f you are anything like me, and have spent a lot of your time over the past couple years working from home, then I imagine you have run into the problem of staying focused and attentive when you are trying to work. There’s so many endless distractions in the modern world (especially in the comfort of your own home where all your favorite stuff is) that sometimes it can be difficult to stay focused on a dry work subject.

There are 24 hour news networks trying to keep you outraged all day everyday over the latest culture war nonsense so that they can boost their ratings and get paid more for airing advertisements. There are over 30 streaming services these days with millions of options for things to watch or songs to listen to. There are tons of social media networks that seem to exist solely to keep you glued to the screen and scrolling your life away. And of course there’s your cell phone that is specifically designed to distract you and ruin your attention span.

With all of your apps and devices constantly making notifications, banners, and alerts go off it can be an uphill battle to stay focused in the 2020s. I personally spent a lot of the last year drinking way too many energy drinks to help compensate for that and keep myself focused and energized all day long. However, I quickly found out that they are just terrible for your health with all of their sugar and their unpronounceable ingredients. But I am happy to say I managed to give them all up at the start of the New Year because I found a great alternative with Doctor Emil’s XP-Rx vitamins!!!

Dr. Emil Nutrition's energy, memory, and focus supplement specially formulated for gamers.

Dr. Emil’s XP-Rx is the Perfect Energy Drink Alternative

A Happier and Healthier Option to Help You Get Focused and Stay Focused

I found my energy drink intake certainly helped me stay active and focused working from home, but I also found that they caused me a ton of extra anxiety from their high caffeine levels. And they also helped me put on a whole bunch of extra weight due to their incredibly high sugar levels :/  And it’s honestly pretty easy to see why they made me feel and look terrible. When you take a look at the nutrition facts they all contain an excessive amount of caffeine as well as a ludicrous amount of sugar. And while that certainly will give you a rush, caffeine in high doses also affects your heart health and leads to anxiety for a lot of people. And a single energy might also have more than 100% of your daily sugar which is just horrible for your weight and your health.

But more than anything I decided to quit drinking energy drinks because I noticed that it takes a degree in toxicology or pharmacology to even understand what they are made out of. I get pretty uncomfortable ingesting a large amount of chemicals that I can’t even pronounce. So if you are also hoping to kick energy drinks, but need something to fill the gap they’ll leave behind, I am happy to tell you that Dr. Emil’s XP-Rx Gaming Supplements exist!

How A Pro-Gaming Vitamin Makes the Perfect Option When You Think About It

Professional Gaming and Computer Based Work Have Striking Similarities

I’m sure that plenty of you out there don’t see why a gaming vitamin might be right for you. But if you take a second and think about it, playing a video game professionally for 8 hours has an awful lot in common with the type of work that many of us do in the modern world. If you work from home, in an office, or even on the road, I imagine that you spend way more time staring at a screen every day than you would like to be. And you spend the whole time hitting keys and clicking buttons over a long day with minimal breaks during the torrent of work you have to complete.

That is the same thing that professional gamers do in essence. I mean sure their job is a lot more fun and glamorous than a lot of us get to do everyday, but it still essentially has the same requirements. They have to be in their chair for like 8 to 10 hours straight through, staring at a screen, hitting and clicking buttons, all while trying to keep up with, or do better than, all the other people who are playing the same game. And that is practically what we all have to do in our office or at our job in the 21st Century.

So the striking similarities between professional gaming, and the low key digital work we all spend 40 hours a week working on is one of the reasons I find Dr. Emil’s XP-Rx Gaming Supplements will work as a great energy drink alternative for people who need help staying focused when they are working from home or at the office.

They are specifically designed to keep the most competitive gamers in the world at their most focused, their most attentive, and at the very top of their game. And unlike energy drinks, they aren’t overflowing with a bunch of unknown chemicals that I’m not even sure how to pronounce. Instead they have a fairly simple ingredients list that I’ll explain below.

You Can Get All the Energy You Need for the Day From Dr. Emil’s XP-Rx Supplements

With A Simple Ingredients List That You Can Feel Comfortable Ingesting Everyday

Dr. Emil’s XP-Rx are unique in the way that they combine standard vitamins with some modern nootropics to get a result that will keep you attentive and focused all day long!

They have Vitamin D to support your eye health. Which is honestly essential in the modern world. We spend way too much time staring at different screens in the modern world so you're straining your eyes each and everyday you spend staring at your computer. So what do you have to lose by trying a vitamin that is great not only for your energy, but also helps keep your eyes healthy during all of their heavy lifting?

