watch is an accessory, a statement, a staple from a time before we had smartphones constantly in hand. To many, a watch is still an indispensable part of their daily routine. The putting on and taking off of a watch can become a kind of ritual, helping you structure your day.

Watches help prevent you from becoming distracted by making it less likely that you’ll turn to your phone to check the time and then get sucked into endless emails and texts and fun viral videos. They can also bring you joy or happiness. Glancing down at your wrist throughout the day, you want a wrist watch that you like looking at.

Like all accessories, a wrist watch says something about you. It communicates something about your personality, style, aesthetic, and nature. The right watch tells people that you’re powerful, smart, high tech, sophisticated, adventurous, or health conscious.

With so many different messages a watch can convey, it’s important to choose the right one. You want a watch that says something about you and says it right. And you also want to stay on budget--sometimes the most difficult part.

Here you’ll find a list of the twenty best watches for women, broken down into four categories to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for:

  • Watches Under $100
  • Watches Under $200
  • Watches Under $500
  • Bonus: The Best Women’s Pendant Watch

Watches Under $100

Quality Affordable Watches 

A gold watch with mesh band
The mesh gold band adds some fun texture. Image courtesy of Skagen

Hald Two-Hand Rose-Tone Steel-Mesh Watch

Add a flash of gold to your wrist with this bright watch. Although the white watch face is simple, the textured band and hour markers make this pleasing to the eye. Although it isn’t expensive compared to some, this watch is a luxurious touch to any outfit.

Style Idea: Pair with black slacks and a loose white shirt for a simple yet elegant look

Price: $50 on Skagen

A chunky pink watch with many dials
Busy and full of subdials and screens, this watch will make you feel powerful and in charge. Image courtesy of WatchRanker.

Casio G-Shock Gold and Pink Dial

This chunky, info-heavy watch is water resistant up to 200 meters, shock resistant, and magnet resistant--perfect for anyone swimming during a lightning storm with fridge magnets in their pockets or athletes looking for a pastel statement. The many dials and displays will make you seem busy and adventurous, making you feel powerful whenever you check the time. 

Style Idea: Bold print leggings or bright athletic wear go great with this watch

Price: $86 on Amazon

A classic silver watch
A classic look, the Liss Ladies Watch is the perfect starter for those looking to get into wearing watches. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Liss Ladies Watch

Simple and classic, the silver links ensure a close fit while the slim design allows for cardigan sleeves to cover it without looking bulky. The watch face isn’t ostentatious--it has a black background for a more subtle look, and is small enough that it won’t distract onlookers.

Style Idea: Wear with jeans and a blazer for a casual office look

Price: $35 on Burei

A sleek pink watch with touch screen
No watch list would be complete without a smartwatch! Image courtesy of Amazon.

Fossil Women's Sport Metal and Silicone Touchscreen Smartwatch

This affordable smartwatch works with iPhone and Android. Complete with heart rate monitor, built in GPS features, water resistance, Google Pay connectability, and more, this watch is packed with handy features that will make your life easier (and more stylish). Available in an array of colors, you can also customize the watch face itself to express your personality. This is truly a versatile watch perfect for any woman.

Style Idea: This watch is great for workouts, so combine with your athletic wear for a practical and stylish look--or wear with basically any outfit and enjoy how intuitive this tiny tech piece is

Price: $99 on Amazon

A green and brown watch, perfect for adventurers
Want to look and feel like an explorer? Try this Expedition Field watch! Image courtesy of Timex.

Expedition Field Mini 26mm Leather Strap Watch

This wrist watch conveys an aura of adventure--wearing this watch will have people convinced that you hike frequently and can name the various species of flora and fauna around. The sturdy watch face is attached to a green fabric band trimmed in brown leather. A word to the adventurous: this watch can be read even in the dark, as the hands and numbers glow. 

Style Idea: This field watch will go great with khakis or neutral tones

Price: $55 on Timex

Watches Under $200

Watch Out For These Wristwatches

A gold watch with blue face with flowers
Feminine and colorful, the Tailor Automatic has a flower decal decorating the face. Image courtesy of Fossil.

Tailor Automatic Blue Leather Watch

The leather strap comes in five different colors, so consider buying several different shades to switch up your day-to-day looks. The rosy gold sheen of the watch itself and the delicate flower decal is fresh and feminine, while the exposed cogs create a sense of movement that brings to mind blossoms drifting on the wind.

Style Idea: This watch is perfect for adding a little pop to a simple romper or matching set

Price: $189 on Fossil

A black watch with gold hands
One of the best watches for women with a minimalist sense of style. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Michael Kors Slim Runway Three-Hand Watch

This stainless steel cased watch has three hands--a sure indication of a dedicated, sophisticated, timely person. This is one of the best women’s watches for those looking to make a minimalist statement. Although the watch face is fairly large compared to sleeker women’s watches, the watch remains lightweight. 

Style Idea: This black watch will go great with a monotone, minimalist look--add a loose cardigan or blazer for a more professional look

Price: $195 on Amazon

Gold link watch with black face
This gold and black chronograph  watch communicates a sense of business-savvy. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Michael Kors Bradshaw Stainless Steel 43MM Chronograph Watch

Another Michael Kors watch makes the list of best watches for women. The chronograph watch, filled with all sorts of hands and dials features stopwatch capabilities and comes in a wide variety of colors to meet your various needs. The classic gold and black version is perfect for professional settings--the business of this watch will draw admiring looks. As an added bonus, the links can be removed or added to adjust the fit.

