ant to slip into a comfort shoe like the Birkenstock but don’t want to pay a fortune? And do you still want that stylish appeal? Have no fear, there are several Birkenstock dupes that offer the same comfort and style that will be within your price range. From suede clogs to strappy open-toed sandals, here are some Birkenstock dupes you need to add to your online shopping cart. 

We found dupes of these Birkenstock shoes styles:

  • Two-strap sandals
  • Suede Clogs
  • Zermatt Premium Suede Leather Mink Slip-ons
  • Super-Birki Polyurethane Clogs
  • Gizeh Birko-Flor Sandals
  • EVA Sandals 
  • Mayari Sandals
  • Zermatt Shearling Wool Felt Slippers
  • Men’s Birkenstock Dupes

Here are 28 of the best Birkenstock dupes 

Two-Strap Sandals

Arizona Fireside Footbed Two-strap sandals from JCPenney. 
Save some coin by getting this Arizona Fireside Footbed Sandal dupe that has the same look as the classic Birkenstock. Image courtesy of JCPenney

The classic Birkenstock style are these two adjustable strap cork sandals. Easy to slip on and feel relaxed in, save some coin on these dupes of this classic style. 

Cushionaire Slide Sandals from Amazon

This Amazon dupe comes in a range of colors, including black, white, and even a leopard print option. Sizes range from size six to size 13, even with wide shoe options. 

JCPenney Arizona Fireside Women's Footbed Sandals

The Arizona Fireside Footbed Sandals at JCPenney is made with faux suede leather, and only come in two colors – brown and black. But you still get the same quality when you invest in this dupe of the classic shoe. 

Northside Women's Mariani Leather Strap Cork Sandal

The classic Birkenstock two-strap sandal has another Amazon dupe from the Northside store. These are marked as “Amazon’s Choice”, and their price is marked at $24.00. From sizes 6 to 11, you can purchase multiple pairs of these sandals including a tie-dye pair, a graphite pair, a leopard pair, or you can purchase the standard neutral colors. 

Suede Clogs

Taupe Sonoma Good for Life Waterford suede clogs from Kohl’s.
For $49.99, you can get this dupe for suede clogs from Kohls in the color taupe or black. Image courtesy of Kohl’s

This classic closed-toe shoe from Birkenstock is one of their best-sellers, both stylish and snug for practically any occasion. Here are a few dupes of these modish clogs:

Unisex Boston Suede Clogs

This Amazon dupe offers a unisex clog option with a price that is as supportive as the shoe’s arch support. It comes in tan and an array of sizes, plus it features an adjustable buckle to ensure it fits your feet perfectly. 

The retail price for the Birkenstock pair would cost you $160, while this dupe will cost about $19.38.

American Eagle Platform Clogs

American Eagle’s platform clogs come in the shade taupe while an intricate buckle detail provides the utmost style. The size options for this dupe go up to an 11 while they come at a price of $34.95.  

Sonoma Goods for Life Waterford Womens Suede Clogs

The Sonoma suede clog for women has two color options, one in taupe and the other in black. A comfortable footbed meets with a comfortable price. With a price of $49.99, it comes in sizes ranging from 6 to 10. 

Pretty Little Thing Beige Faux Suede Buckled Mule Clogs

Pretty Little Thing has a beige suede clog dupe with faux suede and buckle detail. And though the price is quite affordable at $32.00, the size range though, only ranges from a size 5 to a size 10.  

Zermatt Premium Suede Leather Mink Slip-ons

Birkenstock dupe Bearpaw Nellie slip-ons ‍
With a wool blend lining and a suede finish on the outside, these Bearpaw dupe slip-ons keep your feet warm and your wallet happy. Image courtesy of Bearpaw.

These Birkenstock shoes have the comfort of a slipper but with even more style. Most of them have a shearling inner and a leather mink outer, both extremely soft and the ultimate foot warmer. Here are some dupes to save you from the large price tag but still support your feet. 

