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Minimalist style

A minimalist design style is centered around keeping everything to its most basic form. This includes limited decoration and minimal color choices overall. Minimalism is principled on a sense of calmness, lots of space, and very few distractions. Because a minimalist style involves more of a simple design, usually the furniture and all other items throughout the house are more spread out,which gives the house more of that symmetrical look. 

There are three main elements of a minimalist style when it comes to home decor:

  • Bare Essentials: Only the essential elements are included which is light, form, and the most beautiful materials. For example, you may only decide to include a nice piece of artwork on your living room wall, or just a small set of china in your kitchen as the decorations. No excessive decoration is necessary, and all the different details of the room and house as a whole should blend in together. 
  • Clean Lines: Simplicity is emphasized when it comes to a minimalist design style, and there should be no extravagant patterns on any items. Clean lines and smooth surfaces are where you’ll want to focus when it comes to the details of the decorations. 
  • Monochromatic Color Scheme: A monochromatic color palette consists of whites, beiges, and greys. These light and soft shades provide a sense of calmness, elegance, and space throughout the home. 

Minimalist style inspirations

Now that you have more of an understanding of what a minimalist style entails, here are some inspirations for you to consider when considering the decor of your home.

Floor lamp

Floor lamps can go in any room, providing an ample source of light and warmth due to their tall stature. 

If you’ve never purchased a floor lamp before, it might just become your new favorite item! Floor lamps offer full-spectrum illumination and are even healthier for your eyes and vision. The lighting on floor lamps function differently from other lights such as ceiling lights, and you are given a much more broad sense of light overall because it is facing downwards. This can be especially helpful when it comes to certain activities like reading and writing. You can also find floor lamps in about any color that will match whichever design you are going for. You can find floor lamps at a Home Improvement store near you such as Lowe’s and The Home Depot

Sleek lighting

Consider adding sleek lighting to certain areas of your house to give off more of an elegant and simple vibe. Shopping for sleek lighting options can get rather expensive, because of all the exquisite and intricate designs there are. Because a minimalist style does involve investing in less items overall, sometimes it’s okay to splurge a little extra on an item you think would work great for your home. 

8 arm chandelier from Crate & Barrel
Check out this Clive 8-Arm Bronze Chandelier priced at $529.00. Image courtesy of Crate & Barrel who designs chandeliers just like these with the perfect sleek look. 


If you feel like the colors are coming across too dull whenever you look through parts of your home, consider adding in some greenery. Even just a plant in your living room or bedroom for example will help make the area look a little bit more lively.

House plant next to a window
House plants show there is some actual life in the room!


Another way to add some more color and life to certain parts of your house are to include some pieces of art. Instead of adding a bunch to a single wall for example, consider just adding one that you really like and fits the space well. 

Art portrait on wall
Even just one single piece of art can add such a beautiful touch to a blank space. 

A great option for art that can make a statement in your home is customizable canvas prints. These prints allow you to take your favorite photos, designs, or artwork and have them printed onto canvas to create a unique wall decor. Canvas prints can be created to fit any style or aesthetic. Whether you are interested in a bold, colorful abstract piece or a more subdued, minimalist design, the options are endless.

Maximalist style

Contrary to a minimalist design style, a maximalist style is the art of “more is more.” All the colors, intricate and unique designs, boldness—and it incorporates a wide range of different accessories, furniture, and art. Because everything is a bit more involved when it comes to a maximalist style and there are lots more details that go into the design, consistency is key. 

There are three main elements of a maximalist style when it comes to home decor: 

  • Vivid hues: Everything is very bright and can often be colorful!
  • Valuable/Luxurious pieces: Items you may have had over the years that have remained valuable to you in some way or other luxurious pieces. 
  • Exuberant patterns: Exciting and intricate patterns throughout the designs. 

Maximalist style inspirations 

A lot can go into a maximalist design style, and it can be difficult to try and think of good design ideas that fit you and your home. Here are some inspirations for you to consider! 

Gallery wall or wall(s)

In many homes with those who prefer more of a maximalist home decorating style, it’s common to see gallery walls somewhere throughout the house. Gallery walls can include various types of art that are all hung up together. You can include different pictures, quotes, people you look up to (such as celebrities), and whatever else you may choose! This is a fun way to decorate parts of your house that doesn’t need to be done in any particular way. Get creative and utilize color to the best of your ability. You can find lots of inspiration pictures through this collection here on Pinterest

Art portraits on wall using consistent colors of blue, gray, and white
This is a great example of a gallery wall that includes appropriate usage of color. Consistent colors are used such as white, pink, blue, and gray. 

Wallpaper with patterns

Wallpaper can make a space truly come to life and add in that extra creativity if you decide to use statement wallpaper in your home with patterns. Classic or modern design, there is so much you can do with a good wallpaper that will add whichever touch you are looking for to your space. Etsy is a great (and affordable) online shop to do some of your statement wallpaper shopping. You can find many wallpaper collections throughout their site for some inspiration as well! You also have the ability to filter your options based on price and shipping availability. 

Wallpaper with consistent tropical patterns
This example showcases an effective use of wallpaper design. There is a set theme in the room, and the wallpaper does a fantastic job of adding that creative and vibrant flair! 

Maximalist furniture options 

Consider investing in luxury furniture that will enhance the overall look of your home. While pricey at times, this is a great way to amplify the look of your home and show off some creative pieces. If you have furniture that’s been collected or passed on to you by someone else, you should incorporate those pieces throughout the design and layout of your home to show off some of those assets. 

Luxury sofa
Check out IDF Design for some options on a variety of different types of luxury furniture. 

If luxury furniture is one of your absolute dream purchases to make all your maximalist decorating desires come true, there are some ways to work around the expensive price. Companies such as the Homey Design Store allow you to enroll in payment plans with companies such as Affirm. Instead of paying for everything up front, you’ll have more time to pay as you go along. 

Key takeaways when it comes to a maximalist design style 

Because a maximalist design style incorporates some more aspects than a minimalist design style, there some things to consider to make sure you are guided in the right path:

  • Don’t cram your home with useless items: It can be easy to get carried away and overcrowd your space with things when incorporating more of a maximalist design technique. This can lead its way into hoarder’s territory, so make sure you plan ahead and buy items with a purpose!
  • Incorporate lots of different textures.
  • Know when it is appropriate to clash colors and when it is not.

We all have different preferences and ideas when it comes to decorating a home. A minimalist design will create more of an open, simple, and peaceful aura. However, you may not be able to get very creative in your color choices, which can leave feelings of dullness. But you can always count on a clean and symmetrical design. A maximalist design gives you more room to be creative and use the full capabilities of colors, textures, furniture, and many other items. Hopefully this guide gave you some inspiration either way, happy decorating!

Jul 29, 2022