ings Cross Station is in a built-up area of London where the streets are clogged with traffic. It's hard to imagine being able to go for a walk anywhere near Kings Cross without breathing in air polluted with a toxic cocktail of vehicle gas emissions, but you can.

There are some amazing walks near Kings Cross Station that will make you almost forget you're in central London. No, you won't get a blast of fresh air the same as if you went hiking in Epping Forest, but it'll still be a relatively refreshing experience.

And to make your walks in the capital even more enjoyable, drop off everything you don’t need at a Kings Cross luggage storage facility first. There’s nothing worse than dragging a suitcase behind you as you try to admire the sights.

Where Are The Best Walks Near Kings Cross Station?

Regent's Canal Walk

One of the most pleasant spots to go for a walk near Kings Cross is along the towpaths of the Regent's Canal. The easiest way to access the walk is to head out of Kings Cross along York Way in the direction of Granary Square, from where you can get onto the towpath. All in all, it's around a five-minute stroll from Kings Cross, so not far to go before you leave the humdrum behind.

The Regent's Canal Walk is around nine miles long. Do the whole length, and you'll be walking alongside the tranquil waterway where there are colorful canal boats moored or floating by, past renovated warehouses, and through areas that have been replanted with greenery to create a garden-style effect.

canal and walking path in London

Camley Street Natural Park

If you don't have the time or energy for a wander along the Regent's Canal towpath, then take a quick five-minute walk to the Camley Street Natural Park. The Camley Street Natural Park is a real escape back to nature right in the heart of the city.

Camley Street Natural Park isn't huge by any means. It covers about two acres but contains wetlands and meadowlands teeming with wildlife. Here you can wander along the bark-chip-covered trails through flourishing woodlands and past ponds where you can sit for a while to do some frog spotting or just enjoy the peace and quiet that's only interrupted by birdsong.

Regent’s Park

Is it worth hopping on the underground at Kings Cross-St Pancras and making the 15-minute trip to Regent's Park? The answer to that is a big yes, especially if you're in need of a good leg stretch. Regent's Park is huge and covers around 400 acres of the city center.

Exploring Regent's Park on foot is easy as all of the pathways are paved and pretty much on a level unless you decide to go up Primrose Hill. While it may make your calves ache, getting to the top of Primrose Hill is worth the effort, as the views of London from there are amazing.

The best spots for peaceful strolling in Regent's Park are the Avenue Gardens, where the wide walkways are lined with majestic trees, and unless you suffer from hay fever, the Queen Mary Gardens, when the roses are in bloom.

beautiful park on a walking trail

Old St Pancras Trail

One of the best walking routes near Kings Cross is the Old St Pancras Trail. The Old St Pancras Trail is an urban walk through some of the city's oldest streets, where there are some interesting historic places.

The two-and-a-half-mile-long loop route begins on the far side of St Pancras Station in Battle Bridge Place and takes around an hour and a half to complete. If you like history, then you'll enjoy this walking route as it takes you by St Pancras Church with its Gothic cemetery and old industrial buildings. To get the full lowdown on where you're going and what you're seeing, you can download the St Pancras Trail leaflet here. It makes fascinating reading.

The Wellbeing Walk

There's no getting away from the fact that the streets around Kings Cross are some of the most polluted in London, and one of the worst is Euston Road. With that in mind, the Urban Partners organization designed a walking route that runs from Kings Cross Station to Euston Station that avoids the heavier polluted areas.

The signed Wellbeing Walk is a short one, and even if you loiter along at the same speed as a tortoise, it doesn't take longer than 15 minutes to complete. The route takes you along Midland Road through Brill Place, then along Phoenix Road and Eversholt Street. It may be short, but at least you know you'll be breathing in 50 percent less pollution than if you took a stroll along Euston Road.

view of london on an urban walk

Longer City Walks From Kings Cross Station

If you love pounding the pavements, have time on your hands, and want to see some of the city sights at the same time, the following walking routes that start at Kings Cross Station will be right up your alley. You can pick up a free map showing the routes for all three walks from the visitor center at Kings Cross.

Kings Cross to Swiss Cottage

This walk will take you on a scenic stroll partway along the side of the Regent's Canal before it skirts around the perimeter of Regent's Park and through the architecturally acclaimed Alexandra Road Estate. This is not a loop route and takes around an hour and a half to complete one way.

Kings Cross To Liverpool Street Station

This is the ideal walking route to take if you want to stop off for lunch or do some shopping while you're out. This walking route will lead you through the pedestrianized zones known as Exmouth Market and the Barbican, where there are lots of boutiques and restaurants.

Kings Cross To Waterloo Station

This is the best walking route from Kings Cross Station if you want to see some great views of the River Thames. You'll head through the Bloomsbury and the Covent Garden areas before crossing over Waterloo Bridge, from where you can see the London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral, and the Palace of Westminster, as well as plenty of London's skyscrapers.

Mar 23, 2023