ashion brand Aritzia is known for designing everyday luxury clothing, but with prices that are not exactly wallet-friendly. From contour bodysuits to simple dresses, their staple piece clothing line inspires the cozy chic look that is trendy for all. But we really want the more cozy prices. That’s why we have put together the best Aritzia dupes so that your style does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.  

The dupes come a range of stores including:

  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Old Navy
  • Forever 21
  • ASOS
  • And many more!

Here are 29 of the Best Aritzia Dupes to Add to Your Wardrobe


Topping off our guide are these must-have tops. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Scoop neck tank top

Aritzia scoop neck tank top is one of the most basic, yet trendy pieces for the brand. 

With the Old Navy dupe, you are essentially getting the same style and fabric with an offer of more colors to select. And instead of the tank costing you $28, you are paying $9.99 per tank.

Square neck bustier top

With its many colors, the Aritzia sculpt knit bustier tank is one of their most popular styles of tops. Though its fit seems flattering, the $68 cost does not seem that flattering. 

Forever 21 dupe sells two colors, black and hot pink, each for $14.99. 

If you’re looking for some color options, Amazon has a dupe with 10 different choices at $23.99. 

Fleece boyfriend button-up jacket

The Aritzia cozy fleece boyfriend shirt and its 22 colors choices, are $88 a piece.

Forever 21 Dupe is made with corduroy but it replicates the same style and colors. Its retail price comes out to be over half of the Aritzia price, at $39.99. 

The Victoria Secret Pink dupe only comes in three colors, but looks exactly the same as the Aritzia style. You’ll save just a bit with their cost of $56.95.

Sculpt knit criss cross tank

Aritzia’s popular sculpt knit criss cross tank and its few colors come to a price of $68. 

This Amazon dupe has even more colors to choose from while cutting Aritzia’s price by a lot, at $17.99.

Scoop neck bra top

The Aritzia scoop neck bra tops and all their flashy color choices are $38 each. 

Old Navy has dupes of the bra tops, but with more natural colors. They cost $24.99 each.  

Stucco black button-up vest

This form-shaping Aritzia Stucco vest has a price of $118, with three options to choose from.

Thankfully, this Target dupe offers similar options but with a heavy price cut of $25. 

Slim single-breasted blazer

Aritzia single-breasted blazer does have a slimming style, though its price is not so slim at $228. 

Amazon sells a dupe of the blazer at $53.99, saving you over 75% from the original price. 

Cotton button-up shirt

Aritzia cotton button-up sail shirt looks comfortable, but not for a price of $88.

With Amazon’s dupe, you’re getting a better price of $26.99 with just as many colors offered.  


Jump into these jumpsuit and bodysuit dupes. 


ARITZIA DUPEE same material, sticthing and everything ✨

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Long sleeve bodysuit 

Aritzia’s long sleeve bodysuit comes in over 50 colors, with the price of one at $58. 

The Amazon dupe is half the price with just as many colors, so that you’re not missing out on the variety of choices. 

Mini tennis dress with built in bodysuit

The athletic and cute Aritzia mini tennis dress is priced at $98, with its built in bodysuit, adjustable straps, and pockets.

This Aeropostale dupe has all of those same features, and costs $15.

Short bodysuit

The light-support Aritzia sports romper with its built in sports bra, is priced at $88. 

Target sells a dupe in the exact same style, with more colors to choose from. Their bodysuit is priced at $35 and their sizes range up to a XXL while the Aritzia only goes up to a XL.

Button-up jumpsuit

Target’s dupe of Aritzia’s stylish button-up jumpsuit can be bought for $40 instead of Aritzia’s price of $138.  


If you have reached rock bottom looking for bottoms, these dupes are definitely what you need.

Image courtesy of Forever 21

Satin slip midi skirt

The Aritzia Slip satin midi skirt has over 21 colors to select for the price of $98. 

At Old Navy, their dupe only has two colors, mocha and black, but will cost substantially less at $39.99.

Mid-rise pleated micro skirt

This Aritzia twill rider micro skirt comes out to be $78 with five different color options. 

ASOS has a replicated tan dupe that is half the price of Aritzia’s pleated skirt, at $36. 

