any of us find that our styles seem to constantly change, especially as we continue to find ourselves.  Even if your style has been similar for some time, it’s never a bad idea to get a look at some different options. Follow along to learn how to dress in the perfect male style as a young adult! 

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Pay attention to the details 

Different types of accessories can enhance an outfit and pull everything together. Whether it be jewelry or a hat, check out some more style options you can incorporate with your accessories to give you the perfect final touch! 

Fenmore Midsize Multifunction Brown Leather Watch by Fossil
Image courtesy of Fossil, where you can find the best deals on watches. Shown above is the Fenmore Midsize Multifunction Brown Leather Watch by Fossil currently selling for $63. Subtle but elegant!


It’s common for young men to wear watches on a regular basis, no matter what the outfit of choice may be. If you’re going for more of a fancy look, watches can add the perfect touch. 

  • Watches go best with clothing items such as trenchcoats, dress shirts, and dress coats. 
  • You can find a wide color variety in watches to ensure it will match what you are wearing. 
  • Watches can be rather pricey, but you can find great deals from places like Fossil
Nordgreen watch
Image courtesy of Nordgreen, where this next watch shown above currently sells for $113. This watch looks very similar to the one from Fossil, but is priced much higher. 


An everyday accessory for most of us are belts! The most common types of pants men wear with belts are jeans, khakis, and dress pants. Take the time to spice up your style and find a fashionable belt you’re really into! Perfect way to show off a style look especially when your shirt is tucked in. 

Belt from the site Wish
The perfect belt can make any pair of dress pants look good! Image courtesy of Wish, where you can find belt options like this one shown above for as low as $7!

Because there are so many different options of colors of dress pants and belts, you are not limited when you are trying to find the best choice! Basic colors such as black and gray go well with almost any color. Black and red are common color combinations, along with blue and black. 

Other types of jewelry 

Along with watches, there are other jewelry options you could be missing out on. New shiny pair of earrings? Maybe a necklace you think would fit well alongside your favorite shirt?


A common fashion accessory becoming more and more popular amongst those who identify as male are necklaces. This is large in part due to men receiving necklaces as gifts from partners, family, and friends. But necklaces also go along well with so many different options of shirts!

Gold necklace with cross pendant
A common necklace choice amongst men (especially teens and young adults) are necklaces with a cross pendant attached. Tank tops are great options as shirts, along with other shirts that have more room along the neckline. 


An accessory very common in the warmer months—sunglasses! Even though sunglasses are meant to protect our eyes from the strong UV rays of the sun, we can style them up and wear them with different outfits. For men, there are many different types of sunglasses that go well with any outfit you might be wearing.

Round sunglasses

Round sunglasses from Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon, where you can find this pair of round sunglasses for just $11.99.

Round sunglasses are a common sunglass type you see on many men in their 20s. They go best with outfits when you are trying to “dress up” a bit more. No matter the occasion or temperature!

Own a nice button down shirt that could use a little more of a stylish touch? A pair of round sunglasses will add the perfect “fancy” touch. 

Aviator classic

Even If you’re not familiar with the name, I’m sure you have had a pair of these kinds of sunglasses at some point. Especially in the warmer months because they are also commonly referred to as “beach sunglasses.” Thrown on a pair of these on a more casual day when you’re out and about! 

Aviator classic sunglasses from WMP
Image courtesy of WMP Eyewear, where you can find these pairs of sunglasses for just $28.

Retro squared 

If you’re going for a more casual look, or a look that could be on the more dressier side, retro squared sunglasses could be the perfect option if you haven’t tried them already. They have square frames if that’s more your style, and you can find similar and cheaper options at stores like Walmart

Retro squared sunglasses from MVMT
Image courtesy of MVMT, where you can find these sunglasses for $88. While they may be on the more pricey side, these sunglasses could be worthwhile if they peak your interest! 

Current fashion trends

If you’re looking for more fashion inspiration outside of the clothes you already own, check out some of these hottest male fashion trends at the moment. You might need to make more room in your closet after reading through some of these options!


No matter the season, vests have become much more popular amongst male fashion styles. You can wear a vest alongside a long or short sleeved shirt. Style with a pair of jeans, sneakers, and jewelry such as a necklace. 

Vest with floral pattern
Get creative with your vests and incorporate a pop of color! Image courtesy of Zumiez

Mesh shirts

Mesh shirt
Shown above is a mesh shirt with some floral pattern. Image courtesy of ZoodMall.

Mesh shirts among men are the next big thing of 2022. Light and very flexible, this shirt is perfect around the warmer months because of the thinner fabric. You can find mesh shirt options that are more see through, but there are plenty of other options where you will be completely covered up. You can also find so many different types of patterns, including floral.

Flared trousers

Yep that’s right, flared trousers just might be your next new favorite purchase! Perfect for going out with friends and living your most fashionable life, these pants add such a flamboyant pop. 

Did you know?

  • In the 1960s, trousers started to become popular amongst young people to show off their anti-war sentiments. 
  • Celebrities like Cher helped bring flared trousers to more of a mainstream outlet. 
  • Flared trousers are a great option when going for more of an androgynous look. 
  • You can find great deals on flared trousers from clothing stores such as Old Navy and Banana Republic. 

Dad jeans

Dad jeans are another unique option for pants that you may have never tried before. Dad jeans can be styled in lots of different ways, including casual or dressy. If you find that skinny jeans/regular jeans are uncomfortable, dad jeans are a lot more loose on the waist and you can use a belt to tighten them if needed. Dad jeans can go with a more upbeat and flamboyant look with lots of color, or more of an overall neutral style. 

Dark blue ripped dad jeans from American Eagle
Clothing brands such as American Eagle offer great deals on their jean selection and do offer dad jeans as well! Picture above are a pair of the dark blue ripped dad jeans. Image courtesy of American Eagle.

Preppy clothing

The preppy clothing style amongst men has been increasingly popular in 2022, in every season so far. Depending on the weather outside, there are a variety of clothing/shoe options to choose from when going for that more upbeat, classy, and preppy look. 

Preppy look with chino shorts 

When the weather is warm, an outfit option for more of a preppy style can include a class dress shirt, chino shorts, and sperry shoes. 

Pink and blue chino shorts

“Chino” is the fabric that chino shorts are made from. Trousers and shorts are the most common clothing items deriving from Chino, and they go best alongside other nice clothing items including dress shirts and nice shoes. 

Preppy look with chino trousers

If you prefer looks that involve pants instead of shorts, you can still incorporate chino with chino trousers! The best way to incorporate this look would be to include a nice pair of boat shoes alongside a striped polo shirt. 

Chino trousers
Image courtesy of Desigual, where you can find pairs of chino trousers/pants just like the one shown above.

Overall advice

There are so many simple ways to enhance and embrace your overall style if you’re a guy in your 20s, especially with different accessories ranging from watches to sunglasses. If you’re looking to experiment with/change your style, hopefully some of these trendy clothing items and outfit ideas will cater to something that could be your next new favorite look!

Aug 29, 2022