veryone deserves a nice treat yourself moment every now and then 💅

Between inflation and rising gas prices, most of us responsible adults don’t have a lot of room left in the budget for gizmos, gadgets, and goodies. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a little pick-me-up.

Savvy shoppers have had Amazon Bargain Finds – a page on the company’s website dedicated to deals members could pick up for $15 or less – bookmarked for ages, but anyone who has searched for the page recently has probably come up with something like this:

amazon bargain finds has been replaced with an adorable amazon dog named cannoli
The page formerly known as amazon.com/amazon-bargain-finds is nowhere to be found these days.

The dogs of Amazon may be cute, but they certainly aren’t going to help you snatch up a good deal before it’s gone.

Whether or not the page has been taken down for good or not remains to be seen, but don’t worry. Our writers have scoured the internet for some of the coolest things you can buy with just a couple of bucks to spare.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s on our list:

  • Home items that will help you upgrade your movie set up and keep your kitchen organized
  • Video game accessories that will help you customize your setup without dropping too much dough on the project
  • Toys, books, and gadgets that are super entertaining but not super expensive

We hope you like the cool Amazon finds under $10 we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our writing team because we think they're awesome. Just so you know, as an affiliate partner we earn a share of sales or other compensation from qualifying purchases if you decide to shop from some of the links on this page. And as of this writing, the prices on all of these items are accurate in being under $10.

1. Add a little personality to your gaming gear or WFH setup with these attachable cat ears for your headset.

attachable headphone cat ears for $10 on amazon

Price: $10.99

Okay, okay, these ones are a little over $10, but hear us out. The extra 99 cents are worth it.

Cat ear headsets have been all over the place recently, and it’s easy to see why. Who doesn’t want their next Twitch stream or Zoom meeting to be just a little bit cuter?

Brand new cat ear headphones can be expensive – you can find a cheap pair for $40-50, but a nice set with a microphone that won’t break right away can cost well over $100.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution. These cat ear attachments slide right onto your favorite headset to transform them into an adorable accessory in seconds.

Available in multiple colors.

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2. Make planning your next night out a breeze with this dinner and a movie dice game.

date night dice available for under $10 on amazon

Price: $8.99

Deciding where to go for dinner just got easier. Turn planning your next date night into a game with this dice set. It comes with three dice in a black velvet storage bag. There’s a die for what type of food to order, what type of movie to watch, and which movie in your list you should pull up.

Works great for couples, or for a night in with your roommates or besties.

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3. Customize your Nintendo Switch with fun Joy Con grips inspired by your favorite nostalgic shows and games.

Nintendo Switch with

Price: $8.99

The Nintendo Switch has quickly become one of the most popular gaming systems out there. A 2021 survey by Inverse concluded that the Switch was its reader’s most-played console by a huge margin, pulling in 34% of the vote (for anyone curious, PS4 and Xbox One came in second and third with 17% and 16.9% of the vote respectively).

If you want to upgrade the look of your Switch without dropping the money to buy new Joy Cons, Joy Con grips are a great option. Choose from your favorite characters – from Hello Kitty to Pikachu to Totoro to Goku to Sailor Moon’s cat Luna – to give your Switch a new style.

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Different styles available.

4. Add some color to your coffee table when you set out this Colorstrology book for your friends to flip through.

user review image of the july 11 entry in colorstrology book

Price: $15.29 new, $5-$10 on Amazon Marketplace

What is Colorstrology? Glad you asked. It’s a theory that uses numerology, astrology, and color theory to make predictions about an individual’s life and personality. This bright little book has a page for every birthday, so you and your friends can look up your very own Pantone color.

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5. Design your own playing cards for a unique game night or thoughtful gift.

blank design your own playing cards

Price: $6.95

Tired of your plain old black and red Bicycle playing cards? Try making your own!

Start game night out by letting everyone design their own suit of cards, or create a custom deck of cards as a gift for someone special in your life.

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6. Let Michael Scott be the World’s Best Dishwasher Magnet in your kitchen.

Michael Scott the Office dishwasher magnet

Price: $7.99

The worst part about prison may be the dementors, but the worst part about having a dishwasher is trying to remember whether the dishes inside are done or not. This handy magnet takes those troubles away.

Plus, it comes with a magnet sticker for your dishwasher, so even if your dishwasher isn’t made of metal you can still set it up in about a minute flat.

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7. Protect your Airpods with this Chicken Airpod cover.

cute chicken AirPods case for under $10 on amazon

Price: $8.95

If you have Airpods, you know how easy it is to drop that slippery little case they come in. For less than $10 on Amazon, you can pick up this adorable Airpod case cover to keep those pricey headphones safe and secure. Not only does this cover protect the case, it also has a ring so you can clip it onto your backpack or purse and feet so that you can stand it up on your desk or anywhere else you might want to keep it.

