As a kid, life seemed magical. There were few responsibilities, long summer days, cozy winter evenings, and a parent there to tuck us into bed at the end of every day. We dreamed of the future we would make for ourselves, without truly realizing how we would one day have to change and mature to reach that future.

Ironically, while most of us dreamt of growing up when we are kids, unfortunately reality doesn’t always live up to those expectations. However, I am here to tell you that we can change that.

Yes, life does get more difficult as we transition into adulthood, but along with that difficulty comes vast rewards that are just on the horizon. We can find happiness in our adult lives through not only working towards and achieving these rewards, but also by incorporating aspects of our childhood into our adult lives.

Read on to learn how it is possible for you to reconnect with your inner child as an adult!

Make Time For Your Friends

A group of friends hanging out and laughing alongside one another.
Spending time with your friends is a great way to reconnect with your inner child. Image courtesy of Refinery 29.

One of the best ways to reconnect with your inner child is to dedicate time towards your friends.

When you’re a kid, it is easy to find this time. However, once you become an adult, especially once you are out of college, it becomes a bit more difficult.

That being said, it is absolutely one-hundred percent essential that you make it a priority to hang out with friends. Laughing, having a heart-to-heart, or simply chatting with one another is the perfect way to ease the tension and stress the world places on you.

Gather your best of friends and have a slumber party for old time’s sake, or maybe a stay-at-home spa night! Order pizza, make some fancy drinks, and watch a 90’s rom-com to complete the experience!

Or, if you would prefer, spend a night out on the town exploring different sites and places. There are countless activities you can do with your friends to stay entertained, happy, and excited about life!

Tap Into Nostalgia

 A collage of 90s and early 2000s trends.
Entertaining yourself with nostalgic TV shows, movies, and music gives you the chance to recapture the atmosphere you grew up in. Image courtesy of Zocalo Public Square.

There is a sort of comfort food aspect associated with the movies, music, and TV shows you grew up with. While engaging with this content, it allows you, if only for a short amount of time, to feel as if you are transported back to the past.

Tapping into this sense of nostalgia is a perfect way to reconnect with your inner child as an adult.

Nostalgic Movies and TV Shows

Movies and TV shows, such as old Disney ones, bring back memories of a simpler time. Movies such as

  • High School Musical
  • Cheaper By A Dozen
  • Clueless
  • Mean Girls

Additionally, TV shows like the ones below are perfect to watch during a night in.

  • Friends
  • Drake and Josh
  • Hannah Montana
  • One Tree HIll
  • Boy Meets World

Nostalgic Music

There is almost no better way to connect with your inner kid than by listening to music from your childhood. You can listen to these nostalgic tunes during your work or school commute, while walking your dog, or simply while going on a late-night drive.

Another great thing you can do is create a playlist centered around nostalgic music. There are plenty of apps, such as Spotify or Apple Music, that allow you to create thousands of your own playlists.

Creating a playlist of the best music from when you were a kid allows you to sift through these old tunes with a purpose in mind. You can then select your favorite songs to include in your very own nostalgic-themed playlist.

This music will immediately bring you back to a different era. For me, I love to walk to class while listening to early 2000’s music and reminiscing on the TV shows from that time period. It is so cool to go back and listen to everything you listened to as a kid, only now with a fresh ear and new experiences.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment With Old Fashion Trends

 A collage of Y2K fashion.
Older fashion trends, such as the ones shown above, are on the rise. Tapping into these trends as inspiration can help you construct fun present-day outfits. Image courtesy of NBC News.

Vintage looks have never been more in, and what better way to reconnect with your inner child as an adult than to participate in the same trends you did back then!

Looks that contain 90s style trends, as well as early 2000s accents, are especially making a comeback. Many of us grew up during this time period so dressing with these trends in mind is both reminiscent of a simpler time while simultaneously fitting with current revivals of these looks.

Purchase a velvety smooth tracksuit, cropped baby tee, or low-rise jeans and relive these vintage trends in all of their glory!

Even better, pair these looks with the nostalgic music and TV shows we discussed earlier and really enjoy a blast from the past!

Dance It Out

Meredith and Christina, from the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, dancing alongside one another.
Much like Meredith and Christina, from the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, it is important to just let go and dance it out. Image courtesy of Spotify.

Whether alone or with your friends, dancing it out is an excellent way to let loose, let go of your daily stresses, and just feel the music. Put on your favorite song at the moment, or better yet, your favorite childhood song, and dance around without a care in the world.

Don’t worry about what you look like, or how good your skills are, just simply dance. This carefree action can help you reconnect with your inner child as an adult because you likely did this as a child without even realizing it.

Whether it was at a birthday party, a Fourth of July Holiday with your family, or just in your bedroom, you most likely danced it out at one point or another as a kid. Tune into that joy now by putting on some old Taylor Swift tunes, jamming with your friends, and dancing freely!

Take Chances

Friends in a convertible holding their arms in the air as if they were on a roller coaster.
Make sure to dedicate time to making memories that will last you a lifetime. Image courtesy of LifeBerrys.

The most important thing to do in order to reconnect with your inner child as an adult is to simply have fun! Do not feel like you can’t do the stuff that brings you joy because of other responsibilities.

It is incredibly necessary to find a balance in your life between responsibilities and living. Every once in a while you must do something that is merely about fun.

Whether it be something as simple as participating in a Karaoke or Just Dance night with your best friends, or as elaborate as a cross-country roadtrip, you must spend time on yourself.

These experiences remind you of the joy you experienced as a kid, and more than that they add joy to your life in the present.

Life Is Short, Be Sure To Make The Most Out Of It

Two friends, one riding a skateboard and the other running.
Don’t be scared to reconnect with your inner kid and have fun. Life is about the journey. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Now that we have gone over several different ways to reconnect with your inner child as an adult, you can put these practices to use!

It is so important to take advantage of moments in life where you can just let your guard down and be a kid again, because those moments are part of what makes life so special.

Fundamentally, at its core, reconnecting with our inner child is all about rediscovering the happiness and magic of our youth. Our life is made up of a series of experiences, so never be too scared to truly live in these experiences.

Oct 10, 2022