ost Naked Wolfe shoes are designed with a distinct platform sole, to give up an emphasized boost in height. Although, a pair of these extravagant platform shoes come to be a few hundred dollars. So if you are looking for a similar chunky appeal to your footwear, check out these amazing dupes to spare you a costly price tag. 

Main image courtesy of Famous Footwear.

These dupes come from recognizable brands like

  • Steve Madden
  • ASOS 
  • Temu
  • Dolls Kill
  • And many more!

Here are 20 of the Best Naked Wolfe Dupes


Black Madden Girl Genesis Platform Lug Sole Fisherman Sandals
The Madden Girl Fisherman Sandals are a distinct dupe of Naked Wolfe’s Devil Black Platform Sandals. Image courtesy of Macy’s.

Madden Girl Genesis Platform Lug Sole Fisherman Sandals

Instead of getting the $300 pair of Naked Wolfe’s Devil Black sandals, you can get this Madden Girl dupe with the same exact design for $59.00. Order in half size increments for the best possible fitting, from size 6 to a size 10. The classic fisherman style sandal comes in black and pink. 

Famous Footwear Women's Gilla Platform Sandal

For a white pair of the Devil Black platform sandals, Famous Footwear has a white dupe for $45.98. They have the same rubber lug platform as the Naked Wolfe design, but just made with faux leather. Though these dupes only come in medium width, they do come in a size range of 6 to 11.

Tilly's SODA Fisherman Womens Flatform Sandals

These Tilly’s Fisherman Sandals are top-rated for the brand, with their extensively low price of $29.99 and half size increments. And unlike the other dupes featured, this pair has a beige-bone color option, along with the standard black option. 

ASOS Bershka Flatform Slider Sandal

While Naked Wolfe’s leather slides go for $149, ASOS’s Bershka slider sandals have a significantly lower price of $49.90. With the same platform height and leather-like appeal, this dupe still provides the same style as the Naked Wolfe slides. This dupe only comes in black, but with sizes starting from a size four to a size ten. 


Black Amazon Greemarily Knee High Boots
Give yourself a height boost with these Greemarily Knee High Boots from Amazon. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Temu Platform Chunky Heel Knee High Boots

Knee high platform boots are a huge seller for Naked Wolfe. And you can get a pair just as hot with this Temu dupe. A pair of these at Naked Wolfe typically costs between $350.00 to $500.00, whereas you can get them for $69.99 with the Temu dupe. This pair just comes in black, with a size range of 6 to 11. 

Amazon Greemarily Knee High Combat Boots

Another knee high dupe can be found on Amazon, for $60.99. This pair has more of a distinct heel that is close to the unique design of Naked Wolfe’s thick square toed heel. Amazon’s dupe also has a boot option with more plush to keep you warmer in the colder seasons. Plus, these boots are made with microfiber leather and are waterproof. The size range for this Amazon Greemarily dupe is 5.5 to 10. 

Amazon VOMIRA Chunky Knee High Boots

For more color options of the chunky stretch platform boots, this VOMIRA Amazon dupe has other options in brown, white, and even a denim option, all for $64.99 a pair. 

Temu Women's Platform Chunky Heel Short Boots

Another dupe from Temu are these short, ankle boots with the same chunky, square toed heel as the Naked Wolfe ankle boots. With sizes ranging from 6 to 11, you can get a pair of these for $66.99. Temu is constantly having sales though, so be sure to check out when they are for even more deals on this dupe. 


Beige ASOS Chunky Sporty Lace Up Sneakers dupe
Get the same chunky, textured sole with this ASOS dupe from the Truffle Collection.  Image courtesy of ASOS.

Though the Naked Wolfe Sneakers have very distinct sneakers, consistently showing their logo and name on the shoe, they’re are several dupes that exude a similar chunky look and design. 

ASOS NOKWOL Scripter Chunky Sole Sneakers

For a more low-profile chunky sneaker design, ASOS has a dupe that fits the same vibe as Naked Wolfe’s sneakers. They have standard options of black and white for a fractioned price of $122. With consistent sales and price cuts, they go even lower at times, so be on the lookout.