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8. Turn your fridge into a tiny art gallery with these cat art magnets.

artsy cat magnets for under $10 on amazon

Price: $8.99

The front of the fridge is important real estate. It’s where you put everything from good grades to bills you don’t want to forget about. Keep it colorful and eye-catching when you make the (small) investment into some colorful magnets to keep all of your important papers secure.

This magnet set features some adorable felines in the style of iconic artists like Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and more.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the “Bookish Cats” option on this listing as well if Sherlock Holmes and Pride and Prejudice are more your magnet style!

Different varieties available.

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9. Square pants sponge holder

cool square pants sponge holder

Price: $9.90

Who lives on the counter right next to your sink? This cartoonishly cool sponge holder, that’s who. Keep a sponge yellow and porous and absorbent enough for even the biggest kitchen messes right at your fingertips.

Part of being an adult is finding ways to let your inner kid come out to play, and we think this sponge storage unit is just the way to do it.

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10. Keep your hands from cramping when you’re online for work or school all day with a squishy corgi butt mousepad.

cute corgi butt ergonomic mouse pad

Price: $9.99

If you’re at a desktop all day for work or school, you know how important ergonomic electronics can be (personally, I learned the hard way during work from home that not every chair is meant to be sat in for eight hours a day). But ergonomic doesn’t have to be synonymous with boring.

This adorable corgi butt mouse pad will take some strain off your wrists and also make you smile every time you see it because c’mon… it’s a corgi.

Different variations available.

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11. Transform your boring old television into an entertainment ✨experience✨ with this smart LED backlight kit.

LED TV backlight kit home upgrade for under $10 on amazon

Price: $8.99

You don’t have to live in a mansion to give yourself the home theater experience. This smart LED backlight kit has everything you need to upgrade your viewing experience. Just put up the lights and control the color from your phone to create the perfect ambiance for whatever you’re watching.

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12. Add some vintage pizzaz to your game cupboard with these cool tattoo tarot cards.

tattoo inspired tarot card designs

Price: $9.99

Everybody uses tarot cards differently. Some people have a true practice where they pull cards every day, and others dabble here and there for a fun activity to do when friends are over. Either way, these tarot cards will make a beautiful addition to your cupboard. With designs in the style of traditional tattoos, you won’t want to put these cards back in the box.

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13. Live your childhood dreams with a set of glow in the dark wall stars.

cool glow in the dark ceiling and wall stars

Price: $8.39

These glow in the dark stars were the envy of every kid born in the 90s and early 00s. If your mom is anything like mine, you probably heard that they were “too expensive.” Turns out, they really aren’t. And they still make your room super cool.

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14. Up your note-leaving game with scratch art rainbow mini notes.

Price: $10.52

Do you remember scratch art? Whether you made your own scratch art paper or an elementary school teacher handed you a piece somewhere along the way, scratch art was an integral part of our childhood.

Now it’s back and better than ever. Forget leaving your husband sticky notes, or throwing up a message on the fridge to let your roommate know you’re out of milk. Now every message can be an art project.

Different varieties available.

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15. Chill out after a long day with an ice face mask.

ice face mask for self care

Price: $9.99

Nothing says treat yourself quite like a little extra self care. This face mask is great for depuffing the skin around your eyes after a long day. Just throw it in your freezer, and it’s ready to go whenever you want to unwind.

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16. Express yourself with this adorably angry reversible octopus stuffed animal.

viral reversible octopus stuffed animal

Price: $9.99 - $15.00

Sometimes you just need a nonverbal way to let the people around you know how you’re feeling, and this adorable octopus plush is just the way to do it. You may have seen this pink and blue variety go viral, but there are so many other cute options available.

Sprinkles? Sunset? Sparkles? Glasses? Glow in the dark?

There’s a color combination for everyone.

Different styles available.

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17. All the world’s a stage when you pick up this mini microphone.

tiny purple microphone

Price: $8.99

Tiny mics have skyrocketed in popularity due to ASMR and doggie daycare interview videos. Compatible with phones, laptops, and computers, all you need to get started with this little microphone is a couple of bucks and a headphone jack.

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18. Destress with this portable pea pod fidget toy.

edamame fidget toy on amazon

Price: $6.99

Fidget cubes and fidget spinners may have come and gone, but there are plenty of other fidget toys out there for anyone dealing with anxiety, ADHD, or even simple boredom.

This fidget toy can be easily clipped onto your purse or backpack, and you can pop the peas out of their pod over and over again.

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19. Sipping in the shower has never been classier with this bathtub wine glass holder.

Price: $7.76

If your perfect evening in looks like candles, a bath bomb, and a bottle of wine, this one is for you. For under $10 you can upgrade your self care space with a waterproof wine holder in an elegant stone print to keep your wine within arm’s reach all through self-care Sunday.

