sers of popular social media sites like Instagram, Tumblr, or TikTok are likely familiar with the concept of an E-girl. The term describes young and clearly in style people who have a heavy online presence, the “e” actually standing for “electronic.” Their digital personalities coupled with the fact that their online activeness is high are defining traits for E-girls and E-boys alike. 

Having a strong digital presence is a pretty broad characteristic, encompassing more than just what social media has dubbed as an E-girl. What sets E-girls apart is their fashion and overall aesthetic appearance. Some of the most notable features of an E-girl include oversized clothing, eccentric wigs, dramatic hair colors, and heavy eyeshadow. They have been described as a sub-category of punk and emo girls and compared to the aesthetics of those who do cosplay. 

E-girls are also known for creating their content in their bedrooms. Where other popular and successful influencers gain their fame from taking lavish vacations or going on adventures, the E-girl presence is recognizable for being in a standard and run of the mill bedroom. Essentially, E-girls are famous just for being an E-girl and adopting the classic E-girl “look.”

Since E-girls rely pretty heavily on their appearance, E-girl hairstyles are a crucial part of making up any kind of E-girl look. It’s not just limited to crazy colored hair or whacky wigs. There are several hairstyles that have been categorized into the E-girl aesthetic, and most of them are actually quite simple to do, no colored hair or wigs required. 

So if you’re feeling a bit adventurous and want to try an E-girl hairstyle, or you’re just starting out and wanting to make a name for yourself as an E-girl, look no further than the hairstyles featured here!

Here are the styles we’ll highlight:

  • The most popular
  • The boldest
  • The low-key

The Most Popular E-Girl Hairstyles

The styles that are a given mark of an E-girl

Young woman with brown hair and blonde streaks in the front of her face.
Chunky blonde highlights are the most popular E-girl style. Image courtesy of All Things Hair. 

Chunky Blonde Highlights

When E-girls began to take the internet by storm and make a name for themselves among social media influencers, the most popular hairstyle was chunky blonde highlights. More specifically, large sections of hair in the front that kind of frame the face with a light blonde color in contrast to a darker hair color for the rest of an E-girl’s hair. The style is pretty low-maintenance and low commitment. It’s achieved by bleaching those front strands of hair, so if you don’t like the way it looks, it’s not difficult to just go back to your original hair color. If you want to lean your way into the E-girl aesthetic but don’t want to do so permanently, this is a pretty great place to start.

This look is also sometimes called “curtain highlights” because of the way they open up and envelop your face, similar to a curtain. What makes it an essential E-girl hair-do is the contrasting dark and light colors, like the girl in the video below.

Pigtails (For the Full Look: Dyed Streaks!)

This style is also one of the most famed among E-girls and their fans alike. It’s reminiscent of an early 2000’s alternative or emo hairstyle, especially when paired with some boldly colored hair streaks, similar to the girl in the video below. The look is relatively simple to put together, and is really popular among E-girls who also have bangs (which surprisingly, bangs have recently been a bit of a trademark for E-girls). It’s also super adorable, dyed hair or not!

Watch the video below to get a better idea of the exact style E-girl pigtails are!

The Boldest E-Girl Hairstyles

Bold and bright colored hair is the E-girl thing to do. 

Split-Dyed Hair

With colored hair becoming more popular than ever comes people who are getting wildly creative and daring with their bold hair colors. Having a bold hair color or multiple colors is one of the most common aesthetic choices made by E-girls. Split dyed hair, which is exactly what it sounds like, means splitting two halves of your hair and dying each of them a different color. In the video, the girl has two bright colors, but it’s also really common to have one side black and the other white or very light blonde. 

What’s cool about the split dye is the endless ways to wear it, including half-up, half-down styles, the classic E-girl pigtail style, or one single high ponytail so the two colors can blend easily together and create a cool mix. 

Neon Bangs

Young woman's face with black hair and neon green highlights in the front.
Similar to the chunky highlights style, neon bangs are on the rise in popularity. Image courtesy of All Things Hair. 

What makes the curtain bang look an essential E-girl move is usually the bold and contrasting color of said bangs. The chunky highlights are usually the white and blonde curtain bang look, but another bang look that is super popular and a little more daring is the neon bang look. 

Neon bangs are usually bright pink, fiery red, neon green, a super light blue, or a lavender color. 

They are also usually paired with a darker hair color, also similar to the chunky highlights. This hairstyle is not as bold and committed as the split-dye hair, but it’s a really cool way to stand out and have fun with different colors!

Pro tip: Bleach your bangs first and use temporary dye colors to color them so that you can switch it up easier and try many different colors to see which one fits your vibe the most!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to dye bangs:

The Low-Key E-Girl Hairstyles

Leaning into the E-girl aesthetic but aren’t crazy about the wild hair colors? These styles are for you!

Young woman with two individual buns on either side of her head.
E-girl styles aren’t just having contrasting hair colors or dramatic dyes. Image courtesy of Foxy Locks. 

Space Buns

It might seem like you have to do some super crazy hairstyle or hair color that draws major attention to you to really pull off the E-girl look. Well, good news, that isn’t the case at all! There are quite a few different E-girl hairstyles that don’t require any hair dye at all, and are pretty lowkey. These styles are also just generally trendy as they’re cute and a little bit quirky!

One of the most popular, low-key styles is considered “Space Buns.” They’ve been around for a while, originating from the iconic double buns worn by Princess Leia! Hence, the term “space” buns. 

Essentially, space buns are just splitting your hair in half, like the way you would if you were going to put your hair in pigtails. But instead of pigtails, you make cute little buns! You can make the buns as tight or as loose as you want, but having one on each side is what makes the ultimate space bun look. 

Here’s a easy to follow and simple space bun tutorial:


I FINALLY DID IT! Here is how I do my space buns! 👽🛸🌌  #hairtutorial #hairtstylingtip #spacebuns #spacebunstutorial

♬ original sound - Sydney Morgan

Classic Messy Bun

It’s an effortless classic: the messy bun. Messy buns are super popular among E-girls, and when you pair the classic messy bun with some E-girl fashion, you’ll really be effortlessly E-girl and you don’t even have to try! 

There is an art to the messy bun, and that is the fact that a messy bun isn’t really just rolling out of bed and throwing it up. While it does require some specific styling, it’s super easy and can even be dressed up or dressed down depending on how you’re feeling!

One of the best tips to achieving a really solid messy bun is keeping a few of your baby hairs and framing pieces loose to not only frame your gorgeous face, but to also make it appear intentionally messy. Those loose pieces are really the secret for success!

Here’s a tutorial on how to achieve the perfect messy bun every time:


Literally the EASIEST messy bun tutorial!! I’m OBSESSED 😍 #messybunmommy #hairtututorial #quickhairstyle #messybun

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While it may seem intimidating to try an E-girl aesthetic, especially when it comes to your hair, it’s really simple and can be tailored to whatever feels right for you! If you want to keep low maintenance, the chunky highlights are adventurous and a great starting point! If you’re really feeling ready for a change, the bold and fun colors that E-girls have claimed are the perfect way to go! Or, if you’d rather keep it lowkey and classy, the messy bun has your back and the space buns can add a little spice. You do you!

Aug 18, 2021