Steve Madden Troy White Leather

These Steve Madden sneakers have more of a prominent heel, similar to styles of Naked Wolfe’s. The heel height is 3 inches while the platform is about 2 inches, giving a bold heightened look to your feet. Like the Naked Wolfe pairs, this dupe’s upper material is made with actual leather, while everything else is made with synthetic material. For $109.95, you can order this shoe in increments of half sizes, which many shoes don’t often offer to customers. The brand does mention that the sizing of these sneakers supposedly runs small, so it is best to order a half size up. 

Dolls Kill Koi Footwear Striker Platform Sneakers

These Dolls Kills Chunky Platform Sneakers come in white and are made with vegan leather, unlike the Naked Wolfe pair. Get this low-profile chunky sneaker for a retail price of $65.00, rather than the Naked Wolfe price of $200.00. 

Dolls Kills Altercore Black Mossi Chunky Platform Sneakers

For a black platform sneaker, Dolls Kill also has a low-profile sneaker dupe in black. These 2.25”, vegan leather platforms go for $75, a step up from the Koi Footwear sneakers. 

There is a cheaper black Dolls Kill platform sneaker, the Night in My League Platform Sneakers, that go for $58, instead of $75. 

ASOS Truffle Collection Super Flatform Lace Up Sneakers

These ASOS sneaker dupe have a similar look to Naked Wolfe’s Baby Pink Slider sneakers. For $63, these MVPs from the Truffle Collection are more low-profile but still rock the flatform sole and textured grip tread, the important necessities of a chunky sneaker. 

Another ASOS sneaker dupe are these beige chunky sneakers, similar to Naked Wolfe’s Sinner Oat sneakers. These also go for $63.

If those colors aren’t your style, the ASOS Truffle Collection also has sneaker options in white and olive green. 


Steve Madden Major Black Chunky Platform Loafers
Check out this cheaper, vegan leather loafer dupe from Steve Madden and save yourself over a hundred dollars. Image courtesy of Steve Madden

Steve Madden Major Black Chunky Platform Loafers

Steve Madden offers a dupe of these black leather, chunky platform loafers, which would typically cost $250.00 at Naked Wolfe. The shoe’s upper material, inner lining, and tassels are made with vegan leather, opposite from the Naked Wolfe shoes. With a heel height of 2.5 inches and a size range of 5-11, this pair goes for $99.95. 

Princess Polly Penny Lane Loafer

Princess Polly Penny Lane Platform black loafer. 
For $75, you can get a faux leather platform loafer dupe from Princess Polly with just as much style as a Naked Wolfe loafer. Image courtesy of Princess Polly.

Princess Polly also has a black platform loafer dupe for a lower price of $75. This pair is made with faux leather and water-based PU, an alternative to chemical solvents that is better for workers and the planet. So not only are you saving money with these loafers, but you are saving the planet as well!

DSW Crown Vintage Sage Penny Loafer

While the other dupes come in only black, this preppy DSW dupe comes in a luxurious ecru color and a smoky green color, as well as the standard black. These vintage-styled loafers are priced at $59.99 and come in a size range of 6 to 11. 

ASOS Glamorous Chunky Loafers in Black Patent

Another stylish dupe of Naked Wolfe’s chunky platform loafers can be bought at ASOS for $52. And even at a cheaper price, the brand offers wide fit sizing along with their normal sizing.  


Men’s Zara Chunky Loafer Dupe with Metallic Detail
You won’t notice a difference between the Zara chunky loafer dupe and the actual Naked Wolfe pair. Image courtesy of Zara.

ASOS DESIGN Multi Rubber Panel Chunky Sole Sneakers

Like the ASOS chunky sneaker dupes for women, they also have chunky sneakers dupes in men’s sizing. For $69 and in a size range of 7 to 13, these ASOS Design dupe with nicely textured tread, come in a stone white color. 

DSW Call It Spring Hyde Sneaker

Another sneaker dupe for men, is this DSW Call It Spring Hyde Sneaker. In black, white, and olive green, you can get a pair of these chunky sole dupe for $59.99 and any size going up to 14. 

Zara Chunky Loafers with Metallic Detail

For a men’s loafer dupe, these Zara Lug Sole Penny Loafers are just as elegant and smooth as any Naked Wolfe loafer. This black, faux leather pair from Zara go for a price of $69.90 and have a size range of 6-13. 

Happy Shopping!

Walking out in style does not have to cost you a few hundred dollars! So save yourself some money by getting the same luxurious style for a lower price with these Naked Wolfe dupes.

Jul 28, 2023