pooky season is approaching fast, and the time has come to turn on the horror movies, listen to scary stories by the campfire, and plan your Halloween costumes. Stories about paranormal activity aren't for everyone, and if you’re easily spooked, these may not be for you. However, if you can’t get enough true crime and tales of paranormal encounters, give one or all a try. You need something to keep you entertained while putting up your fall decorations and drinking your Starbucks pumpkin spice latte.

1. The Paranormal Podcast

These stories are perfect for your hour-long drive to the pumpkin patch. Interesting and intriguing, but still daunting.

The Paranormal Podcast is hosted by Jim Harold. Image courtesy of Jim Harold.

Since 2005, Jim Harold has been discussing paranormal activity in the form of UFOs, ghost stories, and other spooky phenomena. He interviews experts who have experienced or researched paranormal and extraterrestrial events. In the most recent episode, he interviewed Dr. Jacques Valleé, a scientist who has researched and written several documents on UFO activity, and was the inspiration for the UFO research scientist in Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Harold posts an episode every week, so you never run out of spooky content. You can find The Paranormal Podcast on Apple Podcasts or on Harold’s website.

2. The Dark Paranormal

The perfect addition to your pumpkin carving party. But beware, some of these stories are quite spine-chilling.  

This podcast gets a little more frightening. Their description says it best, “The darkest unexplained stories, direct from the source. Keep one eye open, or you may end up on the show.” The host, Kevin Eustace, reads aloud ghost stories sent in by his audience. The stories consist of firsthand paranormal encounters. 

The most recent one was chilling: a woman, her husband, and young daughter had moved into a house that was already occupied by several spirits, one of which was a little girl who was tormented by one of the other spirits. After several frightening encounters with these spirits, she reached out to someone to help cleanse the home. You’ll have to listen to get the full story. The Dark Paranormal releases episodes every week, and you can find them anywhere you get your podcasts. 

3. Believing the Bizarre 

Listen for some light spookiness and lots of storytelling. 

This podcast is all about paranormal activity, conspiracy theories, and myths. The encounters discussed include paranormal encounters, UFO, and mythical creature sightings. The hosts, Charlie and Tyler, read aloud the experiences of their viewers and decide if they believe them or not. 

This podcast feels less terrifying than the previous, and more like a story time. It’s great for those who don’t enjoy too much horror, but still want to get into the spooky mood. There’s a bit of comedic relief as well as the hosts banter back and forth. After they read the story, they discuss and interpret the meaning behind the encounter. 

They release new episodes every week. You can find Believing the Bizarre anywhere you get your podcasts. 

4. Haunted: Real Ghost Stories

These short and sweet stories are perfect to listen to while you’re making your pumpkin spice latte.

Haunted: Real Ghost Stories will leave you with goosebumps. Image courtesy of Audible

This podcast brings back the terror with its true paranormal stories. They even put out a warning in the beginning of each episode noting that they are true stories and are not suitable for children. The episodes are narrated by Sarah Kelly and are around ten minutes long, and for now there is only a small collection of  short and not-so-sweet stories, with no evidence that they will continue to produce the episodes. 

Kelly doesn’t save time for her own review or commentary, she simply tells the stories. If you’re looking for something short and spooky to listen to on the way to work, or while you make your morning coffee, Haunted is for you. The most recent episode, which was released in November of 2020, is an excerpt about the Hellfire Club in Ireland, where something unearthly happened and terrorized a group of men. 

You can find Haunted: Real Ghost Stories on Audible, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

5. The Night Owl: True Ghost Stories

Warning: these stories will make you want to sleep with the light on.

The Night Owl combines ghost stories and detective work. Image courtesy of The Night Owl.

This podcast was voted best podcast in 2019 and 2021 in the Austin Chronicle. Based in Austin, Texas, the show is hosted by Stephen Belyeu. Belyeu had his own paranormal encounter, and has been interested in the subject ever since. Other members of the team include investigator and editor Alexis Arrendondo and clairvoyant Sara Reeves. 

The team investigates stories they get of haunted houses, paranormal events, and more. In their most recent episode, they investigated a haunted theater in Lockhart, Texas. They discuss three separate spiritual beings that have been documented by people. Check out their website for ghost tours, paranormal news, Campfire stories, and more.

6. Unsolved Mysteries

Great for those who love Unsolved Mysteries, the show. Listen every Wednesday.

This podcast is based off the series Unsolved Mysteries, which began in 1987. They discuss everything from unsolved murders to mysterious paranormal encounters. In the most recent episode, they discuss a girl who experienced alien encounters for years, beginning at age 15. From strange sightings to missing periods of time, she knew something extraterrestrial was happening. She later found out that she wasn’t the only one. The abduction researcher she reached out to, John Budrys, discusses her story and stories of other encounters. 

The show is hosted by Steve French. Listen along while they attempt to decode these heinous crimes and bone-chilling encounters. The spookiest part is that they may never be solved.

7. The Strange and Unusual Podcast

This history-focused podcast is more than just a paranormal podcast, you may learn a little something, too. 

On the Strange and Unusual podcast, take you on a journey of folklore, mythical stories, and historical murders. Discovering deep-rooted horror ingrained in each of us from the beginning of our ancestral line. It’s hosted by Alyson Horrocks, a freelance historical writer with an affinity for dark history. They discuss things like creepy historical trends, haunted historical buildings in various locations, and true crime. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

8. Ghost Town

This podcast is another one that takes a dive into historical horror.

The hosts, comedians Jason Horton and Rebecca Leib discuss true crime, haunted locations, ghost stories, and more. They discuss strange and mysterious historical events, ghost encounters, haunted places, and abandoned buildings. It’s been #2 on Apple’s comedy chart and it’s also ranked on Apple Podcasts’ top 15 chart. These episodes are full of historical happenings that will leave you with chills. You may learn a thing or two, but you may wish you didn’t. 

9. Monsters Among Us

Not your average campfire story. This podcast features true stories of paranormal encounters and more.

The host discusses true stories of UFOs, ghost encounters, haunted houses, encounters while traveling, and mythical creature sightings. What’s unique about this podcast is that the people tell their own stories. They send in their experiences via completely candid audio recordings and the host, Derek Hayes, while speaking in a spooky, on-theme tone, puts them together and then discusses the stories. Monsters Among Us is available anywhere you listen.

10. Frightday

For the movie lovers and those who enjoy some comedic relief.

This podcast is one that creates an environment of entertainment. The hosts have a banter that provides some laughs and puts the audience at ease. They discuss experiences of death, strange conspiracies, crime, and paranormal activity. They throw in a movie discussion with every episode, particularly of the horror genre.

Grab your pumpkin carving set, a hot drink, and maybe a friend in case it gets spooky. Go to Apple, Spotify, Audible, or wherever you get your podcasts and choose your favorite. 

Happy listening!

Sep 30, 2022