Earth Origins Ezra House Slipper

At $44.99, you can get these Earth Origins house slippers at Amazon in several different neutral colors. Thankfully, their size options are pretty wide, even including the wide foot size option. 

These dupes are slip-resistant, provide arch support, and they even have an adjustable strap to properly secure your foot.   

Bearpaw Nellie Slip-ons

The classic boot company Bearpaw has several options for this dupe, with many colors and sizes to choose from.  At a retail price of $49.99, you can get colors like dark olive, stone, or beet red.

Their dupe has a wool blend lining and footbed to keep your feet warm and cozy, especially during the colder seasons. 

Super-Birki Polyurethane Clog

Crocs On-the-Clock Work Slip on in the color black.
Slip into a flexible shoe at a flexible price with Crocs’ dupe of the Birkenstock Super-Birki Polyurethane clogs. Image courtesy of Crocs.

These clogs are made with polyurethane that are super functional for work or relaxing. 

Crocs On-The-Clock Work Slip On

The Crocs brand has a dupe of these comfortable, slip-on shoes. They are easy to clean, a secure fit for your foot, and still maximizes comfort with its enhanced arch. Plus, the brand has sizes for men and women. 

These crocs are typically $49.99, while the Birkenstock pair are usually $79.95. 

Natural Uniform Ultralite Strapless Clogs

Amazon sells an even cheaper dupe of these polyurethane clogs, for a typical price of $18.78. They come in the standard white and black, as well as sizes 6 to 11. Many customers recommend buying a size up so that you can have extra comfort room.

The shoe’s insole is removable and the outsole is promised to be slip-resistant. 

Avia Flame Slip Resistant Clogs

Another Amazon dupe are these Avia polyurethane clogs, which are marked as “Amazon’s Choice” for slip-resistant shoes. Their retail price is $49.98, but they are consistently on sale. Like the Crocs dupe, they just come in black, but ensure to be true to size, superior slip resistance, and provide all-day comfort. 

Gizeh Birko-Flor Sandals

MMShoes open-toe T-strap cork sandal
Invest in this stylish Gizeh Birko dupe from MMShoes for the ultimate summer sandal. Image courtesy of MMShoes.

Typically, the Gizeh Birko-Flor sandal is made with synthetic materials and features a strap that goes along the vertical length of the foot. It also features an adjustable strap for the ultimate perfect fit. You can easily slip these open-toed sandals on for practically any occasion, stylish or relaxed. 

WTW Women's Arizona Footbed Sandals

This WTW dupe on Amazon is where you can get a genuine suede cork footbed sandal, closest to the Birkenstock style. For $24.99, you can choose between three typical colors – brown, white, and black. 

Women's CUSHIONAIRE Comfort Footbed Sandals

Amazon’s CUSHIONAIRE dupe of the Gizeh Birko-Flor sandals are sold in the EVA molding in an array of colors. For just $19.99, you can barely notice the difference between these elegantly comfortable dupes and the Birkenstock sandal. 

You can go for either the standard black or the bright and sunny yellow for a compelling, eye-catching style. 

JCPenney Mixit Women's Blown Eva Flip-Flops

JcPenney also has an EVA dupe of the Gizeh Birko-Flor sandal. Choose between five colors, dark and vibrant, for the price of $17. 

MMShoes T-Strap Cork Slide On Sandals

MMShoes has a more unique color option with their Gizen Birko-Flor dupe, sold in what they call “burnt umber.” 

This pair is made with sustainable materials for an eco-friendly dupe sandal. The brand promises that the straps are gentle on the skin, and will prevent blisters and irritation. 

Purchase this adorable dupe for just $22.00. 

EVA Sandals 

Gray Dearfoams EcoCozy Sustainable Double Buckle EVA sandal. 
Try a sustainable EVA sandal dupe from Dearfoams. Image courtesy of Dearfoams.These lightweight foam sandals are essentially more flexible and cushioning than the cork footbed sandals. To match its flexible material, here are some dupes with flexible prices.

