine as it can be used in both hair and skin care. Perhaps, if you ever feel adventurous, you can even try to cook with aloe vera or use it to make tea. All of this from a plan that you can grow in your own apartment! Of course, when you purchase aloe vera you should make sure to follow the guidelines and give your plant the proper amount of care so it can last for as long as possible. 

3. Lipstick Plant 

The lipstick plant has its name due to the fact that when its flowers bloom, they look like little lipstick tubes. You can find this plant with either red, orange, purple, pink, and variegated colors! There are no doubts that the lipstick plant is an exciting and cute addition to your apartment decor due to its colors and shiny leaves. 

However, it is important to notice that the lipstick plant is a tropical plant which requires warm temperatures and medium to bright lighting. Therefore, if you live in a cold weathered place this plant may not be the best choice for you. Still, the lipstick plant requires medium water and it has the bright side of purifying the air. Even though this plant may seem a little unusual at first, it is actually very beautiful and perfect for people who are looking to bring more color into their apartment and into their lives in general!

4. Spider Plant 

Whenever a plant is capable of easily adapting to different environments as well as does not require a lot of maintenance and/or is easy to care for, it is undeniable that it is going to become a fan favorite. Therefore, the spider plant is one of the types of plants that anyone living in an apartment should always look towards purchasing for not only are they easy to find, but also very cute. 

Even though the tips of the spider plant may turn brown after long periods of time without attention, it is possible to revert that with the proper amount of care. Therefore, even if you go away and don’t have anyone to plant sit for you, the chances are that your spider plant will be fine when you return. Also, during the spring the spider plants will grow baby spider plants which can be separated from their mothers’ and grown into brand new plants. When they are growing, spider plants require a lot of water but their need tends to slow down with time. 

A bedroom with a shelves filled with plants
Reinvent and decorate your plants with cute and manageable plants. Image courtesy of Pexels.

5. Jade 

If you love succulent plants but are looking for a little bit more of variety, the jade plant is the perfect option for you. Still, if you may think that the Jade plant requires a lot of care as it needs at least four hours of sunlight a day, no temperatures colder than 55F, and watering every time the top of their soil is dry, perhaps it may not be the right plant for you. 

However, these plants are not a huge fan of the cold so you should be able to have an environment where they can have access to sunlight and stay away from the cold at the same time. Still, they are very cute and with the proper care they can even blossom and brighten up your apartment even more! They are actually very cute plants that are worth every ounce of effort you put towards them. 

6. Zebra Plant

Originally, the zebra plant is from Brazil which is well known for its tropical and warm climate. Therefore, it is impossible to deny that the zebra plant requires mostly sunlight and warmth in order to properly grow and thrive. Still, it is possible to accommodate the zebra plant into your own apartment depending on how willing you are to grow and care for this plant. 

Therefore, the zebra plant requires a lot of humidity, warmth, and nutrients in order to thrive. Still, if you have access to a bright filtered light that can be used for your zebra plant, it definitely will work better than sunlight; however, this can be beneficial for those who live in apartments which do not have a lot of access to sunlight. It is also important to keep the soil of your zebra plant consistently moistened and, ideally, to keep your plant in a humid environment. If you decide to get a zebra plant, make sure to follow the instructions to care for your plant closely and you will not regret it!

7. Prayer Plant

When you think about decorating your apartment, the bathroom is probably the last place that comes into your mind. However, just like every other room in your apartment, it also deserves to be decorated and appreciated.Therefore, the prayer plant is the type of plant which would fit perfectly in your bathroom due to the fact that it loves and requires moisture, and, if you don’t live in a hot climate, the bathroom is the best way to provide it for your plant. 

The reason why the prayer plant is often sought out is because during the day the leaves stay flat, but during the night they fold up. Moreover, during the spring white flowers bloom from this plant which can make the environment even more beautiful and welcoming. The prayer plant should only receive indirect sunlight and should be watered frequently; consequently, if you put this plant in your bathroom the chances for you to forget to water it are very low! The prayer plant is very cute and unique, as well as sure to brighten up any spot in your apartment!

A few succulents on top of a shelf
Plants can make your apartment feel less empty and lonesome. Image courtesy of Pexels

8. ZZ Plant

Before you fall in love with the zz plant and decide to buy it, you should be aware that this plant is considered to be poisonous and you have pets and/or an infant, it is better to be cautious about it. With that said, the zz plant is originally from Africa and is the perfect match for those who are still beginning their lives as plant parents. 

Still, the zz plant is perfect for those who live in apartments which do not have a lot of access to sunlight or simply haven’t got the gist as plant parents as the zz plant actually turns out fine under fluorescent lights. Moreover, the zz plant is capable of thriving even if you are the type of person who once in a while forgets to water their plants or who constantly needs to be away. It is the perfect plant for beginners and busy people alike!

9. Peace Lily

The peace lily is an extremely popular indoor plant and you probably have stumbled upon it at least once in your life. Not only this plant is extremely beautiful, but also very easy to maintain and care for. The peace lily has several benefits such as fighting pollution and purifying the air, which are incredibly important things when you live in the city. 

Moreover, just like the zz plant, the peace lily is capable of thriving in environments without a lot of access to natural sunlight, as well as under fluorescent lights. However, the best part about the peace lily is that it does not require a lot of maintenance; so, as long as you remember to water it heavily every time the soil dries up and keep it out of direct sunlight, the plant will be able to grow beautiful and strong. The peace lily is a bright and exciting addition to any apartment and a must-have for anyone willing to continue to grow their apartment plant collection.

10. English Ivy

Even though the English ivy is considered to be a bathroom plant, it does not mean that it is not worthy of attention nor that it is not a beautiful plant. In fact, when you live in an apartment the truth is that you soon start looking for a reason to make every inch of it look welcoming and aesthetically pleasing, but, more importantly, many times undesirable smells don’t dissipate easily. Therefore, the English ivy is extremely handy for both purposes. 

Not only the English ivy can thrive under different temperatures, but also it can grow whether it is completely in the shade or completely in the sun. Moreover, the English ivy is capable of combating mold and of reducing fecal particles which can be found in the air of the bathroom. Basically, the English ivy is resistant to all types of adversities which makes it the perfect indoor plant.

Not only plants make your apartment feel less empty, but they also can make you feel less lonely. However, you should be prepared because the truth is that once you start to collect plants, the probability is that you never will want to stop. 

Jan 11, 2021