s you get older, you may be at a loss for what you want for Christmas. You have the power to buy whatever you want when you want, so when the time comes to come up with a list of what you’d like for Christmas, you might not have a clue.

Choosing what to put on your list can be a struggle. Especially because it seems as if the entire year can go by and you can easily pinpoint items that you want, but when the time hits to sit down and make a list for the holiday, your mind goes blank. We’ve all been there. So, in order to stop that from happening, you can follow guides that can inspire you to find gifts that match your interests.

Whether you’re one of those people who love a silly gag gift, or you’re on the lookout for something to spruce up your home, the options are limitless. Just about anything reasonable you can think of, you can find something that catches your eye that you can put on your list this year.

This guide will help you in figuring out what to put on your Christmas list as the holiday season nears.

There are so many popular must-haves this Holiday season, such as:

  1. Apple Airpods Max
  2. Dyson hair wrap
  3. A Self-cleaning water bottle
  4. Ridge wallet

And while these may be fun presents that anyone would want, they might not be in your price range. As these are a little pricey, you might find yourself wanting to ask for more affordable gifts to mark down on your list.

You might want to consider something that is:

  1. Comfortable and cozy that you can wear all winter long
  2. Useful electronics for on-the-go
  3. Practical items that you can use around the home

Depending on your interests, it may be hard to know what is right to add to your Christmas list this holiday season and what should stay off. By following this guide of useful items, you can find some inspiration for your list this year that is both practical and not as pricey as other popular items.

Cozy Christmas Finds

Christmas-themed presents are the most festive parts of Christmas. These presents will have you wishing it would be the Christmas season next year so that you can rock these festive fits and use these fun products during the holiday season.

Although the one downside to getting festive presents for Christmas is that you have to wait almost a whole year to wear them again for the next Christmas season, nothing is better than receiving a gift with your favorite holiday

Who doesn’t love a good festive pair of slippers? If they are adorned with your favorite Christmas movie character or covered with a little reindeer of a giant fuzzy Santa Claus on the front, they’re for sure going to put you in a festive spirit if you aren’t already. Nothing says comfy, especially during the colder winter months with a fuzzy pair of slippers.

A pair of fuzzy Grinch slippers.
Nothing screams Christmas quite like this festive pair of Grinch slippers. Photo courtesy of Etsy.

This style of slippers has been all the rage over the past year. If you like the style of the slipper or know someone who does, consider buying a pair that can be worn all year round. Whether you want to buy a basic pair of slippers, a fun design like a smiley face slipper, or if you know of a Swiftie who would die for a pair of Taylor Swift slippers, there are endless options to choose from as a perfect gift this holiday season.

If you get cold easily, you might want something that will keep you cozy through the upcoming winter months. What’s more comfy than a pair of slippers you may ask?

Woman wearing a black and red plaid Comfy.
Get the feeling of being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket all day long. Photo courtesy of theComfy.

With a wearable blanket that comes in a variety of different colors and this seasonal plaid design, this will make the perfect Christmas gift that you can wear anywhere. Whether you are having a cozy, relaxing day next to the fire at home, or you’re leaving the house to run some errands, this is the perfect gift that you can slip on to keep you warm all day long.

Electronics Anyone Will Be Sure to Love

Electronics are some of the most popular gifts that you can give someone, not to mention very useful. There are the typical Christmas gifts that people will receive such as phones, headphones, or a new phone case that is either heavy-duty or comes in various fun and unique styles. But if you’re looking for a gift that isn’t as expensive and you know will be of great use to you, there are an endless amount of ideas ranging from phone accessories to electronic devices themselves.

An item that is both cheap and incredibly useful is a lamp that doubles as a candle holder. Not only can this present work as a great addition to any room, but you put any candle of your choosing that will fit onto the electric lamp warmer, making it a great present that whoever you’re buying it for will be sure to love.

A lamp shining on a candle next to some incense on a table.
This lamp fixture that doubles as a candle warmer will make any room cozier with a press of a button. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

If you find yourself finishing book after book and having to go out and buy books every other week to head off to the library to check out some more, putting a Kindle on your Christmas list will solve all your problems and save you some money in the long run.

Black Kindle e-reader.
A Kindle e-reader allows you to read more than one book on the go. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

A Kindle isn’t necessarily cheap, but it is worth the price. If you are someone who loves to read and can’t get enough books, then you might want to consider asking for a Kindle. Although they are relatively pricey for a Christmas gift, this will for sure be something that you’ll use over and over again if you love reading or are a fast reader.

With a Kindle you can read a few books on the go without the added weight of a book or two in your bag while you’re out, making this a much-loved and incredibly fun gift to ask for if you’re a bibliophile.

Drink Your Way Through the Holiday Season

Four ceramic coffee cups and coasters.
These ceramic flower mugs will make a great addition to your morning coffee. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

If you have to start every morning with a cup of coffee to jumpstart you on a long day ahead, you don’t want to be drinking out of any old mug. There are so many coffee cups that you can ask for that will make your morning routine all the more exciting, giving you something to look forward to the next morning. A fun coffee mug will do just the trick.

Or if you’re someone who prefers tea, there are tons of gifts that you could ask for.

But what’s a better present for a tea lover than a cup of tea? If you absolutely love drinking tea, especially during the colder months, then consider asking for some festive tea bags. Drinking tea during the winter months will not only help you fight the cold but will certainly make your day all the more relaxing with just a simple drink.

Without something to serve your tea in, your tea-drinking experience may be a little lackluster.

Glass teapot filled with tea and a slice of lemon.
This glass teapot is perfect for heating up your tea and serving it all the same. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

You can fill your teapot with holiday flavors that scream all things Christmas, which will be sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit with just a few sips.

Not only can you use these festive flavors on Christmas day, but they’re perfect for the winter season. The Best Christmas Teas are ones that can be enjoyed all winter season such as eggnog, ginger, orange, and chestnuts, which not only are perfect for the whole season but especially Christmas day. Sure, the flavors that one usually associates with Christmas such as gingerbread, peppermint, and roasted chestnuts are perfect for the holiday season, but they’re also great for drinking during the months that follow.

Writing Your Christmas List is Made Easy

With Christmas just around the corner, getting a head start on your lists is a must. Having a general idea of what to ask for Christmas as an adult will make the whole process easier, especially when the time to start shopping is fast approaching. Now that you’ve gained some inspiration for your list this year, you’ll have your own list out of the way as you make your way to the stores to shop for family and friends.

Nov 13, 2023