o you ever look back at older family members' photos from decades before and think that their 60s hippie outfit looks like it would have been fun to wear? Have you wondered what your mom thought after getting a  layered haircut with bangs like that in the 70s? Or why did dad think he looked good in that tight black tank top in the 80s. As you continue flipping through the family album, you eventually get to your older siblings and cousins' pictures from the 90s. The style included anything colorful, and the baggier their pants, the better!

Kidcore Makeup
Image courtesy of the Trendspotter.

You can’t help but notice the various bright colors that pop out in clothing, hairstyles, and makeup that appear in each picture as you continue flipping through the family album, eventually hitting the early to mid-2000s when you finally come into the picture.

Have fun with color and your imagination when applying kid-core makeup! Image courtesy of Influenster

Like all things in the fashion world and throughout life, looks, and styles tend to come and go. This was especially true in the 2010s when people's faces would appear all over social media and in magazines with popping colors applied to their faces or throughout their outfits, creating what would become sensationalized as a look known as Kidcore. So, let’s discuss Kidcore Makeup and why you should wear it! Throughout this article, you will also see different styles and looks Kidcore Makeup artists have developed and where to go to learn some of the best tips and tricks.  

In this image, you can see how the woman pictured applied various neon colors to her eyes to create a rainbow feel and the use of mini facial stickers that she applied on top of her eye makeup to top off her look—image courtesy of Facebook

What is Kidcore Makeup?

I have never heard of it, have you?

Like many of you, kid core makeup may be new or unfamiliar. You may have stumbled across it while watching makeup tutorials on social media such as Tik-Tok. You may want to learn more about what it is and why people wear it. 

So going back to the basics, what is Kidcore Makeup? Kidcore is defined as “an aesthetic that centers around bright colors, nostalgia from the 90s, and kid themes.” The makeup is supposed to be a blast from the past, bringing back colors and looks more commonly seen in the 1980s and 90s.

This woman's image shows how she used only one color for her eye makeup. However, to further her kid core look, she applied tiny hearts while matching her makeup with the clips in her hair. Image courtesy of @cloudihelps

When is Kidcore Makeup Used?

Is this one of the new “in” trends? Or is it only used for costumes and concert events?

Commonly used colors in Kidcore Makeup. Image courtesy of Present.

If you were asking these questions yourself, the answer would be no. Kidcore is an aesthetic look that can be used all year and allows you to let out your inner child by using various bright shades and colors throughout your face. Its characteristics involve using bright colors for your blush, neon colors in and around your eyebrows, and shades of pink for your lips. However, one of the things that cause Kidcore to stand out compared to other makeup and stylistic choices is the use of bright stickers and freckles that you may choose to apply to top off your look.

Kidcore Makeup application tips:

Essential things to keep in mind while doing Kidcore makeup

  1. Make sure your face is clean. The same rule applies to makeup, no matter what style you may apply to your face. For example, suppose you have leftover makeup from another day on your face. It will either make the makeup you are currently using look all smudgy, or it has the potential to mess up the look you envisioned
  1. Use bright, fun colors. This is pretty much the whole reason behind kid core makeup, to get creative and have fun with the colors you choose to apply to your face. Keep in mind this means using those colors that you don’t see used often, such as yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, pink, etc.
  2. Don’t be shy! Have fun and get creative! The goal is to bring your inner child out. Choose fun colors! Try just going for it, begin applying, and see its outcome.
  1. Use Kidcore stickers. You can find these by searching online at stores such as Amazon or Shein. Or, if you don’t feel like waiting for days on end and paying the extra shipping cost that many companies will throw in, you can try visiting local stores in your areas, such as Dollar Tree, Hot Topic, or Target, to name a few.
  1. A final tip is to try using fake freckles. You can do this by using different shades of eyeliner or a makeup pencil to create them.
Kidcore is all about bringing out your inner child, being creative, and having fun. Image courtesy of Kresent. “

Being a Kidcore makeup artist

An advantage of Kidcore Makeup is that it allows you to be creative and appreciate the creativity of others around you

There is no class or certification needed to start applying Kidcore Makeup to yourself. You need bright blush colors, neon eye makeup colors, and pinks to use for lipstick and let out your creativity. You may also consider looking up different looks for inspiration or even try to match some of the images of individuals that you find as you search the web for ideas. Remember it is a form of art, and that what you think looks terrible or that you may have messed up on, others will look at and feel that it is pretty.

Kidcore makeup doesn’t go into much detail about coloring your eyebrows various colors, yet this is another thing that you may consider trying out yourself some time too. As you can see, the individual in the image above has decided to color their eyebrows to match their nails—an image courtesy of Fandom.  
This woman's picture shows how she started by following the kidcore basics by using the various colors throughout her eye makeup, blush, and lipstick. She then added her twist to the look by adding a striped design on her eyes and a  moon and darker “freckles” to finish off her look. -Image courtesy of Beauty Nail Hair Salons. “Makeup de Betsy.”
This image shows that the artist wanted to take another route for her kid-core look. By creating flowers around her eyes and using the same colors for “freckles,” she has shown one of the other fun routes people may choose to go where they create designs or patterns on their faces using this particular makeup style—image courtesy of Kresent. 

Where to find Tutorials and Inspiration

What's the best way to find tutorials on Kidcore Makeup? The simple answer is typing “how to do kid core makeup” or “kid core makeup.” 

Youtube is one of the best-known go-to’s when looking for video tutorials on applying and creating different Kidcore looks. Image courtesy of Creative Bloq.  

The critical thing to remember is to look through all the different examples provided and have fun. Don’t be afraid to use trial and error to perfect a look you like. It is all about creativity, creativity, creativity!

Where are some of the best places for kid core tutorials and inspiration? If you are more of a visual learner or need to be able to read the instructions on how to do something as you go, then Instagram and certain sections of Pinterest are best for you. This is especially the case if you want to have the ability to relook at how to do something without having to continuously rewind a video or go back x number of seconds to get to the section you want to reach. However, if you are more of an auditory learner, Youtube videos and Tik-Tok videos will work best. Not only are you able to hear what the individual is saying, but you can also follow along visually. 

Now that you have learned more about what Kidcore Makeup is, how to apply it, and some of the best places to find tutorials and inspiration, it is your turn to try it out! So grab your make-up brushes and fun colors, put on your creativity cap, and allow your inner child to come out and explore! With a bit of imagination, the possibilities are endless!

Jun 22, 2022