The supplements also have around 100Mg of caffeine in them if you take the recommended dose of three capsules in the morning. And what I like about that, is that if you don’t need as much of a boost on some days you can get everything you need from two of the capsules and end up only having less caffeine than your standard cup of coffee. Which I find nice personally because I don’t always need that much caffeine at once because it starts to make me anxious.

But on top of the caffeine, Dr. Emil’s XP-Rx also happens to have Teacrine which has been shown in laboratory studies to support dopamine production and reduce fatigue. And one way it manages to do this is by having about double caffeine's half-life. So after the initial jolt of the caffeine wears off, you won’t get the energy crash that coffee and energy drinks lead to because the Teacrine will still be actively promoting your focus and attention.

There is also Dynamine which is a nootropic that has been shown to increase alertness and reaction times. And one of the ways it manages to do this is by increasing oxygen uptake in all of your muscles. And if you want to feel like you have energy all day, then can you really think of a better method than making sure your muscles are getting extra oxygen all day long? I mean I personally can’t think of a better method. Your muscles literally have to burn oxygen to create energy for you to be able to even move. Oxygen is the gas if your muscle is a car right? So if you want to drive farther during your work day, you better make sure your body has plenty of fuel for the drive right?

And finally Dr. Emil’s XP-Rx has Huperzine A which helps increase the acetylcholine (an important neurotransmitter) levels in your nervous system. This neurotransmitter plays a vital role in our central and peripheral nervous system. Which helps with muscle control, learning, memory, and attentiveness. By having higher levels of acetylcholine in your nervous system you will all around feel more alert and like you are functioning mentally at a higher level all day long.

Any hobby or job that involves looking at a screen for prolonged periods of time can cause similar eye strain to gaming.

Whether you are a pro-gamer, somebody stuck in the office, or somebody who works from home like I do, you can see how Dr. Emil’s XP-Rx supplements can really play a pivotal role in helping you stay focused and alert. And unlike energy drinks, or those fancy desserts-in-a-cup coffees that you get from your local barista, these supplements are completely sugar free. They also happen to be free of soy and gluten. And they are even entirely vegan friendly.

So if you are looking for a way to stay more alert working from home, or are just simply tired of forking over $4’s a piece for an energy drink once or twice every work day, then I highly recommend you give them a try.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that the loss of the school/work day structure over the past few years (that many of us grew so accustomed to) really caused a lot of people to become aware of the fact that the world we have built for ourselves is really designed to distract us and keep us engaged or keep us scrolling for as long as possible. We have screens upon screens throwing up all kinds of notifications, alerts, and banners that cause us to lose focus every couple of minutes and keep us distracted from what we want to be getting done, or what we need to be getting done. And this can make working from home, or an office, an environment that becomes increasingly hard to stay focused in these days.

With Dr. Emil’s XP-Rx Gaming Supplements you can support your eye health and mitigate the damage that staring at screens for 8 hours everyday is doing to them. You get the same caffeine boost you get from an energy drink but without all of the unnecessary sugar that balloons your waste line. And you don’t have to worry about drinking all those chemicals that you can’t even pronounce and have no idea what they are doing to your body everyday anymore.

And the supplements are even specifically designed to give you energy fast, but keep you energized all day long. You just take three of them in the morning (with 8oz of water) and that’s it. You don’t have to run to the kitchen or coffee room throughout the day to keep getting the caffeine boost that wears off every couple hours. Dr. Emil’s XP-Rx gives you the same caffeine boost, and then keeps you boosted the rest of the day with an increase in oxygen flow to your muscles, higher levels of acetylcholine in your nervous system, and increased dopamine production.

Gamers know that having a way to jumpstart your energy and revive tired eyes is essential.

And Here's the Bottom Line

But more than anything, I just want to say that I genuinely enjoy these supplements. That’s why I’ve decided to write a review for them. I’ve tried all kinds of different nootropics, vitamin supplements, and energy drinks to try to combat the distracting nature of working from home in the 2020s and Dr. Emil’s XP-Rx are by far my favorite.

I am so glad to have been able to give up drinking those energy drinks everyday that are so bad for my health. I love having the ability to just take a couple of the supplements along with my vitamins in the morning and feel more alert, more focused, and more motivated all day long. There’s no sugar or caffeine crash, and I feel like my mind is firing at 100% all through the work day. I am genuinely grateful that such a great product exists and really appreciate that I can stay focused and feel like I’m doing a good job each and everyday in a healthy sugar free way.

They’ve helped me live a happier and healthier life in such a short timeframe that I’m a little astounded. I never thought I’d be able to stop drinking coffee and energy drinks and still be able to maintain my focus while working from home. These supplements were exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed them, and I think they can help make a huge difference in anybody’s life who feels like they need a boost to their focus, but aren’t getting what they need from coffee and energy drinks!

Feb 27, 2023