Cargo mini skirt

The Aritzia Cargo mini skirt is priced out at $88, with two color options. 

With this Cider dupe, you could buy all three options at $28 a piece and still not reach the price of the Aritzia skirt. 

Bouquet linen skirt

This boho Aritzia bouquet linen maxi skirt comes out to be $98, with the option of five colors. 

This American Eagle dupe is an exact replica of the white skirt Aritzia is selling. It will save you about $43 dollars with its price of $54.95.

Forever 21 has an even cheaper dupe, for $22.99, in white, black, and clay. 

High-waisted wide-leg jeans

The Aritzia high-waisted wide-leg jeans with its stylish and bold 70s look costs $110. 

If you are looking to be bold but at a fraction of the cost, Old Navy has a dupe of these retro pants for $36.99. 

Cider has a replica of them in a large range of sizes and colors, $26 a pair.  

Mid-rise pleated pants

The relaxed, business casual Aritzia Vogue Pants are a whopping $168, with six colors to choose from. 

This Uniqlo dupe, with five similar colors, are sold at a more comfortable $49.90. 

If you want a high-rise option, there is a high-waisted Cider dupe in five colors. Their cost is even half of the Uniqlo cost, at $24. 

Cozy fleece high-rise sweatshorts

Aritzia is known for their sweatgear. Their fleece high-rise sweatshort costs $50 a pair, with a few basic color options. 

Target sells a more comfortable price of $15, just with fewer color options. 

There is also a cheaper dupe option at Aeropostale, for $10. Although you get less color choices. 

High-rise biker short

The Aritzia high-rise biker short with its 7 inch inseam cost $38 with its few color choices. 

Old Navy has a cost-efficient dupe with more colors and includes a hidden pocket, unlike the Aritzia. You will get more bang for your buck with this $24.99 dupe.

Target’s biker shorts only come in two colors, but are priced $15 a pair. 


If you’re looking for the current dress trends, look no further with these dupes.

Image courtesy of Windsor

Satin Mini dress

The Aritzia shimmer satin mini dress, with its several colors and patterns, costs $98.

A Windsor dupe will save you about two-thirds of the price, at $34.50. However, they only have two color options of hunter green and black. 

Slip midi dress

This Aritzia slip midi dress is sold in several colors but has a cost of $118. 

You will save a great deal with this Target dupe, which is priced at $25. Though it does have less colors to choose from, they are way more size inclusive, going up to a 4XL. 

Midi bodycon sculpt dress

The Aritzia knit bustier dress, with its stretchy material, stretches its price to be $138. 

This Target dupe however, offers the same style and just as many colors at a crazy low price of $12. These are size inclusive as well, going up to a 4XL while the Aritzia dress only goes up to 2XL. 

This other Aritzia bodycon mini dress can be found on Amazon with its many replicas for $18.99.

Puff sleeve tiered midi dress

Aritzia's poplin tiered midi dress with puffed sleeves can be bought at Boohoo with their $35 dupe.

Gathered-bust mini dress

While Aritzia has these mini dresses in solid colors for $88, Target has replicas in several fun patterns colors for $25. 


From belts to purses, you always need your accessory dupes too!

Image courtesy of Amazon

Classic rectangle leather belt

The Aritzia classic leather belt with a gold buckle would cost you $50. 

However, this Amazon replica will save over 50%, with its cost of $14.99. 

Hand-crocheted cowboy hat

Aritzia has this giddy cowboy hat, hand-crocheted and sold in two colors. 

Forever 21 and American Eagle both had exact dupes of these hats, with the same two colors of pink and cream. Instead of paying $48 for the Aritzia giddy hat, you will pay $24.95 for the dupe at either store. 

Mini nylon shoulder bag

Instead of paying $48 for the Aritzia black nylon shoulder bag, you can pay $27.99 for this Amazon replica. 

Cream crossbody bag 

The Aritzia cream bag with adjustable straps has a Uniqlo dupe with a more adjustable price – $19.90 – and even more color options. 

Happy shopping your Aritzia dupes!

Now that you know where to buy all the best Aritzia dupes for a good price, your closet and wallet will thank you with all these stylish finds.

Main image courtesy of Forever 21

Jun 9, 2023