Gap Factory Buckle Slides

The Gap Factory sells EVA slide dupes for about $21, in four colors including black, sage green, mosaic blue, and optic white.  

Dearfoams EcoCozy Sustainable Double Buckle Sandal 

The Dearfoams EcoCozy are not only elegantly stylish and affordable, but sustainably made with harvested algae, to help clean polluted waters and air. 

This earth-saving dupe has four color selections - gray, black, clear blue, and paradise pink.

Not only are you saving the earth, but you are saving your money by spending $16 on these sandals!

SO® Passion Fruit Slide Sandals

Kohl’s SO® slide sandals have an array of colors, even multicolored options you don’t get to see too often. But if you are feeling colorful, they also have the standard black and gray options. The retail price for these foam slides are $19.99, in sizes 5 to 11. 

Mayari Sandals

Another Birkenstock sandal model are these Mayari sandals, which feature a crisscross strap with one big strap around the toes, and one smaller strap that wraps around your big toe. 

JCPenney Arizona Fairhaven Womens Adjustable Strap Footbed Sandals

This JCPenney dupe is made with faux leather, with the option of either brown or black. Though the price is lower than the Birkenstock pair, the footbed is just as cozy as the original. 

Women's Northside Anya Footbed Sandals 

Shoe Carnival has these Northside Anya Footbed Sandals in three standard colors – white, black, and camel brown. You can get this pair for only $29.99. 

CUSHIONAIRE Luna Cork Footbed Sandal

These Amazon dupes of the Mayari sandals are a heavy seller. For $29.99, you get several size and color options with the CUSHIONAIRE Luna Cork Footbed Sandal. They have 15 colors – like rose gold, silver, and several other natural colored choices – as well as medium and wide sizing options. 

Faux Suede Crisscross Cork Sandal from Aeropostale

Aeropostale Faux Suede Crisscross sandals are one of their best-sellers. Buy their black Mayari dupe for only $11.99 to walk out in style this summer. 

Zermatt Shearling Wool Felt Slippers

LE KAPMOZ Boiled Wool House Slippers

The price of slippers just got as comfortable as the shoe itself. These LE KAPMOZ dupes on Amazon are priced at $34.99 instead of Birkenstock’s $99.95. They come in beautiful patterns, including ones with wool-made flower decals for a classic German style look. 

Men’s Birkenstock Dupes

Kohl’s Sonoma Good for Life Men’s leather slide sandals in taupe.
For men’s sizing, Kohl’s offer a dupe of the classic Birkenstock two-strap sandal. Image courtesy of Kohl’s.

Men shouldn’t be left out of these great deals. Here are some Birkenstock dupe options for men’s shoes!

Kohl's Sonoma Good For Life Raymond Men's Leather Slide Sandals

Choose between taupe, brown, and black color selections for these men’s leather slide sandals at Kohl’s. The retail price is $49.99 but are consistently on sale, so check when they are on sale to save even more on these dupes. The sandal size goes up to a size 13. 

Goodfellow Men's Ashwin Two Band Footbed Sandals

Target’s Goodfellow footbed sandals are $24.99, in the typical brown and black color options and a size range going up to a size 13. Their outsoles are promised to be non-marking and its upper fabric is made with faux suede. 

Belk Ocean Coast Dogwood Sandals

Belk has many different options for their Ocean Coast Dogwood sandals, even a camo patterned option. Made with sleek faux leather, they only come in medium width and size 8-13. 

Goodfellow & Co™ Men's Carson Two Band Slide Sandals

For an EVA Men’s two-strap sandal option, Target’s Goodfellow has $10.00 dupes in 6 color selections. You could buy every option and barely reach the retail price of the Birkenstock EVA sandals! 

Happy Shopping!

With all these incredible Birkenstock dupes, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a comfortable slip-on shoe!

Main image courtesy of Amazon.

Jul 14, 2023