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20. Brighten up your next bath with rainbow bath bomb.

rainbow cloud bath bomb

Price: $9.42 for a 2 pack

Forget shooting stars. These cute clouds will leave a bubbly trail of rainbows in your bathwater. Plus, it’s infused with essential oils for a light, refreshing scent you’ll be happy to soak in.

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21. Give your buns a boost with the booty short version of the bum accentuating leggings that took Tiktok by storm.

viral tiktok booty boost bike shorts

Price: $9.99

If you’re on TikTok, you probably remember the leggings. You know the ones, THE leggings. The ones that made boyfriends and husbands everywhere drop what they were doing and say 👁👄👁.

Now they’re here in booty short form so you and your buns can be feeling your best all summer long.

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22. Make your next cup of tea a little more fun with a frog friend tea infuser.

cute frog tea infuser for less than $10

Price: $6.99

Nothing says relaxation quite like a hot cup of tea. Expand your horizons from bags of tea (they aren’t great quality, anyway) and switch to loose leaf with a cute tea infuser.

We’ve all seen fancy tea infusers – Nessie tea infuser, we’re looking at you – but who has $20 to drop on a kitchen tool? And more importantly, who would want to after seeing the cute frogs, blossoms, and ducks you can get for less than $10?

Different styles available.

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23. Get cozy in your home office with the ultimate WFH socks.

Don't Wake Me I'm Working funny WFH socks

Price: $9.98

Working from home isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes, it’s downright boring. When you’re having a slow day at the home office, put on these cozy WFH socks and put your feet up. It’s fine, your boss probably takes a midday nap too.

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24. Clear the bad energy in your home with a trendy Himalayan rock salt lamp.

himalayan salt lamp

Price: $8.99

Salt is known for its purifying properties. Now, you can reap the benefits of having a cozy Himalayan salt lamp in your space without blowing your budget to do it.

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25. Add some subtle chill vibes to your space with this color changing nightlight.

color changing night light

Price: $9.99

Want something more than your standard nightlight without the responsibility of figuring out the exact color scheme for your evening on an app? This color changing nightlight is perfect for you. It slowly shifts through different colors, or you can set a single color using the button. Plus, it automatically turns off when it’s light out so you aren’t wasting energy.

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26. Tap into the benefits of aromatherapy anytime, anywhere with this stylish, chakra-inspired diffuser bracelet.

aromatherapy diffuser bracelet

Price: $6.99

Aromatherapy is the practice of using different scents and essential oils to bring about different benefits in your life. Whether your goal is to keep your stress levels down by surrounding yourself with the lovely smell of lavender or you simply want a fragrance that stays with you all day long, aromatherapy diffuser jewelry is a great option.

Different styles available.

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27. Brighten your day with some “encouragemints” from a beloved childhood television icon.

Mr Rogers Encouragememints breath mints

Price: $5.95

Mr. Rogers was a famously friendly, supportive, and encouraging figure in kids’ tv. Now, you can carry a minty fresh reminder to be good to your neighbor with you wherever you go.

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28. Keep your cereal crunchy from first bite to last with a bowl that separates the cereal and milk.

cereal bowl with compartments

Price: $9.99

Tired of trying to get the cereal to milk ratio exactly right? This bowl keeps them separate for you so that you can get maximum crunch out of every delicious bite of your breakfast.

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29. Take your full makeup routine with you anywhere you go with this handy portable makeup brush set.

four in one makeup brush for travel

Price: $7.98

One of the trickiest parts about traveling is deciding which of your personal care items are essential enough to take along, and which ones have to stay behind. Now, you don’t have to choose. With four makeup brushes in one, you can effortlessly create any makeup look you want on the go – without taking up too much room in your suitcase.

Available in different colors.

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30. Bring environmental consciousness and minimalism together with this collapsible coffee mug.

foldable reusable to go coffee mug

Price: $9.99

Tired of carrying your to-go mug with you all day after your morning coffee’s gone? Not anymore. This foldable mug collapses into a compact little disk that you can easily throw in your purse or backpack to take home.

Different colors available.

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31. Make your desk more interesting with a magnet desk sculpture.

magnetic sculpture desk toy

Price: $9.99

Desk toys are criminally underrated. This one is more interactive than your standard newton balls. With a magnetic base and a whole bunch of figures to play with, you can create crazy acrobatic scenes when you need a mental break from work.

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32. Have some fun with this nifty hand boiler.

educational chemistry hand boiler toy

Price: $8.29

It may look like a teeny glass sculpture, but these toys are actually a pretty elegant demonstration of an important concept in chemistry. (For the nerds among us, do you remember PV=nRT?)

Simply hold one in your hand, and the heat will push the liquid up to the top and make it bubble. We can’t say for sure, but we’re pretty sure Bill Nye would approve.

This listing gets you a mystery hand boiler – it could be any of the four pictured here.

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Image courtesy of Tenor.

Brb, splurging on all of these.

What’s your favorite Amazon find for under $10? Let us know in the comments!

Happy shopping 🛍

Jul 12, 2022