he perfect way to add a little bit of life to your apartment is by bringing in some plants! No, not fake plants, the real deal! Of course, this can be scary for some, because taking care of plants can be quite a bit of work. If you know what kinds of plants are low maintenance and don’t require a lot of attention, you can turn your apartment into a beautiful green space! However, if you feel you are a little beyond looking for plants for your apartment and have , try your hand at apartment gardening!

Here are the best plants for your apartment, no matter how big or small your green thumb may be:

  • Plants That Can Thrive Without Sunlight
  • Whether You Over Water or Forget to Water, These Plants Will Be Fine
  • Add Height and Dimension to Your Space with These Apartment Friendly Trees
Indoor plants getting minimal sunlight and still thriving.
No sunlight? No problem with these plants!

Plants That Can Thrive Without Sunlight

Plants perfect for any apartment, regardless of amount of sunlight

Not every apartment is going to have large windows that let in a large amount of light everyday. Some apartments may only get sunlight for a couple hours at night, depending on what direction it’s facing. So, what kind of plants can survive with little to no sunlight? Surprisingly, there are actually quite a few indoor plants that are perfect for apartments that get minimum sunlight!

🪴 Pothos: The pothos plant is often one of the first plants recommended to people that are starting to get into plants. Pothos are actually nicknamed the Devil’s Ivy, because they do not require any sunlight. Though, they can still thrive in a well-light room, your pothos will be difficult to kill. They don’t require any special treatment and can even do well in soil that is poor in nutrients. However, it should be noted that pothos are bad for cats, dogs, and kids.

🪴 Asparagus Fern: The asparagus fern will provide your space with a different texture than your typical house plants, because of their light, feathery appearance. The asparagus fern requires daily misting of its leaves, so it is a bit more high maintenance. However, the asparagus fern also does not require a lot of sunlight, so it could be the perfect option for apartments that do not have a lot of natural light! If you choose to get an asparagus fern, be sure to wear gloves when handling. Despite their feathery appearance, the asparagus fern actually has small thorns that will poke you.

🪴 Calathea: Calathea plants boast beautiful green and purple leaves that will bring an extra bit of color to any space that you put them in! Calathea plants grow best when they are not exposed to direct sunlight and are also low maintenance in terms of how much water they need. There are also different types of calathea plants, some with short stems and thick leaves, with others that have long stems and almost feather like leaves. So, if the calathea plant is all you can handle, you still have options on its appearance!

Aloe vera plants, perfect for apartments.
Aloe plants are a great option for those that may not remember to water or water too little.

Whether You Over Water or Forget to Water, These Plants Will Be Fine

Over watering or under watering, you will have to try to kill these plants!

For those that are not acclimated to caring for plants, there always seems to be a struggle of finding the balance between watering your plants too much, or not enough. When you’re busy running around being an adult in your first or fifth apartment, sometimes you forget to take care of your plants. Thankfully, there are plenty of plants that are able to survive no matter how much or how little you remember to water them! And if you’re curious, there are a few signs you can look for to see if your plants are being overwatered.

🪴 Spider Plants: Spider plants are the most typical indoor plant that you will find, and it’s because they are quite easy to care for. While they do require being in a sunny location, they only require watering about once a week. So, if you feel like you will be able to remember watering your spider plant once a week, it could be a great option for you! A bonus to getting a spider plant is how quickly they reproduce. Spider plants are very quick to reproduce and only require repotting to take care of the new babies. Baby spider plants are a great house warming or host gift, and they take little to no effort on your part!

🪴 Aglaonema: The aglaonema is another very common house plant that you have probably seen before. The best part about aglaonema plants is that they come in a variety of colors from green to silver to red, you will always be able to find the perfect color to match your decor! But beware - the aglaonema plant is for those that have a tendency to over water their plants! The aglaonema needs its soil to remain damp and needs it for the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

🪴 Aloe Vera: Yes, this is the same aloe as the one that you put on your sunburns! Aloe vera plants are actually a really beautiful house plant that is very easy to care for. The aloe vera plant prefers bright, but not direct, sunlight, and given aloe’s typical environment, it only needs watering infrequently. However, when you do water it, you are going to need to really water it. So, this is perfect for the over waterers that forget to water! An added bonus to having an aloe vera plant in your home is that you can actually use it to soothe your burns!

🪴 Jade Plant: Jade plants have beautiful leaves that will add a fun and vibrant texture to any space! To make it even better, jade plants are fairly low maintenance! While most plants require more of a consistent schedule when it comes to watering, jade plants do best when there is no schedule. As long as the top of the soil is dry, your jade plant will probably want more water, but be careful not to give it too much water!

Guiana chestnut trees are a beautiful option for an indoor tree!
Guiana chestnut trees are a beautiful option for an indoor tree! Image courtesy of The Spruce.

Add Height and Dimension to Your Space with These Apartment Friendly Trees

Yes, indoor trees are real, and they will be perfect for your apartment!

If you’re looking for some plants that will take up a little more space than just a spot on your shelf, it could be a good idea to look into indoor trees! There are plenty of indoor trees that take on different shapes and heights that will look super cute in your apartment. Not to mention the adorable pots that you can put them in!

🪴 Guiana Chestnut: The guiana chestnut tree is beautiful given its braided trunk, making it a beautiful piece of decor in any space. Guiana chestnut trees can typically grow up to six or eight feet when planted indoors, which will certainly make a statement in your apartment! The guiana chestnut does best when it’s not in direct sunlight, but still needs a decent amount of light. So, the most ideal spot for guiana chestnut trees is near a window.

🪴 Yucca: Bringing a yucca tree into your space will give it the focal point that you didn’t know your apartment needed. The yucca plant is used to living in dry climates, so it really does not require a whole lot of attention in terms of watering it. Like the guiana chestnut, the yucca tree will do best in a sunny area of a room, but not in direct sunlight.

🪴 Weeping Fig: A weeping fig tree usually grows three to six feet tall and is perfect for a smaller apartment space. It is also one of the best plants for improving the air quality of your indoor space. However, the weeping fig is a little bit more high maintenance. The weeping fig does require a more frequent watering schedule, and it also prefers a nice, sunny room in order to grow.

🪴 Parlor Palm: The parlor plum tree is a fun addition to any space! It only requires watering every other week and can sometimes go a bit longer without water. However, it is important to note that a well cared for parlor palm tree can grow up to ten or twelve feet. While it would take more than a year for it to get to that height, it is still important to note!

No matter how much or how little experience you have with growing plants, there are so many low maintenance options that you will become a pro in no time! Hopefully, you now have a better idea of some great apartment friendly plants that will be able to thrive in any space that you have.

Jul 21, 2021