s the spooky season is upon us, there are so many ways that you can incorporate your love for this time of year into your seasonal decor. From miniature-sized skeleton figurines that you can place sporadically through your home, or even a simple spider web hanging here or there, there is something out there for everyone to get into the spirit this Halloween.

You can never have too many decorations, especially when it comes to paying homage to one of the most popular Halloween films of all time, Hocus Pocus. One of the most fun parts of the film are the three main characters, the Sanderson Sisters. As witches are some of the most popular figures associated with the holiday, there are countless decorations that you can buy to show your love for the three witches. Whether you’re on the lookout for something spooky and eerie or something more cutesy, there are Hocus Pocus decorations that you’ll be sure to love.

Halloween is the perfect time of year to experiment with decor due to the ample amount of decorations popping up in stores as early as the end of the Summer. Due to the popularity of the film, you can find just about any kind of Hocus Pocus-inspired decor no matter where you shop.

This article will guide you in shopping for Hocus Pocus-inspired decor, such as:

  1. Candles
  2. Spooky one-eyed books
  3. Broomsticks
  4. Witchy outdoor decor

The Infamous Black Flame Candle

You can’t have Hocus Pocus decor without the iconic black-flamed candle. This is the perfect addition to any room during the Halloween season as the flickering candle creates the perfect spooky ambience. As you can put candles in any room that your heart desires, this is easily one of the most versatile purchases you can make this Halloween.

Depending on whether you want a real candle that comes in a variety of different fall scents to fill your home or a candle with a flickering flame that resembles the real thing, there are countless options to choose from. When you’re shopping for the perfect candle that pays homage to one of the most iconic items from the film, you’re going to want something that closely resembles the real thing.

Fake candle with a card placed in front of it.
This black flame candle is a must-have for decorating your space for Halloween. Photo courtesy of Etsy.

If fake candles aren’t your thing, you can always buy a real one inspired by the black-flamed candle. You can choose from different styles of candles, either ones that look identical to the real thing as pictured above, or one with a more elegant design to match the rest of your Halloween decor in your room.

A black flame candle jar is both elegant and spooky as its eerie essence adds the perfect spooky touch to any room during the season. It can easily blend in with the rest of your decorations or stand out amongst other typical Halloween colors such as neon orange and green.

The Book of Spells

Do you need something to go along with your new black flame candle? Look no further than the infamous Book of Spells.

You can’t have Hocus Pocus-inspired room decor without Winifred’s Book of Spells. It’s one of the most well-known objects from the movie and it plays a key role in aiding the Sanderson sisters throughout the film. Without this evil book full of dark magic, the sisters wouldn’t be able to cast spells and brew potions. If you too want to channel your inner witch, then this is a must-have item full of incantations that the sisters, and now you, can use.

An old book decorated with snakes and an eyeball.
A Book of Spells is a must-have to channel your inner witch. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Not only does this Book of Spells come with its own spells, but it also doubles as a notebook for you to write your own witchy thoughts in. Whether you want to create a spell of your own, or merely use this book as a decoration, it’s a must-have item for a fan of the film. Nothing screams Hocus Pocus more than Winifred’s most valuable possession.

Broomstick Parking

Witches aren’t witches without brooms. Witches and broomsticks are one of the most iconic duos in all of Halloween history. No matter what story you’re reading about that includes a woman claiming to be a witch, there is mostly always a broomstick by their side. The same can be said for the three Sanderson sisters, as they are rarely seen without their brooms. So you’ll want to incorporate a broom into your decor if you’re going to channel your inner witch this Halloween.

Instead of purchasing any old broom though, why not get a sign with three attachable broomsticks inspired by each one of the sisters? This is a three-in-one purchase that will be perfect for any witch in your life. With a fun sign to go with it, what’s not to love about this all-around fun and eye-catching decoration?

Three broomsticks attached to a sign next to a front door.
Why have one classic witchy item when you can have three? Photo courtesy of Amazon.

No matter your favorite Sanderson sister, you can show your love for the three witches with something as simple as a broom. Decorations don’t always have to be flashy, especially when something as simple as a broom can make for the perfect tribute to the witches. This witchy stereotype can easily be played into with any old broom, but with one for each sister, what can be better than that?

Hocus Pocus Inspired Doormat

There’s nothing better than a Halloween decoration that you know will be useful. That’s why a doormat is a simple, yet fun way to decorate your home for the spooky season. Something as simple as a doormat can be a perfect addition to your home.

As it’s harder to decorate the outside of your home, you might be stumped when it comes to coming up with affordable options. Inflatable blow-up figures and big skeletons are both really fun ways to decorate the outside of your home, but more often than not, they are also pricey. An affordable and easy way to incorporate your love for Halloween on your front porch is to buy a doormat. There are many benefits to owning a doormat. A doormat is both useful and easy to buy, making it a perfect addition to your seasonal decor without spending extra money.

A doormat that says “I smell children” with a broomstick and a witch hat.
This humorous doormat is perfect for anyone who loves one of the funniest lines from the film.  Photo courtesy of Etsy.

This comical doormat pays homage to Mary Sanderson’s most iconic line from the film and is an amusing way to show your love for your favorite witch. A doormat is very practical in general, but finding one that is hilariously chilling only adds to the Halloween fun.

Sanderson Sister Shadow Effect

Nothing’s scarier than a trick of the eye. A fun way to play a practical joke on any onlookers is to purchase something that will surely catch the eye of any trick-or-treaters or anyone passing by your home.

A metal sign with a light shining on it to create a shadow of three witches.
If you are into tricks, this is a perfect way to decorate the outside of your home. Photo courtesy of Etsy.

It can be hard to purchase outdoor decor when you are on a tight budget, but keep in mind that you don’t have to go above and beyond by purchasing big blow-up Halloween figures and smoke machines. If you’re sticking to the witchy theme, then the list of Halloween decor ideas is never-ending.

This metal yard decal is a perfect trick for any fan of the film. When you shine a light on the yard stake, it’ll cast a shadow of the three sisters on whichever surface of your choosing. Depending on if you want to use it as a decal to stick in the ground or something to reflect light off of as a statement piece, a Sanderson sister garden stake is a fun way to incorporate a witchy vibe with your favorite witches.

This makes for both a spooky and easy-to-use decor that you can use for years. As the shadows can be easily manipulated to create spooky effects, all you will need to purchase is a light to reflect off of the metal, creating an eerie atmosphere around your home. With the inclusion of the three Sanderson sisters, you’ll be able to share your love for the film with everyone in the neighborhood in an easy and affordable way that you can reuse for years.

Finding Affordable Witchy Decor Can Be Fun and Easy

Nothing screams witch more than potion bottles, oozing cauldrons, and broomsticks. But there are more ways that you can incorporate witchy vibes into your homes this Halloween. These classic pieces can be bought at just about any store, making a witchy theme one of the easiest vibes to achieve. For Hocus Pocus decorations, you can build off of the eerie and mysterious spooky decor you own or buy something specific that showcases your love for the film. Shopping can be made easy and affordable when you channel your inner witch.

Oct 30, 2023