fter what feels like a long year, summer is finally here, and if you’re already feeling bored, there are many places and activities you can choose from. But, if you’re unsure what these activities are, this blog will show you the keys to having the best summer with exciting things like zip lining to even picnicking in the park with friends! If this seems interesting to you and your friends, buckle up and be sure to read on for more things you’ll NEED to do this summer! 

Down To The Basics 

Easy but fun activities 

If you’re feeling more into saving money this summer, these are the perfect activities to do. Not every fun thing you do this summer has to cost a fortune! So let’s start with the basics for cheap and maybe even free summer fun! These activities can include: 

  • Picnic with friends. Be sure to get snacks and dinner items at your favorite grocery store and head to a local park or beach to enjoy some outside time with friends. You can catch up on life updates and enjoy fresh fruit with the birds and the sun. It can also be a nice break from the 9 to 5 jobs and a relaxation moment for all. 
  • Beach trip. Although some people may be further away from a beach than others, still try to head down to one for the day to get some fresh salty water in your hair and a nice tan. It’s a great excuse to wear your new favorite bathing suit, and you can even save money by packing lunches and yummy beverages! Don’t forget to bring a book if you’re trying to read more this summer. 
  • Hiking for a day. If you’re feeling more woodsy this summer, a hike with friends can be a lot of fun and good exercise. It’s free to hike, and at the top of peaks, you can take Instagram-worthy photos for everyone to see you’re enjoying the outdoors! It’ll also allow you to take a break from binge-watching your new favorite shows and enjoy some greenery wonders while walking. 
  • S'mores night. Gather in a friend's backyard and make a campfire for some delicious gooey s'mores. Everyone can sit around and watch the nighttime stars come out while enjoying a cheap yet tasty treat! This activity doesn’t require a lot of effort, and who doesn't love s'mores? 
  • Watching fireworks. Watching fireworks can be an exciting experience for any age, seeing the colors light up the night sky. Try to research firework shows in your area for the Fourth of July so you can experience a lit-up sky. 
  • Hang out in your hometown or your new town. The best way to reconnect with friends over the summer can be at a well-known park or a part of the town you’ve visited while growing up. Memories of the times there can be shared along with the making of brand new ones together! 

By doing any of these cheap and or even free activities, you’re sure to have a good time alone or with friends this summer. 

People sitting on a beach with a campfire. 
Just hanging around friends this summer can be a blast. You’ll get to be outside of your constant workflow and will be able to talk about good memories and make even more together. It can be even better if there's not a phone in sight, just some friends enjoying the outdoors away from possible work and life issues. 

Pretty Cheap, But Fun, Activities 

Costlier than free but still fun for a reasonable price! 

When you get your most recent paycheck, try to see if your friends want to go anywhere on a road trip or to a kid-like place for a fun time. Some of these places and activities can include: 

  • Mini golfing. Whether you go with your family, a significant other, or friends this summer, you’re sure to have a great time at any mini-golf place. It’ll bring back good times and competition for all who go. It’s also usually pretty cheap and doesn’t take too much time, for those worried about having enough time at night for putt-putt. Just be sure to bring some bug spray and maybe a sweatshirt if the night gets cold. 
  • Bowling. This is another activity that everyone can do together for a friendly competitive game. Although it’s indoors instead of outdoors, you’ll still be sure to have a blast trying to knock down as many pins as possible with your closest buddies or family members! Be sure to bring your socks when attending! If you want to save even more money you could make a makeshift game of bowling during a backyard gathering with friends and family. 
  • Drive-in theater. This outdoor movie experience is as good as summer can get. Get your movie theater-flavored popcorn and favorite flavor slushie, climb into your car to sit back and enjoy the big screen movie in the dark. Sometimes these theaters even show older movies and maybe even more than once a night, so be sure to find out if your beloved film is on and get down there to enjoy it! 
  • Mini road trip. Grab your friends and get a car ready to plan for a little road trip to somewhere you all love. This can include a beach further away for nice sunset pictures or even a national park near you for outdoor hiking and walking! You could even get an Airbnb if you want to spend more time together and on the trip! 
People bowling with makeshift bowling. 
Activities like bowling are pretty cheap and fun to do with everyone. It can be a great bonding time with close buddies and even has cheap and yummy food and beverages to choose from as well. 

More Expensive But Thrilling Activities 

If you’re willing to spend a little more cash on some thrilling adventures then here are just the ones for you to participate in this summer: 

  • Go zip-lining. In wooded areas or at beachy locations, you can typically find some good zip-lining adventure parks that’ll make you screech with excitement. You’ll be able to speed through amazing outdoor scenery while the summer wind blows through your hair. 
  • Go to a sporting game. Going to a professional game of a sport like baseball is always a good activity to do in the summer with the nice warm weather and atmosphere of the games. Maybe you’ll even come home with a caught ball! This can typically be a little more on the expensive side but if you’ve never been to a game, now is the time during their prime season! 
  • Travel outside of the country. If you’ve never been able to travel outside of the country, you’ll have to try and check it off your summer bucket list this year! With so many different tropical islands you can visit, you’ll want to narrow it down and book a trip with friends to have probably the best time of your life in a new place! You’ll be able to see different cultures and landmarks throughout the world, which also makes for a great background of social media posts. 
  • Go parasailing. This peaceful yet somewhat intimidating activity will blow your mind. If you’re able to go with some friends this summer, you just have to do it. The views will blow your mind while the air blows your hair back and you’ll even be able to view the giant blue oceans from above. 
  • Go skydiving. If you’re willing to jump out of your comfort zone this summer or have always been wanting to go skydiving, now is the time! Make sure to research good places to go as well since it is a dangerous yet thrilling activity. If you have some friends that would totally jump with you too then buy your tickets immediately to make this summer your daredevil summer! 
Two people skydiving. ‍
If you’re feeling fearless this summer, try to do new things you wouldn’t otherwise do. Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer! But remember to be safe. 

Whether you decide to go the cheaper or more expensive route for activities this summer, be sure to try new things and get yourself into the outdoors since that’s what summer is essentially all about. Either way, with any of these options shown in this blog, you’ll be able to have a good time no matter the activity or place. If you want your summer bucket list to be crossed out and completed, you’ll at least need to do a couple of items on these lists! Go out there and enjoy the sunshine! 

Jun 10, 2022