Style Idea: Wear this to a fancy party as the perfect accessory to a little black dress, or wear with a sweat suit for a more put together look

Price: $150 at Amazon

Large watch with plain black face and simple dials
Decorate your wrist with this statement piece. Image courtesy of Bloomingdale’s.


A minimalist dial complimented by the rose gold links, this women’s watch has a fairly large watch face that draws the eye without overwhelming it. This classic design blends contemporary and minimalist features for a style that pairs well with anything.

Style Idea: Wear this watch with your favorite button up and slacks combo

Price: $165 at Bloomingdale’s

Silver rectangular watch
An angular take on the classic silver link watch. Image courtesy of Citizen Watch.


This modern, sleek design is suitable for day and night wear. The stainless steel bands and case make this watch a subtle and chic addition to your daily look. One of the best features is its integrated Eco-Drive technology--this watch will never run down because it draws its power from any light source.

Style Idea: This watch pairs equally well with casual and dressy outfits

Price: $177 on Citizen Watch

Watches Under $500

Looking to Splurge? Invest In These Pieces

Gold watch with blue enamel and rectangular face
 A beautiful gold watch with blue accents--practical and beautiful. Image courtesy of Town and Country.

The Tilda Bracelet Watch

The watch, which doubles as a bracelet, is inlaid with a navy blue enamel that adds the perfect hint of color. The watch face is minimalistic--you won’t find yourself feeling as if the minutes are racing by. This watch is great for jewelry lovers looking for a more practical addition to their collection. 

Style Idea: Pair with your most elegant pantsuit or spring dress and layer up gold jewelry to complete the look

Price: $395 at Nordstrom

Silver faced watch with blue band
The understated blue band and silver case go with any outfit. Image courtesy of Nordstrom.

Lovely Square Leather Strap Watch

The beveled edges of this silver watch evoke a 60s aesthetic, while the slim blue watch band brings an aura of calm and sophistication. This watch will pair especially well with slim fitting slacks or long flowy skirts.

Style Idea: Light denim pants and simple button ups go perfectly with this Swiss made watch

Price: $275 at Nordstrom 

Stylish and modern with an unmarked face
A watch for all occasions, the Museum Classic looks like a piece of art. Image courtesy of Movado

Museum Classic

This eye-catching, cosmopolitan watch comes with a soft black calfskin strap secured with a stainless steel buckle that matches the stainless steel case. The glossy black watch face and bold hands accompanied by the two toned dot look like they belong in a modern art exhibit. This watch exudes elegance and poise. 

Style Idea: Monochrome black or white--or add as a statement piece to more casual looks

Price: $495 at Movado

Rubber watch band and silver face with many subdials
The subdials and practical rubber strap of the Tissot Chronograph are eye-catching. Image courtesy of Tissot.

Tissot T048. T-Race Chronograph

Bold, durable, comfortable are the words that spring to mind. The watch strap is made of a thick, long lasting rubber that won’t irritate your wrists. The black base and silver accents create a strong appearance, and the watch face has a multitude of hands and dials. Don’t be fooled by the bold look: this watch is sleek and small enough to fit comfortably on slender wrists. 

Style Idea: This watch pairs well with jeans and a t-shirt and compliments outdoorsy-wear as well

Price: $400 on Amazon

Silver rectangular face with faux leather band
This gray and silver watch is sporty and sleek, one of the best watches for women on the go. Image courtesy of Zappos.

Women's Deco Sport Watch

This stainless steel, athletic interpretation of the classic Deco has interchangeable straps and is bold and commanding. The watch face is large enough to read from a comfortable distance, but the watch itself isn’t heavy. The Deco Sport will help you transition from your morning workout to morning work outfit.

Style Idea: Try adding this as a subtle touch to a pastel look

Price: $356 on Zappos

Bonus: The Best Women’s Pendant Watch

A Necklace That Makes A Classic Statement 

Classic gold watch with enamel flowers
Gold plating gleams softly on this beautiful pendant watch. Image courtesy of Pocket Watches.


The Woodford pendant watch is perfect for women who want a watch but dislike the feel of bracelets. This gold statement piece has a design of roses on the back for a soft feminine touch. The black roman numerals on the watch face contribute to the classic look, and Woodford feels almost like a beautiful antique. Drop it in your pocket when you’re on the go to transform this piece into a traditional pocket watch.

Style Idea: Wear with your favorite cardigan or vintage dress

Price: $164 on Pocket Watches

Watches: The Trend to Watch Out For

There’s Never a Better Time to Add to Your Accessories

Consider gifting a wrist watch to a friend or family member, or build your own accessory collection with any of these women’s watches. 

Watches have been a staple of the fashion industry for generations, and this is no trend or fading fad. Buying a watch is an investment in your future wardrobe, since watches are versatile and durable.

Starting with some of the more affordable watches listed above is a great introduction to the world of watches. For those adding to a preexisting watch collection, invest money in an aesthetically pleasing and long lasting watch. Or branch out and go for a pocket or pendant watch, which can be quirky or classic statements.

No matter what kind of look you’re trying to achieve, there’s a watch for you.

Jul 3, 2020

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