talian luxury fashion brand, Golden Goose, specializes in their iconic street-style shoes. Priced at numbers far beyond the average person’s salary, here are some of the most similar dupes that can easily pass for high-fashion brand.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  1. Why is Golden Goose “luxury?”
  2. Golden Goose Dupes
  3. And more!

What’s So Great About Golden Goose?

Characterized by their sparkle, worn-in look, and unique patterns, Golden Goose shoes are fashionable and sought after. But what fuels their esteem?

 A person wears bright pink glitter sneakers 
With a price point so high, the Golden Goose fashion brand has taken a spot in the world of luxury sneakers.

Through different styles, colors, and collections, you can “co-create” with Golden Goose shoes online or in-store. Sneaker designers take your ideas and put them into your custom shoes. From sharpie to glitter, designers can add studs, drawings, messages, charms, patches, tapes and more to your sneakers making them unique and personalized, and you can choose from the many different collections they have available depending on your style.

The Golden Collection

Focusing on uniqueness and a timeless design, the brand prides itself on its durability and efforts to bring in an old design but make it their own. Handcrafted sparkle accents on clothing in their Golden Collection are bright and glamorous, bringing a touch of light and personality to their brand.

The Star Collection

Characterized by its vintage appeal, this collection is inspired by the 70’s clothing color, style, and patterns. Specially tailored with a classic look, The Star Collection is sleek, stylish, and comfortable.

The New Journey Collection

Venice, the Golden Goose “home” is accentuated by their authenticity and dreamy designs. Inspired by fashion, art, and music icons, Golden Goose creates its New Journey Collection from the stories and histories of symbols like architect Fabio Novembre and tattoo artist Dr. Woo.

Golden Goose Dupes

Although stylish and trendy, let’s face it. Golden Goose sneakers are just too much money. If you want the look of the designer brand but at a more affordable price, try these few dupes for a quarter of the cost.

Steve Madden Rezume Sneaker

the Steven Madden Resume sneaker is pictured with white and tan base and a silver glitter star accent
With that classic worn-in look, you can dupe anyone into thinking you're styling some Golden Goose sneakers. Image courtesy of Amazon.

With the classic scuffed, worn-in look, these dupes are synthetic with lace up closures. Styling the classic sparkle star detail, these women's sneakers are still luxury yet much more affordable. For only $79.99 compared to a whopping $595, reviewers say these are a “solid dupe for Golden Goose.” This dupe copies the classic Super-Star glitter Golden Goose shoes and are a perfect classic sneaker with a touch of flare. Though the originals are handmade with authentic cow leather, and these are made from faux leather, you can instead be happy that even your shoes can be progressive–save the animals!

Vintage Havana Grande Slip-On Sneaker

The vintage Havana slip-on sneaker has a tan tongue, white based sides, cheetah heel, and white laces with black lettering.
These dues are comfortable with a vintage look for everyday wear. Image Courtesy of DWS.

Instead of spending $545 on a pair of white sneakers and another $250 on laces with lettering, wouldn’t you rather spend just $89.99 on these dupes? Slip-ons with a vintage look, these DSW dupes come in multiple styles and colors, reflecting the originals. One happy customer reviewed the shoes and stated “Super cute and comfy…Half the price of the Golden Goose sneakers…” With a rubber sole and high end synthetic, leather, or suede base, these high-end vintage Havanas are a great dupe to the real thing

Vintage Havana Axels

Vintage Havana sneakers are pictured with a pink tongue, white and tan base, gold heel, and gold side star.
A sleep design meets a classic high-top for a fraction of the cost of Golden Goose sneakers. Image courtesy of Zappos.

Comfortable and versatile, these classics are made with a leather tongue and a rubber base. Durable and stylish, these vintage Havanas are made to look similar to the Golden Goose Mid Star sneaker but at a fraction of the price. Compared to $625, these dupes are only $83.96 on Zappos. Order a size up because these dupes run slightly smaller than normal.

Journey Collection Taschi Sneaker

Taschi sneakers have a black base with white sides and cheetah print laces
Sleek and classic, these dupes are a staple for your closet at an affordable price point. Image courtesy of JCPenney.

Comfortable and vintage, these dupes sport vegan leather just like their competitor, the Golden Goose Mid Star black leather sneaker. The classic lace up closure paired with a sleep rubber sole complements this shoe and gives it an eye-catching flare of contrasting colors. Available for only $22.49 at JCPenney, these shoes are nowhere near the cost of Golden Goose’ black and white lace ups at $350. Easy to style for a classic look with a touch of animal print, these dupes are golden.

Steve Madden Perona Glitter Star Platform Sneaker

Steve Madden silver glitter sneakers have silver glitter base and star with white accents
Glamorous and eye-catching, these dupes are so similar to the real thing, it is impossible to tell the difference. Image courtesy of Dillard’s.

Silver sparkle covers these shoes from heel to toe with a peak of classic white. Made from leather and a synthetic lining, these dupes are, according to a happy customer, the “Perfect fit!” Compared to their competitor, Golden Goose does not come close to this deal. At only $59.99, these streetwear sneakers beat the classic Golden Goose Superstar glitter sneakers. With the classic worn-in look, these are the perfect low tops to style with a glamorous outfit.

Cariuma Off-White Vintage Sneaker

Cariuma vintage sneakers are off white with tan surrounding sole and black feathered side accents.
These classics are beautifully crafted and can be easily styled with any street-style outfit. Image courtesy of Cariuma.

Sustainably made and engineered for durability and movement, this sneaker is made from suede and organic cotton which is soft on the environment. Lined with rubber and made from recycled plastics, this $89 handmade sneaker is a great alternative to the Golden Goose Yatay Model 1B sustainable sneaker at $625. With multiple vibrant colors available, these dupes satisfy customers easily. One pleased customer said “I’m usually a Vans old skool pro guy, I tried these and they are great!” 

Paulina Shiny Sneaker

Pauline shiny sneaker has snakeskin-like base with off white accents and star.
A faux leather snakeskin lining with tan and pink accents make these dupes unique and personalized. Image courtesy of ShuShop.

With a snakeskin outside and a comfortable sole, these dupes are so similar to the Golden Goose Mid Star metallic leather sneaker it is difficult to decipher the difference. Inspired by the classic vintage basketball kick, these dupes combine color and texture to create the perfect flashy sneaker. For only $99.90 compared to its competitor at $625, these sneakers are unique with a little added flare. One customer reviewed the shoes as their “New favorite sneaker–goes with everything!”

Converse Zebra Print Chuck Taylor All Star Sneaker

Converse all star sneakers have off white and black zebra print
The classic All-Star is durable, comfortable, and stylish. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Rubber soled and timeless, these vintage Converse All Stars are versatile and classic. Made of cotton canvas with metal hardware, these off white and black zebra print dupes are a great substitute for the Golden Goose Francy Penstar LTD Zebra sneakers. Made sustainably and without the use of real animal skin, these dupes are only $59.99 compared to $685. We all know and love the classic worn-in Converse All Stars–simply wear them around and they’ll look stylish and slightly tattered in no time.

Tying Up Loose Laces

The luxury fashion brand, Golden Goose, is known for its quality craftsmanship and materials. Although these dupes may have different material, style, or color, they can serve as a similar quality pair of leather shoes at a portion of the price.

Jul 19, 2023