othing is worse than the afternoon energy slump. It’s too early to leave work and often too late to try to take the day off. Have no fear there are plenty of ways to regain your groove and put the steam back in your engine! This way you can get in a full day's work and maybe even have energy left over for some night time fun!

Water is one of the best ways to get yourself over the midday slump plus staying hydrated has so many pluses! 

1. Drink something to boost your energy

Drinks can be a fast and simple way to recharge your daily battery. As long as you are drinking the right thing! Check out these drinks that can help hype you up for the rest of the day.


Did you know that thirst is dehydration triggering your body’s need for water? So anytime you feel thirsty the effects of dehydration are setting in and it doesn’t take much to drop below the hydration line. Dehydration can be a major cause of fatigue and exhaustion as well as other side effects that might cause you to be less motivated like tension headaches, stress, and nausea. Sometimes all it takes is some simple H20 to wake yourself up. 


The best part of waking up is getting a fresh cup of coffee to make the rest of the day more tolerable, at least for the non-morning people. However, a nice cup of joe is still a great way to help wake up regardless of the time of day. If your morning caffeine fix is wearing off try a second round to get through the day. Between hot coffee, ice coffee, lattes, and mochas there’s plenty of ways to mix up your coffee order to avoid the risk of getting sick with the same cup of coffee although for most caffeine fanatics it’s hardly a risk. However, anyone who struggles with heartburn or has other caffeine intake restrictions a friendly decaf refill just might pull off the placebo effect. 


Tea is a great energy boosting drink substitute for anyone who does not enjoy the rich flavors of coffee. Tea is generally lighter and considered healthier to traditional caffeinated drinks. This is because the l-theanine compound commonly found in teas provide the same caffeinated boost without the energy crash. Added perk, oftentimes you can find a tea with calming ingredients like peppermint or cinnamon that will help steady your nerves. 

Energy drinks

Sometimes everything is as simple as it sounds. Need energy? Have an energy drink. This can be a great way to get geared up for the rest of the day. They are convenient, relatively cheap, come in low calorie and zero calorie options, have sugar free options, and can be a great pick me up. Just be weary of drinking even more than one in a day that can often lead to health issues depending on what brand you drink. Check out the label on the box or in the side of the can and make sure to follow the health warning labels. Be conscious of their addictive nature and other health risks. While energy drinks are a great  pick me up, anything out of moderation will absolutely become unhealthy, even coffee, tea, and excessive amounts of water.

Exercise is both a healthy habit and wonderful way to help wake-up at any time of day. 

2. Exercise

Research shows that exercise increases endurance for daily activities. The exercise helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cardio system in turn this grants you more energy. Try a few of these workouts to promote general health and increase energy in your day to day. Besides waking up and hitting the ground running, exercise is a great way to wake up.

  • Cardio- Going on a run, jog, or even just a simple walk will help energize you for the day. Cardio is good for burning calories and promoting a good sleep schedule. While exercise is naturally a great way to increase your energy. 
  • Weight training- if you build up your muscles your day to day activities like cleaning or standing on your feet will become easier. This will leave extra energy to do more chores.
  • Team sports- If working out by yourself isn’t appealing try joining a local team! You’ll reap the benefits of working out by having it feel like a chore.

3. Have a well balanced meal or snack

A malnourished diet is a common cause of fatigue. Try waking up with some food. Finding a good add on that is delicious and energizing can be tricky, but have no fear a list of choices is to follow. 

  • Fruits- apples, bananas, strawberries, and goji berries like fruits are often packed with the wake-up call people are searching for when trying to break out of rut. 
  • Protein- Choosing the protein choice can add some vigor to your day. Try out fish, oysters, poultry and leaner red meats. For the vegetarian and vegan readers try eggs or quinoa.
  • Vegetables- Spinach, soybeans, and even tomatoes (even if they are technically classified as fruit).
  • Energy Bars- another gimme for energy boosts! As marketed, energy bars are a great snack to help get through the day. 

Things to try out when using food to stimulate energy is to eat smaller portions and avoid alcohol because it generally creates a lethargic attitude. Don’t worry though eating smaller portions doesn't necessarily mean less, it means eating an increased number of times but in smaller quantities. Consider breaking up your breaks or dinner portions into two smaller meals to help conserve energy and burn it at a reasonable rate. 

Being in the same place can get boring. Switch up your day by changing the scenery to help motivate yourself and get more work done. 

4. A Change of Scenery

Sometimes a slump is caused by a daily rut. Try mixing up your workspace or scenery whenever possible to avoid dulling the senses. Here are a few ways you can mix it without going overboard. 

  • Move around the furniture- while sometimes you can’t help being confined to your workspace but you can move around things on your desk or in your office to help stimulate creativity. 
  • Work from home- If your company has a telecommuting option try giving yourself a break from the daily commute to the office from time to time. Sometimes it’s nice take a little time from the office
  • Get plants- Try adding some living decor to your work space. Plants have been shown to boost productivity and creativity. The improved air quality will also be a nice benefit. 
  • Get new furniture- a new chair, desk, or even just a new lamp will be enough for your brain to register a new change. 

5. Take a break

Sometimes the simple fact of the matter is you have been up at and for too long.Taking a break will relieve stress and this stress relief can restore your energy . If you can’t think of anything short to do consider the following activities:

  • Stretch- sitting down or staying in one position can tense up anyone’s muscles. Take a little break and loosen them back up. You would be surprised how easily your shoulders can tense. Also the increased blood flow will give you a boost of energy to wake you up.
  • Watch a 30 minute show-  this suggestion might take a little longer but the payoff is bigger. Getting out of your own head and watching someone else’s story can help clear your thoughts.
  • Play a quick game on your phone- mobile gaming is definitely not as in-depth as games most games made for console or PC gaming, but they are easier to access and generally will take up less time. Check out Candy Crush, 13, Spades, or Pocket Mine if you need a little direction. For the hardcore gamer, look at the app store and see if you can find a suitable compromise like PUBG mobile or Minecraft.
  • Take lunch or a snack- As mentioned previously eating healthy can help restore your energy, but a meal break is sometimes the only time people can get away from their responsibility load. Try maximizing your benefits of taking lunch by scrolling through social media or watching YouTube videos. 
Help wake yourself up with some tunes.

Put on some music

Whether you take a break to get in tune with your tunes or just put it on while you work, music can help anyone energize for the day! Well as long as you listen to the right music of course. 

A good song can really put on the good vibes and help people to energize up. Now what gives you confidence can be different for other people. One person might rock out an upbeat pop song while another person gets hyped off of the energy found in screamo. It all just depends on personal listening preferences. If you happen to be in musical rut try out some news music like:

  • “Hymn,” by Kesha- These upbeat tunes will help you get pumped up for the day
  • “Tonight, Tonight,” by Hot Chelle Rae- Quick beat and fast tempo. 
  • “Eye of the Tiger,” by Survivor- For anyone with a penchant for 80’s bangers.
  • “Sweater Weather,” by the Neighbourhood- It’s a great song for when you want to feel like the world is in your hands.
  • “Glorious Domination,” by the WWE Music Group- Listen to it before you count it if you’re not a wrestling fan, because the energy in this song is powerful. 

Take some time and try out any one or more of these tips to see what works for you!

Oct 26, 2020