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Your bedroom is your sacred, personal space, where you spend a lot of your time living. If you are living in a plain room with no decorations or personal touch, it can impact your mood and not provide enough visual stimulation. Not only that, but it lacks your own personal flair and individuality. That’s where creating an aesthetic room comes into play, but you might not know where to start. Have no fear, because with this guide, we will assist you through all the decor and aesthetic styles that anyone can pull off. 

Our guide includes:

  • What does it mean to have an aesthetic room?
  • The most popular aesthetic decor styles
  • How to find your own aesthetic
  • Easy aesthetic decor ideas

What does it mean to have an aesthetic room?

Having an aesthetic room means designing your space to a certain style or theme, while also being visually appealing to the eye. What’s great is the possibilities of having an aesthetic room are endless. 

There are several benefits when it comes to curating an aesthetic room, including:

  • Amplifying the room’s mood and atmosphere
  • Provides more comfort and relaxation
  • Can improve organization when you use the most out of your space and place things more thoughtfully
  • Promotes self-expression and individuality

The most popular aesthetic decor styles

See if any of these popular aesthetic styles catch your eye. 

A Whimsy goth aesthetic bedroom theme
A whimsy goth room theme is a popular way to make your room look aesthetic. Image courtesy of Pinterest


If you want your room to feel like a time capsule, think about designing your room towards an era in the past. A disco ball could reminisce the 70s whereas neon geometric patterns can transform you back to the 80s. You can line the walls with posters of older movies and bands as well to bring in nostalgia. Another popular aspect of this theme is putting vinyl records on the wall. 


This aesthetic is for those who love the outdoors, especially botanical and rustic elements. Most likely, a cottagecore room will be filled with plants and flowers as decor. The color palette consists of muted colors like greens, pinks and yellows to create an outdoorsy, calming environment.  


An edgy approach to aesthetic decor is the grunge approach. With punk and urban elements and dark shades, it reminisces 90s elements. Typically, the wall is covered top to bottom in posters and wall art. Having a grunge aesthetic is visually different from other aesthetic themes, with a creative focus on being rebellious. 

Dark academia

The dark academia aesthetic creates a moody, intellectual space with timeless decor and features. Sophisticated colors like dark brown, burgundy, and forest green with soft lighting and textures can immerse yourself into a dark academia atmosphere. Vintage furniture like wooden trunks or leather seating, also bring in more sophistication to the room.

Whimsy Goth

A bewitching room look is the whimsy goth aesthetic with the incorporation of mystical elements like stars, the sun, and the moon. Posters of tarot cards, sheer chiffon canopies, or potted plants are common decor ideas for this aesthetic.


A boho room look offers a more vibrant, organic style for those that are more free-spirited and eccentric. This aesthetic integrates several different colors, patterns, and textures with many global influences. Deep colors like blues, oranges, mustard yellow, and terracotta add boldness to the room. Many boho rooms include wall tapestries and textured throw blankets, as well as metallic accents and natural wood elements. This aesthetic style truly embraces mixing and matching any decor you desire to make your room extremely flamboyant.

Shabby Chic

This combines feminine elements with vintage elements to establish an atmosphere that is bright and romantic. The colors are softer with light shades of pink, green, and blue with delicate floral prints included as well. Some decor consists of lace and ruffles, with a few floral arrangements placed sporadically around the room. Fairy lights or any delicate lighting is suitable in this theme as well. 


When you don’t want too much going on in your room but still want your room to be stimulating, opt into a minimalist aesthetic. Neutral colors accompanied by simple decor pieces and textures will promote a calming space. Insert practical furniture into your room, like an ottoman, that way you have space to put unappealing items out of sight. The clutter-free area is one of the easiest aesthetics to achieve, since you’re focusing more on quality over quantity. 

How to Find Your Own Aesthetic

Look for inspiration

The first thing you want to do is your research. Start off by looking at several different images and posts on Pinterest or Instagram to get a feel of what an aesthetic bedroom looks like. From there you can gain inspiration from themes and styles that contribute to what you like. 

Create your own mood boards

Make your own mood board with images you feel inspired by, whether it's a physical mood board or a digital one. This allows for you to visualize what your end goal can be. 

Think of your own interests

Your likes and dislikes play a huge part in what your personal aesthetic is. Whether it's your favorite color, pattern, or texture, knowing what your interests are can help when you are picking out decorations. 

Refine, refine, refine

Sometimes it may take a while for you to really find your niche. Take your time in finding the right decor and keep in mind the end project. It’s important to keep experimentation in mind as well, you will most likely tweak a few things now and then. Especially when you need to make room for a new decorative item that comes along, you’re going to be changing up your room to let the captivation keep growing.  

Thrift for inspirations

Check out your local thrift store or antique shop for more unique, statement pieces to improve your room’s aesthetic. Not only may you find something perfect for your room, you will also be saving money that you can use to buy other decorative items on your wishlist. If you are aiming for a vintage room theme, thrifting can be a great way to find these kinds of decor pieces to amplify your aesthetic theme. 

Easy Aesthetic Decor Ideas 

Here are several different decor ideas to turn your boring room into an aesthetic one.

 DIY Sunburst rainbow accent bedroom wall behind the bed.
An easy aesthetic decor idea can be turning your blank wall into an accent wall, by painting it in various different colors and patterns. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

DIY Accent wall

If a blank wall is making your room feel plain, try spicing it up by painting it. Look at some inspirations for some potential options. Options can range from geometric patterns to stripes to more mural-like designs. 

Photo collage wall

Personalize your room with a wall of photos. Photos could be of your friends and family or even your favorite artists, movies, paintings, etc., making your room even more meaningful to you. To make your room even more aesthetically pleasing, you can color coordinate all the photos. 

Plant expo

Indoor plants can really spruce up your room’s aesthetic. But beyond aesthetics, plants can add so much more to a room by making an impact on your well-being and improving your room’s air quality. 

If you feel as though you can’t take proper care of plants, consider low-maintenance plants including:

  • Peace lilies, they prefer liminal lighting and water
  • Succulents, there are several different options to choose from and require infrequent watering
  • Spider plants, can live in low light settings
  • Snake plants, which require little watering 

String lights

String lights can create a mystic, fairy aesthetic and you can place them practically anywhere in your room. You can place them around the mirror or window, or even hang them down from the ceiling. Opt for one with different color options if you don’t just want the typical white lights, especially to fit any color schemes you have going on in your room. 

Decorative pillows

Not only can pillows provide comfort, decorative pillows can add a splash of color and texture to your room. Getting pillows with bold patterns and uniquely shaped designs will make your bed stand out. You can even color coordinate them to the rest of your bedding and aesthetic theme. 


A rug can make your floor more visually appealing, whether it's a plain, one-color rug or a statement rug with many different colors and patterns. A retro shag rug can add to your vintage themed room or layering a few rugs can give an eclectic bohemian look.

Wall tapestries

Wall tapestries fit into several different themes because of the many designs to choose from. They are essentially a great way to express your personal taste and artistic expression. Plus, tapestries are an easy way to cover up your plain walls or even your ceiling, to add more warmth and visual stimuli in your room. 

Happy decorating!

Now that you have several decorative ideas to go off of, you can begin transforming your room to be a captivating, Pinterest-ready room. Don’t worry about not being able to pull it off and just have fun when personalizing and decorating your room!

Jun 23, 2023